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Monticello Monument Co.
BURIALS 1856–1973
Photo: Bob and Nan at Digital Magic Photography These sales records of the Monticello Monument Co. were transcribed by a volunteer. The business was founded in the 1900s and is still in operation. Not all the burials were in Jones County and frequently older cemetery names were used. Argand, for example, is now called Immaculate Conception or Castle Grove Catholic. While trying to confirm the earliest listing I came across a number of errors in the dates. As I do not have access to the original record, I was not able to determine whether they were errors in the document or transcription errors. I took the liberty of correcting them. The earliest death date in the records that I have been able to confirm is 1856—Daniel Baker—who is buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Delhi, Delaware County.

IaggiRosa   1884 Apr 41910 Apr 24 Oakwood 
IdeEllse      Luth ChurchMother of Pastor S. M. Ide 1912-1926
IllerWm.    18501927 Wyoming 
Ilse    19141939 Oakwood 
InabnitJohn    1917 Apr 2165yOakwood 
IngwersenAgnesHarro  1907  Oxford JunctionParents of Marlene, Judith & Roger
IngwersenDora A.Helmuth  18851927 Wyoming 
IngwersenHarroAgnes  19021972 Oxford JunctionParents of Marlene, Judith & Roger
IngwersenHelmuthDora A  18741947 Wyoming 
InnesEllenJ. W.   18691931 OakwoodEllen Carpenter Innes (full name)
InnesJosephineJ. W.   18741911 Reinbeck 
IrelandLucinda   18381924 Wyoming 
IrelandSusan M.    1904 Jul 241935 Apr 28 Oakwood 
IrelandWm. H.    18301908 WyomingMrs. E. S. Pealer
IrishCharles S.    1883 Jan 241908 Sep 4 Springville 
IrishJoel S.    1826 May 151907 Jun 11 SpringvilleMrs. E. Wells
IrishMyrtle L.    1895 Feb 211913 May 18 Hopkinton 
IrvinJ.C.   1838 Nov 231917 Feb 8 Oakwood 
IrvinMinnie M.Samuel C  1871  Oakwood 
IrvinSamuel C.Minnie  18681949 Oakwood 
IsbellCatherine E.    1847 Apr 301910 Aug 14 Hopkinton 
IsbellCornelia D.    1840 Dec 161907 Oct 6 HopkintonCornelia Dillon Isbell (full name)
IsbellNelle Ione   18831950 Hopkinton 
IversonAda B.    19001919 Not given 
IversonEthel E.    19021914 Not given 
IversonLeonard A.   1886 Dec 81940 Feb 23 Oakwood 
IversonOden L   18831913 Not given 
IversonSilas E.    18911914 Not given 
IzerZackariah   1858 Mar 141928 Jun 16 MarionChas F. Iger

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