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Jones logo Petitions for Naturalization
(Second Papers)
Filed in
Jones County
Iowa Courthouse

These records were transcribed by [an error occurred while processing this directive] with help from [an error occurred while processing this directive]. The people in the County Clerk's office are not familiar with these naturalization records. If individuals want copies of the papers, they should write to Diania or Joanne to make them.
3205GadkeHenryGermany Jones Co, IA(came to America b/4 18 yrs of age)09/21/1896 
– 293GadmerHenrySwitzerland Jones CO, IA20 Dec 1878 
– 324GadmerNicholalSwitzerland before age of 1829 Sept 1880 
2296GallierCasper  Jones Co, IA1 Oct 1888US before age 18
– 126GalligherPatrick Ireland Jones Co, IA22 June 1871 
354GarvinP JIreland Jones Co, IA10/14/1889 
3228GaselJohnSwitzerland Jones Co, IA09/27/1897 
– 37GavinAndrew Ireland Jones Co, IA1 Oct 1860In US before age 18
265GawleyE WIreland Jones Co, IA17 Sep 1883 
3230GawleyTom EIreland Jones Co, IA10/01/1897 
– 5GehringerLouis Hesse DampstadtNew YorkJones Co, IA  
– 1GeorgeGeorge Gt BritainJones Co, IAJones Co, IA  
3252GerdesHarm WGermany Jones Co, IA03/21/1899 
246GerdesHenryGermany Jones Co, IA30 Sep 1882 
27GerdesJohnGermany Jones Co, IA2nd Oct 1880US bef age of 18
– 177GerdesJohn GerradGermany Jones Co, IA18 Dec 1873 
28GerdesRicklefGermany Jones Co, IA5th Oct 1880US bef age of 18
243GerdisA EGermany Jones Co, IA27 Sep 1882US before age 18
323Goiretz / GairitzLewisPrussia Jones Co, IA12/28/1888 
362GordonW DEngland Jones Co, IA(b/4 age 18)05/22/1890 
– 64GormanJohn Ireland Jones Co, IA court21 Dec 1865 
2204GrabbeGeorgeGermany Jones Co, IA8 March 1887 
3250GranvilleW EEngland Jones Co, IA10/06/1898 
– 210GreenHughIreland  Jones Co, IA14 Sept 1875 
– 42GrinavaultRudolph SwitzerlandDubuque Co, IAJones Co, IA29 Oct 1860 
328GrofChristopherSwitzerland Jones Co, IA09/23/1889 
– 122GrummWilliam Germany Dodge Co, Wisconsin cts19 June 1871 
3213GuerinJosephCanada Jones Co, IA09/24/1896 
3258Guken/GeikenMartinGermany Jones Co, IA10/02/1899 
– 214GuyanThomas Switzerland Jones Co, IA23 Sept 1875 
– 54GydeJamesEngland  Jones Co, IA court27 June 1865 
3157HaackJohnGermany Jones Co, IA09/27/1893 
3118Hallon / FallonJohn HenryIreland Jones Co, IA09/29/1891 
2166HaneyPatrickIreland Jones Co, IA26 Feb 1886 
– 34HankinA HGermany Jones Co, IA court20 June 1863 
– 35HankinArnoldHanover  Lee Co, ILL courts22 June 1863 
3154HannaJames NIreland Jones Co, IA09/23/1893 
– 43HansAndrew GermanyHudson Co, NYJones Co, IA3 Nov 1860 
2164HansenAugustGermany Jones Co, IA23 Feb 1886 
23HansenFrederick FerdinandGermany Jones Co, IA2nd Oct 1880 
393HansenJohn Martin HenryGermany Jones Co, IA10/13/1890 
3282HansonOlof / OlafNorway  9/17/1900 
32HarmsAdde SGermany Jones Co10/02/1888 
– 172HarmsHarmGermany Jones Co, IA15 Dec 1873 
– 168HarmsJohn HenryHanover, Ger Jones Co, IA20 Sept 1873 
– 40HarringtonJamesIreland Jones Co, IA court20 June 1864 
– 2HarrisWm Owen WalesJones Co, IAJones Co, IA30 Jan 1856 
– 99HarrisonJamesEngland  Jones Co, IA court22 June 1869 
– 222Hart James Ireland  Jones Co, IA13 Mar 1876 
– 65HarteJohn IrelandWashington Co, territory of WiscJones Co, IA19 Oct 1868 
3120HartmanChristSwitzerland Jones Co, IA09/29/1891 
– 130HartmanGirdGermany Lucas Co, Ohio cts10 Nov 1871 
3197HartmannBahneGermany Jones Co, IA03/13/1896 
– 70HartwellMichael IrelandLavenworth, KansasJones Co, IA2 Nov 1868 
3264HartwigAlbertGermany (??)10/10/1899 
3195HartwigAugustGermany Jones Co, IA(came to America b/4 18 yrs of age)10/14/1895 
3196HartwigCharles EGermany Clinton Co, IA10/14/1895 
2224HatteyJohn PeterScotland Heunepin Co, MN30 Sept 1887 
3198Hault/HoultJ WEngland Jones Co, IA03/23/1896 
– 234HauserAbramGermany Jones Co, IA, entered US as a minor (entry has lines across)12 Sept 1876 
– 24Hausman(Harm )GermanyCity of New YorkJones Co, IA12 June 1860 
– 309Haussmanherm GerdesGermany Jones Co, IA1 Oct 1879 
– 25HawleyReuBen M Canada West Jones Co, IA12 June 1860In US before age 18
– 26HawleyS T Canada WestJones Co, IAJones Co, IA12 June 1860In US before age 18
– 10HawleyWilliam CanadaJones Co, IAJones Co, IA3 May 1859 
– 310HayenJohn HenryGermany Jones Co, IA1 Oct 1879 
237HayesHayoGermany Jones Co, IA20 Sept 1882 
– 56HayesJamesIreland served US Army 3 yrs 6 mo18 Nov 1865 
– 4HayesJohn Ireland in US before age of 18 yrs13 June 1861 
– 246HayesPatrick Ireland  Winona Co, MN courts21 Sept 1876 
– 50HaysWilliam Ireland(Have?) Co, IllJones Co, IA7 Oct 1867 
343HeddenFolkertGermany Jones Co, IA10/04/1889 
3135HeddenHenry HGermany Jones Co, IA09/20/1892 
– 90HeeranHarry HHanover, Germany  served US Army, hon disch20 June 1868 
– 260HeerenD BGermany Jones Co, IA17 Sept 1877 
3247HeerenD RGermany Marion Co, IN10/3/1898 
– 173HeerenHenry JohnsonGermany Jones Co, IA16 Dec 1873 
324HeerenJohn HenryGermany Jones Co, IA03/05/1889 
3117HeeryJamesIreland Jones Co, IA09/29/1891 
– 220HegadoruGerdGermany Jones Co, IA13 Mar 1876 
– 8HeitchewAugustus PrussiaNew YorkJones Co, IA30 Sept 185819 April 1854 (Date of Oath)
– 304HelgensFrederick Germany Berger Co, New Jersey cts26 Sept 1879 
– 125HelgensW HGermany Jones Co, IA20 June 1871 
3190Helmricks / HelmrichsJurgen FGermany Jones Co, IA10/04/1895 
272HelstabHansSwitzerland Jones Co, IA24 Sep 1883 
– 1HenelzMichael IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA  
– 105HennHenry Germany in US before age of 18 yrs22 Feb 1870 
3171HenrichsJohn HenryGermany Jones Co, IA(moved to Saskatchewan, Canada12/04/1893 
3172HenriksenHans Denmark Jones Co, IA03/06/1894 
3130HenriksenRenseyDenmark Jones Co, IA03/09/1892 
– 67HeranHere Johnson HavoverLee Co, ILLJones Co, IA28 Oct 1868 
2290HerbstrothJohnGermany Jones Co, IA29 Sept 1888 
346HerrenHarmGermany (b/4 age 18)10/07/1889 
2244HeyenJohnGermany Jones Co, IA19 Dec 1887 
– 63HindsJoseph EnglandLaJayetle (Lafayette?) Co, WiscJones Co, IA5 Oct 1868 
2203HinrichesTobiasGermany Jones Co, IA22 Dec 1886 
2171HinrichsJohn DGermany Jones Co, IA15 Sept 1886 
232HinrichsJohn HenryGermany Jones Co, IA10 May 1882 
– 44HoganMichael Ireland Jones Co, IA31 Jan 1861In US before age 18
– 48HohnPhilip Poland, RussiaOneida Co, NYJones Co, IA4 Oct 1867 
– 162HoldenWilliam England  (Tuolumm Co,) California16 Sept 1873 
– 13HoltEdward CIreland Dubuque Co, IA court18 June 1862 
– 42Holtjonathan Ireland Dubuque Co, IA court20 June 1864 
– 41HoltThomas Ireland Jones Co, IA court20 June 1864 
– 43Homic / HowieHugh ScotlandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA5 Nov 1860 
– 12HopkinsThomas EnglandCity of New YorkJones Co, IA10 May 1859 
– 9HotzGeorge GermanyLancaster Co, PAJones Co, IA1 Oct 185820 March 1851 (Date of Oath)
3192HoultW HEngland Jones Co, IA10/08/1895 
314HousmanCasperGermany Jones Co10/09/1888 
– 277HudelehJosephBohemia  Dubuque Co, IA court25 Sept 1878 
3202HultsJasperGermany Jones Co, IA09/18/1896 
– 53HumpalJacob BohemiaJones Co, IAJones Co, IA27 Dec 1867 
2132HumspalJohnBohemia Jones Co, IA18 Sept 1884 
– 166HurperWilliamGermany Jones Co, IA20 Sept 1873 
3222HusmannGerdGermany Jones Co, IA09/27/1897 
2189HutonJohn HenryGermany Jones Co, IA21 Sept 1886 
3266HuttonAlex CScotland Jones Co, IA10/12/1899 
– 285HykenHenryGermany Jones Co, IA5 Oct 1878 
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