Jones logo Petitions for Naturalization
(Second Papers)
Filed in
Jones County
Iowa Courthouse

These records were transcribed by Diania Rigby with help from Joanne Wilken. The people in the County Clerk's office are not familiar with these naturalization records. If individuals want copies of the papers, they should write to Diania or Joanne to make them.
– 17RagerFrancis BavariaDubuque Co, IAJones Co, IA28 Sept 1859 
– 27RastedeCarlHanover Massachusetts courts17 June 1863 
– 49RatticanMichael Ireland Jones Co, IA4 Oct 1867Honorable discharge from army 19 Feb 1867; age 21 on 19 Feb 1864
374ReadGeorge FIreland Jones Co, IA09/27/1890 
– 22ReedDavidIreland Jones Co, IA court15 June 1863 
– 146ReedGarrettIreland Dist Ct, Buchanen Co, IA12 Nov 1872 
3183ReedRobert LCanada Jones Co, IA09/24/1894 
2102ReichenbachFrederickSwitzerland Jones Co, IA21 May 1884 
– 242ReichenbachUlrixSwitzerland Jones Co, IA18 Sept 1876 
– 10ReidAndrew IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA3 May 1859 
3267ReidFredIreland Jones Co, IA10/14/1899 
38ReidJohn  Jones Co10/05/1888 
– 30ReigerFrancis GermanyJones Co, IAJones Co, IA13 June 1860 
– 204ReigerJosephGermany Jones Co, IA17 Dec 1874 
– 27ReigerPeter GermanyJones Co, IAJones Co, IA13 June 1860 
3165ReikenHank n/mGermany Jones Co, IA09/30/1893 
– 8ReitzPhilip PrussiaNew YorkJones Co, IA30 Sept 185831 Jan 1855 (Date of Oath)
– 326RelbahJohn Ireland  Cook Co, ILL, circuit courts30 Sept 1880 
395RensslerRudolphSwitzerland Jones Co, IA03/03/1891 
2193ReuterF WmGermany Jones Co, IA23 Sept 1886 
2169ReuterFrederickGermany Jones Co, IA18 May 1886 
– 187RhodenCharles OSweden Jones Co, IA18 May 1874 
2145RiceFred Germany Jones Co, IA25 Sept 1884 
– 49RichMichael J GermanyJones Co, IAJones Co, IA15 Oct 1867 
– 181RickelsGerl JPrussia  Jones Co, IA6 Mar 1874 
3249RickelsHenryGermany Greene Co, IA10/04/1898 
– 167RickelsHenryGermany Jones Co, IA20 Sept 1873 
3268RicklefsHenryGermany Jones Co, IA10/10/1899 
– 294RicklefsR WGermany Jones Co, IA20 Dec 1878 
277RicklessGerhardGermany Jones Co, IA25 Sep 1883 
2221RicklessHenryGermany Jones Co, IA26 Sept 1887US before age 18
2294RicyJoseph Germany Jones Co, IA1 Oct 1888 
– 144RidelJohnAustria  circuit cts in Massachusetts15 June 1872 
381RieckhoffFritzGermany Jones Co, IA10/01/1890 
320RiekenHenryGermany Story Co, IA12/20/1888 
2233RiekenRiekeGermany Jones Co, IA5 Oct 1887 
3126RiekenTobiasGermany Jones Co, IA(b/4 age 18)09/30/1891 
2240RiekenWilliamGermany Jones Co, IA8 Oct 1887 
2100RileyJohn JIreland Jones Co, IA12 May 1884 
380RippenGarot? HarmsGermany Cedar Co, IA09/30/1890 
3181RobertsonGeorgeEngland Jones Co, IA09/24/1894 
3199RobertsonJamesScotland Jones Co, IA09/15/1896 
3185RobertsonJames SScotland Jackson Co, IA06/03/1895 
2206RobsonAndrewEngland Fayette Co, Wis9 March 1887 
2271RodickHenryGermany Jones Co, IA25 Sept 1888 
2199RoehlFrank Germany Jones Co, IA29 Sept 1886honorable discharge from US Army
– 211RogersHenry England Jones Co, IA16 Sept 1875 
3277RohrJacobSwitzerland Wadena Co, MN3/7/1900 
– 243RohrJacobSwitzerland Jones Co, IA18 Sept 1876 
322RothChristianSwitzerland Winnchick Co, IA12/28/1888 
350RudenPeterSwitzerland Jones Co, IA10/08/1889 
– 55RuegerJohn C Switzerland Jones Co, IA?? (1868?)Discharge from army abt 16 July 1864; in US 8 yrs & in IA 2 yrs
– 37RuseEdward EWales  Jones Co, IA court23 Dec 1863 
– 31SabotFrancis BohemiaJones Co, IAJones Co, IA13 June 1860 
– 59SandhouseHermanHanover  Jones Co, IA court22 Dec 1865 
– 77SarsfieldAndrewIreland Jones Co, IA court18 June 1867 
– 100SawyerEliCanada  Jones Co, IA court22 June 1869 
– 101SawyerEliCanada  Jones Co, IA Civil court31 Aug 1869 
2222SazanaAlbertBohemia Jones Co, IA28 Sept 1887 
2127SazanaMatthiasBohemia Jones Co, IA16 Sept 1884 
377SchaafJohnGermany Jones Co, IA(b/4 age 18)09/27/1890 
351SchaferDGermany Jones Co, IA10/08/1889 
3142SchafferJankeGermany Jones Co, IA09/24/1892 
348SchafferJurgenGermany Jones Co, IA10/08/1889 
– 9SchatzAugust Prussia  Jones Co, IA court13 Dec 1861 
267ScherervalentineGermany Jones Co, IA20 Sep 1883 
3137SchillinFrederickGermany Jones Co, IA09/23/1892 
3251SchladetzkyGeo HGermany Jones Co, IA10/13/1898 
3167SchlemerPhillipGermany Jones Co, IA10/02/1893 
3149SchlouppiFritzGermany Jones Co, IA03/07/1893 
– 279SchmidEmilSwitzerland Jones Co, IA26 Sept 1878 
2156SchmidtJohnGermany Jones Co, IA16 Sept 1885 
2101SchneiderRudolffSwitzerland Jones Co, IA13 May 1884 
339SchniderJacobSwitzerland Jones Co, IA10/03/1889 
2138SchoonGarretGermany Jones Co, IA20 Sept 1884 
293SchoonJacob Germany Jones Co, IA5 Dec 1883 
292SchoonJohn Germany Jones Co, IA5 Dec 1883 
2252SchraderFrederickGermany Jones Co, IA2 March 1888 
2177SchraderJGermany Clinton Co, IA17 Sept 1886 
2107SchuGeorgeGermany Jones Co, IA9 Sept 1884 
– 116SchwabMartin Germany Circuit cts, Jones Co, IA7 Nov 1870 
2104SchwarzuigerCharlesAustria Jones Co, IA9 Sept 1884 
3224SchweitzerJosephSwitzerland Jones Co, IA09/27/1897 
– 151ScroggieAndrewScotland  Jones Co, IA4 Mar 1873 
378SebaJohnGermany Jones Co, IA09/27/1890 
342SeehusenHenry GGermany Jones Co, IA10/04/1889 
258SeEliemierFindlayPrussia Jones Co, IA5 Dec 1882 
– 33SeibenthaChristian SwitzerlandDubuque Co, IAJones Co, IA15 June 1860 
– 28SekanMathias AustriaDubuque Co, IAJones Co, IA13 June 1860 
282SerbousekFrankAustria Jones Co, IA27 Sep 1883 
– 149SerpJosephAustria dist cts, Linn Co, IA4 Mar 1873 
– 118ShaderWenzell Bohemia  Jones Co, IA16 Mar 1871 
– 35ShananhanJohn ??Jones Co, IAJones Co, IA24 Sept 1859 
– 147ShannonJohnIreland in US before age of 18 yrs 9 Dec 1872 
– 275ShellanyFrankBohemia  US before age 1825 Sept 1878 
– 325SherrerLouisGermany Jones Co, IA1 Oct 1880 
– 38ShlohhaPaulus AustriaJackson Co, IAJones Co, IA9 Oct 1860 
3261ShoneFredAustria Jones Co, IA10/05/1899 
– 196ShoneThomas NGermany in US before age of 6 yrs16 Sept 1874 
2249ShotwellEmersonCanada Jones Co, IA28 Feb 1888US before age 18
– 235ShuntleJohnSwitzerland Jones Co, IA12 Sept 1876 
– 244ShuntolChristianSwitzerland Jones Co, IA21 Sept 1876 
– 191SiceroFrankGermany Jones Co, IA18 May 1874 
295SiebelsCarl wGermany Jones Co, IA20 Dec 1883 
294SiebelsGerrit JHanover, Ger Jones Co, IA20 Dec 1883 
311SiebelsJohn LGermany Jones Co10/06/1888 
2246SiebelsRickelf AugustGermany Jones Co, IA19 Dec 1887 
3262SieberJacobSwitzerland Jones Co, IA10/07/1899 
– 157SiemersHenry Germany Jones Co, IA24 May 1873 
263SiemonCharlesPrussia Portage Co, Wis10 May 1883 
– 34SimmonsHenry Canada WestJones Co, IAJones Co, IA20 Sept 1859 
318SinclairJamesScotland Cedar Co, IA12/13/1888 
3164SladetzkyHermanGermany Jones Co, IA09/28/1893 
3108SlemmerAugustGermany Jones Co, IA(b/4 age 18)09/22/1891 
– 195SloanRobertIreland Jones Co, IA16 Sept 1874 
– 121SloanWilliam JIreland Jones Co, IA19 June 1871 
2236SluppettiChrisSwitzerland Jones Co, IA5 Oct 1887 
– 183SmithD CScotland  Cook Co, ILL9 Mar 1874 
2146SmithDavid Scotland Jones Co, IA25 Sept 1884 
– 62SmithJohn Scotland Jones Co, IA court27 Dec 1865 
– 67SmithPeter IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA30 Oct 1868 
– 135SmithPeter CScotland Jones Co, IA21 Dec 1871 
3186SmithW S AScotland Jones Co, IA06/03/1895 
373SmithWilliamEngland Jones Co, IA09/27/1890 
– 61SmithWilliamScotland Atoe Co, Nebraska26 Dec 1865 
– 143SnyderAbram Switzerland Jones Co, IA12 June 1872 
2105SokolJohn Austria Jones Co, IA9 Sept 1884 
– 218SouhiadaVaclarBohemia  Baltimore, Maryland courts6 March 1876 
299SowdaJosephBohemia Jones Co, IA12 May 1884 
286SozmanFrankBohemia Jones Co, IA3 Oct 1883 
– 131SpeicherHenryGermany Jones Co, IA19 Dec 1871 
3275StaeblerDaniel SCanada Jones Co, IA11/06/1899 
364StanawayHenryEngland Jones Co, IA09/22/1890 
227StehlikFrankBohemia Jones Co, IA15 Feb 1882 
– 317StephanickFrankAustria before age of 185 Mar 1880 
– 36StetChristian GermanyBergan Co, NJJones Co, IA24 Sept 1859 
– 145StetsonWilliamIreland Circuit cts, Jones Co, IA; US before age of 182 Sept 1872 
– 256StifflerPaul Switzerland Allegheny Co, PA courts24 May 1877 
251StirtonRobert CScotland Jones Co, IA5 Oct 1882US before age 18
– 236StocklsaFrankBohemia  Jones Co, IA12 Sept 1876 
– 258StraussMorris TGermany Jones Co, IA14 Sept 1877 
– 34StraussSigmund GermanyJones Co, IAJones Co, IA?? 
– 184StraussSolomonGermany Jones Co, IA9 Mar 1874 
– 60Strickler / StrickelJohn England Jones Co, IA25 Sept 1868In US 5 yrs; IA 1+ yrs; honorable discharge, military service of 3 yr
– 136StrongPeterScotland Jones Co, IA22 Dec 1871 
– 57StuddJohn Hanover, Germany  Jones Co, IA court19 Dec 1865 
226StuklerBerendGermany Jones Co, IA21 Dec 1881 
247StulkenChristianGermany Jones Co, IA30 Sep 1882 
3140SudeburgGusSweden Jones Co, IA09/24/1892 
– 39SugVincent AustriaJohnson Co, IAJones Co, IA9 Oct 1860 
– 66SullivanEugene IrelandNew London Co, CTJones Co, IA21 Oct 1868 
– 27SullivanJohn IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA13 June 1860 
3152SullivanPatrickIreland Jones Co, IA09/19/1893 
– 223SuppleFrancisIreland  Jones Co, IA13 Mar 1876 
2147SuppleJamesIreland Jones Co, IA23 Feb 1885 
3233SuppleThomas tIreland Jones Co, IA03/07/1897 
– 241SurpriseLewisCanada  Jones Co, IA18 Sept 1876 
2237SuterJacob Switzerland Jones Co, IA5 Oct 1887 
– 111SutherlandAlexanderBritish America Jones Co, IA21 June 1870 
248SvobodaA HBohemia Jones Co, IA4 Oct 1882US before age 18
3159SwandsonTobiasNorway Jones Co, IA09/27/1893 
– 58SwaneyBartley IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA7 Sept 1868 
– 59SwaneyJeremiah IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA7 Sept 1868 
2239SwartzFrankGermany Jones Co, IA6 Oct 1887US before age 18
2143SweitzerFrederickSwitzerland Jones Co, IA25 Sept 1884 
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