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Wyoming Burials E-K

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EaslerCharles B1865(07/20/)191953 yrs 7 mos 11 days1518
EdwardsC H (10/08/1915)stillborn son—no date on gravestone620
EdwardsElijah E11/30/187812/1867 yrs131
EdwardsIsabel [Norton]1874(11/07/)191338 yrs 2 mos 19 days—wife of E E131
EdwardsJames Howard (12/11/1936)19 days131
Eggert  (12/20/1925)stillborn son of C F Eggers181
EhlerAugustus (01/08/1905)few days old296Old
Eichhorn(John) Henry1858(05/06/)192466 yrs 1 mo 22 days154Old
EichhornAnna [Broderson]18551935 154Old
EichhornLudwig (01/07/)1892stillborn154Old
EichhornPeter1884(05/00/)195065 yrs1211
Eichhorn  1894infant dau of Henry154Old
ElijahRoswell B08/31/185211/1456 yrs 3 mos 11 days3512
Ellison?  (09/04/1879)infant child—owner: F O Ellison49Old
ElwoodAlice S04/26/185306/07 5112
ElwoodAlma J04/11/185611/08 5112
ElwoodClara B08/04/185703/05 5112
ElwoodFrank D08/04/186005/0962 yrs5112
ElwoodFred K08/04/186003/04/188020 yrs5112
ElwoodFredrick K18801930??69 yrs 7 mos 1 day5112
ElwoodGeorge A09/19/185406/1051 yrs 8 mos 21 days—died Riceville, Howard Co, IA5112
ElwoodHarry G01/01/187703/11 5112
ElwoodHattie S12/01/186906/10 5112
ElwoodIsaac J12/09/185804/14 5112
ElwoodJennie [Orr]1861(12/15/)193877 yrs5112
ElwoodKinsey06/23/182603/1976 yrs 8 mos 26 days—born Mercer Co, PA5212
ElwoodLee R08/09/186812/10/18685 mos5212
ElwoodLewis K02/27/186210/05/18627 mos 9 days5212
ElwoodLina B05/18/186501/22/18668 mos 4 days—dau of Kinsey & Percey5212
ElwoodOrlyn B11/14/187406/00/1929 5112
ElwoodPercey1888(03/16/)18901 yr 8 mos 14 days—dau of Fred & Jennie5112
ElwoodPercey E08/22/186308/12/186411 mos 20 days—dau of Kinsey & Percey5212
ElwoodPercey E [Dawes]11/14/183501/01/187741 yrs 1 mo 17 days—wife of Kinsey5212
ElwoodRobert M02/09/187406/10 5112
ElwoodS09/06/186612/23 5112
ElwoodWard D02/02/187311/19 5112
EnsignDevalso B 04/12/186222 yrs 1 mo——died Camp Forsyth, Mo——Co B 9th IA Inf117Old
EnsignMary Ann 12/10/186047 yrs 5 mos 14 days——wife of John117Old
EnsignRosco C 03/27/186418 yrs 1 mo 8 days——died @ battle of Pea Ridge——Co E 5th Iowa Cav.117Old
Note on Ensign Burials: The additional information on the cemetery listings for Roscoe Ensign says Rosco died at Pea Ridge. Not possible, the 5th Iowa Cavalry was never at Pea Ridge. I checked the roster information of the location for the time of Roscoe's death and it states they were in Davenport at Camp McCleland on March 5, 1864, awaiting further orders. On March 17th some of the officers were detailed to recruit for several companies that had been transferred to the State of Minnesota. March 22nd 1864 the remaining companies were loaded onto trains and sent to Nashville, Tennessee arriving there on the 31st. That is a long way from Pea Ridge, Arkansas!
However, since Devalso Ensign is also on the same stone, and he died at Forsyth, Missouri in April of 1862, and his regiment, the 9th Iowa Infantry, had previously been at Pea Ridge, it is likely the reference is meant for Devalso Ensign and not Roscoe.
EricksonHelen05/20/185808/0685 yrs314
EricksonHoliver04/07/184809/0370 yrs 4 mos 27 days314
EricksonMatilda Josephina 01/27/18918 yrs 7 mos 18 days—dau of Oliver & Frederica294Old
EvansClara Emma1870(03/09/)194474 yrs221
EvansGeorge W1845(12/22/)191974 yrs 9 mos 3 days—Co F 21st Ill Inf221
EvansGeorge W, Jr1873(10/13/)193562 yrs151
EvansMae [Bowers]1871(03/16/)193057 yrs 11 mos 16 days151
EvansMarquerite [Henry]1845(11/16/)190560 yrs221
EvansSilas F1877(08/08/)190830 yrs 8 mos 4 days221
EvansWilliam 11/02/189079 yrs 2 mos 2 days—Civil War221
EyeBertha Mae1875(04/08/)194268 yrs66Old
EyeCharles Wilbur1874(04/06/)194772 yrs66Old
FairchildAndrew E1855(05/19/)193984 yrs87Old
FairchildEleandra A1862(04/03/)18707 yrs 9 mos 13 days87Old
FairchildEliza E [Corwin] (09/27/1917)89 yrs 7 mos 15 days—wife of Ephraim87Old
FairchildEphraim G1827186335 yrs 5 mos 11 days—buried at St Louis—Co K 24th IA87Old
FarleyEdward J06/07/186910/1867 yrs—same stone with Eliza and Augusta A223Old
FarleyEliza J11/23/184407/1672 yrs 6 mos 16 days—same stone with Edw J223Old
FarleyJames B1874(11/23/)193965 yrs223Old
FayChloe 12/13/186883 yrs 7 mos 21 days—wife of James165Old
FayJames 06/09/185570 yrs 1 mo 28 days165Old
FayMatilda [Waggoner] 10/14/185529 yrs 11 mos 14 days165Old
FayRhoba (Pheba?) 10/12/186559 yrs 5 mos 17 days—wife of Silas193Old
FaySilas 06/29/187269 yrs 1 mo 12 days193Old
FaySilas E 08/30/18649 mos 15 days—son of A(mos) A & O(live)172Old
FeddersenAugust J04/24/188807/1226 yrs 2 mos 18 days—lot owner: Manus Below620
FeddersenBoyd1867(10/15/)194276 yrs—lot owner: John Feddersen105Old
FelkerJessie Delnora (10/18/1918)36 yrs 1 mo 14 days229Old
FelkerJohn H (04/22/1926)75 yrs 4 mos 2 days229Old
FelkerMary Ann (05/01/1927) 229Old
Felker  07/13inf son of G & H B1815
FickleEthel Viola (08/29/1910)3 yrs 1 mo 5 days—died at Walplton, ND50Old
FickleJames Raymond (05/07/1917)20 yrs 2 mos 2 days—Co H Iowa Inf—killed while guarding a bridge at Madrid, IA50Old
FiedlerGeorge02/21/185103/15 2015
FiedlerKathrine09/15/184803/2075 yrs 6 mos 5 days—wife of Geo2015
FiedlerLeonhard07/30/184811/1482 yrs 3 mos 5 days2015
FiedlerWilliam F1865(07/24/)194074 yrs2115
FieldGeorge W04/0401/1474 yrs371
FieldMargaret A [Mallicoat]10/11/186707/2974 yrs—wife of Geo W371
Field  (04/20/1906)3 days371
FieldsAddie (04/23/1874)13 yrs 9 mos 25 days22Old
FieldsEllen (12/06/1906)68 yrs 3 mos 6 days22Old
FieldsForrest Clayton 07/08WWI371
FieldsGeorge W (12/13/1912)82 yrs22Old
FieldsJennie (05/01/1874)10 yrs22Old
FieldsMinnie (11/01/1891)24 yrs 10 mos 6 days22Old
Filker/Felker  (07/13/1913)stillborn son of G A(rbor) & H(arriet) (Behnke) Filker/Felker1815
FinchDorothy Louisa1921(06/23/)193311 yrs420
FinchJohn L1868(10/04/)193668 yrs420
FinchLucy Mae1900(02/20/)195050 yrs420
FinchSarah Jane [Kennison]1844(03/02/)191983 yrs420
Finch  (08/06/1922)stillborn dau of ??—died at Cedar Rapids, IA420
FirstClarence A1889(10/06/)197081 yrs384
FirstLinda Sue (01/14/)19503 days384
FisherBarbara11/24/181611/24/189276 yrs—wife of Geo W162Old
FisherGeorge W04/14/181308/31/188067 yrs 3 mos 7 days162Old
FishwildR(eynold) S1858(05/02/)193274 yrs 8 days386
FishwildTabitha1859(12/05/)193980 yrs—wife of R S386
FiskJohnathon07/16/181703/14/189681 yrs 3 mos 7 days—Mrs Fisk buried in east somewhere203Old
FooteAlvina E184206/1366 yrs 3 mos197Old
FooteEarnest W 02/22/189528 yrs 3 mos—son of E & H197Old
FooteWilliam L1832(05/30/)189864 yrs197Old
FordhamBella [Bennett] 01/09/188847 yrs—wife of W T141Old
FordhamCornelia [Osborn] 01/01/187641 yrs141Old
FordhamHattie H 10/28/187025 yrs141Old
FordhamLeonnie 06/07/18803 mos—Dau of W T & B B141Old
FordhamMaggie C 05/02/18768 yrs141Old
FordhamSusan I 05/23/186865 yrs 1 mo141Old
FordhamWillie 01/04/18663 yrs 12 days—son of W T & C O141Old
FordhamWm T 01/09/189369 yrs 11 mos 24 days141Old
Fordham or Bennett?  (05/00/1896)stillborn212
FrankJacob H01/06/183211/11/188452 yrs101Old
FrankMary P05/26/184108/0575 yrs 2 mos 14 days—wife of Jacob H101Old
FranksDillon W1891(04/18/)191826 yrs—died Kansas City—Co D Rahe Auto School236Old
FranksE M02/02/181805/14/187860 yrs 3 mos 12 days213Old
FranksEdna L [Huyck]1883(01/22/)190824 yrs 3 mos 7 days—wife of Ezra M291
FranksEzra M1882(10/07/)194461 yrs214Old
FranksFlorence Millie1857(01/01/)193173 yrs 6 mos 20 days213Old
FranksHulda Jane [Lytton]1849(12/19/)193788 yrs—wife of S G236Old
FranksJohn L04/27/187308/2539 yrs 2 mos 28 days236Old
FranksJohn W 09/04/188231 yrs 9 mos 9 days214Old
FranksMilan (Milo) M1858(10/15/)193981 yrs213Old
FranksS G1844(09/08/)1927 236Old
FranksSarah D05/30/182210/1279 yrs 4 mos 12 days—wife of E M213Old
FrenchCarrie J05/11/186812/1036 yrs 6 mos 29 days—wife of James M2612
FrenchDillon E1899(10/16/)191819 yrs 2 mos 25 days—son of J & C2612
FrenchDonald (08/08/1925)son of L D & B1912
FrenchEarley04/15/188603/2648 yrs 11 mos 12 days—son of W N & A M2812
FrenchGrace C 01/1374 yrs 11 mos 13 days—wife of Joseph2712
FrenchGrover1920(12/20/)1929 1916
FrenchJames Myron02/18/186501/2982 yrs2612
FrenchJoseph 07/0377 yrs 3 mos 14 days2712
FrenchJoseph11/26/1894(01/10/1895)1 mo 14 days—son of W N & A M2812
FrenchKlara (04/20/)1929infant dau of Will French1916
FrenchLouisa Anna1903(11/19/)195046 yrs—wife of Dale2814
FrenchRay10/27/188711/2224 yrs 5 days—son of W N & A M2812
FrenchWilliam Newton10/23/185712/1583 yrs2812
FriedricksenBertha C1884(03/05/)193854 yrs—wife of Peter3015
Friedricksen  (06/25/1917)stillborn dau of Peter3015
GardEphraim 11/05/187464 yrs 10 mos 12 days132Old
GardFrancis A [Chamberlain]11/19/185405/11/189541 yrs 5 mos 22 days—wife of Charles E Gard184Old
GardSarah Jane (04/17/1889)73 yrs 10 mos 11 days132Old
GardinerEarnest E04/06/186101/1267 yrs 8 mos 29 days273Old
GardnerEarnest Lyle (08/05/1900)1 yr 2 mos 23 days273Old
GardnerLucian (03/02/1909)50 yrs 10 days273Old
GarrisonEarl John 06/1133 yrs 2 mos 5 days—B Section BSATC State College, Ames, IA—WWI313
GarrisonEmma J [Decomp]1850(01/04/)191766 yrs 6 mos 1 day—body moved from Reynolds, NE313
GarrisonHarriet H1821(12/09/)190382 yrs 8 mo 19 days—body moved from Coggon, IA313
GarrisonHenry L1868(03/13/)192051 yrs 9 mos 13 days313
GarrisonJulia E [Cook]18461937wife of W S (Cemetery records has Mrs W S in index, but not in lot)313
GarrisonMilo M1876(04/13/)194568 yrs313
GarrisonSarah L1867(10/17/)1931wife of Henry313
GarrisonSolomon1816(03/02/)189175 yrs 17 days313
GarrisonWilliam D1884(07/15/)193046 yrs 5 mos 28 days313
GarrisonWilliam S1846(02/13/)193588 yrs 5 mos 8 days—son of Solomon & Harriet H—Co 44th IA & Co G 31st IA & Co F 17th IA313
GarsideAgnes Luciel1915(07/18/)19216 yrs 1 mo 29 days—dau of Wm & Lilly [Paul] Garside?3415
GarsideErma G [Bender]1893(05/28/)191521 yrs 8 mos 23 days—dau of L J & A A290Old
GarsideEster J 12/07/188018 yrs—dau of Thos & Jane—moved from East Ridge Cem3315
GarsideFrank 1944 3315
GarsideJames Peck (09/29/)19421 hr—lot owner: Leroy J Bender299Old
GarsideThomas 09/1683 yrs3315
GarsideWilliam18651918 3315
Garside  (10/03/1915)8 hrs—dau of Frank & Edna3315
GeorgeWm C (09/18/1947)78 yrs513
GilbertAnna01/29/186107/13/189230 yrs—twin of Emma—dau of G & H156Old
GilbertChancy (09/29/1935)85 yrs88Old
GilbertEffie May1862(12/10/)194381 yrs—wife of George181Old
GilbertEmma01/29/186101/23/188928 yrs—twin of Anna—dau of G & H156Old
GilbertErlina (Eveline) M [Leamon] (11/18/1918)84 yrs 6 mos 13 days—wife of Stephen4015
GilbertGeorge1892(04/26/)191018 yrs156Old
GilbertGeorge1858(10/15/)193981 yrs181Old
GilbertGeorge, Sr09/01/182707/2075 yrs 10 mos 19 days—Civil War156Old
GilbertHannah1837(06/23/)191376 yrs156Old
GilbertLydia N (06/14/1927) 4015
GilbertRussell01/01/181904/2781 yrs 3 mos 26 days88Old
GilbertStephen Levaneor L03/07/183511/21/189762 yrs 8 mos 14 days—born Herkimer Co, NY4015
GilbertSusan08/25/182008/14/189170 yrs 11 mos 19 days—wife of R88Old
GilletteElmira S 07/01/187159 yrs 8 mos 16 days—wife of A I110Old
GirtonCharlotte L [Chamberlain]18601947 184Old
GirtonEllis E1851(05/14/1944)80 yrs184Old
GleasonEdna   113Old
GoodwinCalvin 11/18/187211 yrs 5 mos 3 days—son of J A & J E195Old
GossettE Waldo1904(10/26/)19139 yrs—son of Josie?281Old
GrahamJohn 05/28/186864 yrs—husband of Mary A Graham and father of Emily Vrooman. Thanks to Elizabeth Findley Fabritius for help with this entry. John Graham was born ca. 1804 in Ireland and married Mary A Foster (1811-1893) in St. Joseph County, Michigan in 1838. They had four children: Walter, John W. (1842-1890), Mary Ann and Emily (ca. 1845-1921, married Vrooman). Both sons were Civil War Veterans.199Old
GrahamMary A [Foster] 05/30/189382 yrs—same stone as John199Old
GrasmeierSadie A [Perry]1850(09/03/)190948 yrs 6 mos 13 days172Old
GravesRichard Lee (10/08/1943)stillborn223Old
GrayStella [McDonough] Mallicoat (12/18/1943)76 yrs—wife of Levi A Mallicoat and Harvey Gray28Old
GreenCharles A (Charlie)1865(09/09/)191953 yrs 9 mos 14 days5712
GreenCordelia 03/08/185731 yrs 4 mos 8 days107Old
GreenErvin01/22/180707/01/189284 yrs 11 mos 9 days51Old
GreenMary A08/28/1842(02/24/1895)52 yrs 5 mos 26 days—wife of Ervin51Old
GreenSarah J 03/30/186433 yrs 2 mos 23 days107Old
Green   pair of twin girls107Old
Green?David   107Old
GreeneEmeline [Miller]1842(03/24/)192077 yrs 9 mos 5 days421
GreeneJohn B18381876 421
GriddleyChas B1842(01/07/)192885 yrs 10 mos 20 days—Co D 9th IA Inf47Old
GriddleyGeorge Biow1876(02/22/)18779 mos 6 days47Old
GriddleyJemima F1872(01/15/)18741 yr 7 mos 20 days47Old
GriddleyMary E1845(01/07/)1927 47Old
GrieserCarl F1895(11/09/)191823 yrs 10 mos 2 days1116
GrieserMary L1868(03/12/)194980 yrs—wife of Rudolph L1116
GrieserRudolph L1864(06/27/)194378 yrs1116
GriggCorp Harold A01/25(11/01/)194421 yrs—son—WWII796
Grimm(Harry) Franklin C F188512/3130 yrs 6 mos 11 days301
GrimmCaroline06/27/184103/2563 yrs 8 mos 28 days2015
GrimmCaroline Marie1873(04/17/)192854 yrs301
GrimmFredrick John Harry1859(10/07/)194485 yrs301
GrimmHans Christian11/02/182809/1681 yrs 10 mos 14 days2015
GrimmWilliam (01/05/1912)29 yrs 4 mos 15—lot owner: Mrs Katie Grimm1015
GrindrodEliza W 01/25/1886 D47 yrs 6 mos 13 days—wife of Joshua Photo: Steve Hanken47 yrs 6 mos 13 days—wife of Joshua109Old
GrindrodF Louise1902(07/10/)194138 yrs—dau of Francis & Florence783
GrindrodFlorence (Flora) M [Finley]1883(03/02/)192036 yrs 3 mos 2 days783
GrindrodJoshua 01/29/1899 67 yrs 6 mos 5 days—Co A 9th Iowa Inf Photo: Steve Hanken67 yrs 6 mos 5 days—Co A 9th Iowa Inf109Old
GrinrodFrancis Marion1878(07/30/)194669 yrs783
GriswoldElla M 04/26/187924 yrs—wife of James A240Old
GriswoldHenry C1861(02/06/)194886 yrs823
GriswoldJames A 11/2750 yrs240Old
GriswoldMelly [Dewitt]1856(01/14/)192972 yrs 10 mos 10 days—wife of J A4914
GriswoldOttis S 12/2720 yrs 2 mos 9 days4914
GrossGeorge W (02/02/1888)27 yrs—husband of Carrie E Dewitt32Old
GuthrieAgnes12/22/182212/21/189179 yrs—wife of Clement73Old
GuthrieArthur (04/23/1881)21 yrs73Old
GuthrieClement05/23/182009/0881 yrs 3 mos 15 days73Old
GuthrieDr John H1865(11/22/)191853 yrs 4 mos 12 days—owner: Una L Guthrie18Old
GuthrieGeorge1856(03/28/1924)68 yrs 1 day73Old
GuthrieJames1862(09/11/)193775 yrs311
GuthrieMary [Evans]1886(09/01/)194570 yrs 3 mos 3 days221
GuthrieMary [Reiches]1880(09/21/)191838 yrs 1 mo 11 days311
GuthrieSarah Ann [Logan] (09/00/1881)wife of William73Old
HainesEddie (12/10/1870)2 mos 23 days—son of G W & W W22Old
HallAlbert Ernest1875(02/02/)194064 yrs1516
HallCaron M (12/03/)1940stillborn—(twin of Sharon J?)1516
HallDonald Byron09/00/191804/156 mos 13 days1516
HallEurana (Emma?) 01/24/189666 yrs 2 mos 18 days—2nd wife of Joseph110Old
HallGeorge Bryon08/10/1840(01/10/)191969 yrs 5 mos 5 days—born Herkimer Co, NY36Old
HallHerbert (10/08/1861)8 mos—son of J & S110Old
HallJennie J [Hodge] (08/29/1930)84 yrs 11 mos 18 days36Old
HallJohn S05/24/1880(03/04/)193958 yrs 9 mos 11 days506
HallJoseph 03/0983 yrs 11 mos 12 days110Old
HallMargaret (or Marguerite) Ellen (06/11/1903)9 yrs 10 mos 2 days—dau of James & Minnie Hall194Old
HallSharon (12/03/)1940stillborn—twin of Caron M?1516
HallSophia 02/28/187860 yrs 8 mos 7 days—lst wife of Joseph110Old
HalseyCatherine D1832(04/27/)190269 yrs 6 mos 5 days—wife of Geo195Old
HalseyGeorge W02/17/1830(07/05/)189565 yrs 4 mos 18 days—born Rome, Oneida Co, NY195Old
HamiltonArthur A 11/10/187337 yrs 10 mos 23 days—CoK 24th IA Inf162Old
HamiltonRalph (08/28/1899)1 yr 6 mos 8 days—son of Nial162Old
HammondFlorence [James]1888(06/20/1913)24 yrs old10Old
HannaJohn C1880(04/20/)194867 yrs179Old
HannaMargaret A 11/20/188954 yrs 7 mos 21 days—wife of Robert B179Old
HannaPhilis Jene 02/15infant dau of Viola & Ronald179Old
HannaRobert B12/07/182510/24/188963 yrs 10 mos 17 days—born Westmoreland Co, PA179Old
HansenAugust A1882(11/28/)190825 yrs819
HansenCatherina11/04/181706/04/189981 yrs 7 mos619
HansenHans P1874(01/30/)193964 yrs819
HansenHarry B02/0102/2316 yrs 22 days733
HansenJens Christian1846(11/29/)192175 yrs819
HansenThomas03/01/182008/03/189878 yrs 5 mos 2 days—lot owner: Cornelius Hansen 619
HansenThomas C05/2502/2318 yrs 8 mos 28 days733
Hansen  (03/13/1941)stillborn son of Jens C & Mildred S819
HansonAndrew (01/18/1957)70 yrs603
HansonC M09/05/188509/23/1885inf dau of C I & S E—18 days old—father: Cornelius14Old
HansonE C M09/02/189201/05/1893inf dau of C I & S E—4 mos 3 days14Old
HansonFrederika1846(02/04/)192477 yrs—wife of Louis603
HansonH T09/13/189109/26/1891inf son of C I & S E—13 days old14Old
HansonH W03/11/188703/30/1887inf son of C I & S E—19 days old14Old
HansonLouis1846(07/22/)192376 yrs 9 mos 23 days603
HansonM C09/15/188809/22/1888inf dau of C I & S E—7 days old14Old
HansonOscar1883(12/07/)194360 yrs603
HarringtonIla C1888  158Old
HarrisMartha Marie (08/22/1946)1 day—daughter503
HarrisMatilda [Waggoner] 1867Sister of Charlotte Woodward and wife of Thos Harris146Old
HartAndy Allison1829(01/20/1894)64 yrs 3 mos 6 days—born Cleveland, OH—Co K 104 Ill Inf148Old
HartElizabeth 09/20/189255 yrs 6 mos 14 days—wife of Andy A148Old
HartmanBahme1/10/186403/0164 yrs—born Schleswig, Holstein, Germany612
HartmanBertha 11/28/18931 mo 9 days—dau of B & H612
HartmanHelena Marie [Hemsen]1865(09/06/)194276 yrs612
HartsonAnsel Leonard03/28/187704/30/189013 yrs 1 mo 2 days—same stone as Lafayette181Old
HartsonLafayette F09/23/182504/12/189265 yrs 6 mos 19 days—sold by Walter C Hartson of Morris?, NY181Old
HaunElba O [Cline]185208/3166 yrs 4 mos 20 days2414
HaunFayette1852(08/16/)194591 yrs78Old
HaunSimeon S1841(02/13/)1938)96 yrs—Co B 57th Penn Inf2414
HawleyFrank L 08/1760 yrs 8 mos 19 days—Co L 8th Iowa Cav255Old
HawleyPamelia A 04/12/189386 yrs255Old
HaysJames 09/29/185942 yrs 6 mos 1 day83Old
HealeyMary Adelia [Tasker] Steele1899(06/21/)193536 yrs 6 mos 18 days—wife of Clarence F Healey and Willis G Steele1112
HeastyAddie Amelia1865(05/17/)194882 yrs—wife of Robert M1612
HeastyPearl 02/059 yrs1612
HeastyRex Burnett09/27/189110/1325 yrs 18 days—born Sumner Co, KS816
HeastyRobert Mitchel1861(09/27/)193776 yrs1612
HeidtHenry (05/04/1894)32 yrs 10 mos 14 days—lot owner: Mrs Olive Pearl Haidt253Old
HelmGuyler G 03/08/186637 yrs 4 mos 21 days142Old
HendersonBetsy B1791 (04/10/1870)79 yrs 19 days—owner: Isaac Henderson35Old
HendersonCharity (08/21/1909)24 yrs 10 mos 15 days—wife of Will316
HendersonEsther Mira [Woodward] (06/10/1912)55 yrs 3 mos 14 days—wife of Rufus A35Old
HendersonFrank (01/09/1939)64 yrs 2 mos 18 days3011
HendersonRichard Montgomery (01/15/1947)61 yrs 3 mos 29 days316
HendersonTasker02/19/189711/19 3011
HernonCora E [Norton]1866(06/13/)193063 yrs 8 mos 18 days308Old
HernonEsie (04/17/1904)17 days—dau of Ed & Cora68Old
HernonJohn (06/03/1900)9 yrs 11 mos 7 days—son of Ed281Old
HernonLaura (10/16/1909)70 yrs 2 mos 23 days—wife of Wm281Old
HernonWilliam04/05/183504/25/189356 yrs—born Waterford, Ireland281Old
HernonWilliam E1860(08/09/)193171 yrs 5 mos 6 days308Old
HerrickMarion (12/24/1897)46 yrs84Old
HildrethElizabeth Jean 03/02granddaughter of W O Shaffer5512
HimebaughC C 03/11/188365 yrs 3 mos 3 days135Old
HimebaughClarisa H 01/0182 yrs 8 mos 12 days—lot owner: C C Himbaugh Sawyer135Old
HinrichsenEvelyn Anita1915(02/08/)192913yrs 10 mos 11 days743
HinrichsenHans C1855(08/12/)192064 yrs 9 mos 24 days3115
HinrichsenMabel Marie (07/10/1949)34 yrs743
HinrichsenMary (Maria) C1852(04/12/)191966 yrs 11 mos 18 days3115
HinrichsenThos Chris Henry1888(10/10/)195062 yrs743
HinricksSophia [Larson]05/08/189003/2325 yrs 11 mos 16 days—wife of Remmer C Hinricks516
HodgmamFrederick L (08/03/1911)72 years312
HoffmanIda May (05/17/1883)6 yrs 1 mo 20 days—lot owner: E A Hoffman235Old
HogeboomFreddie 03/17/18636 mos 1 day—son of G J & H J1012
HogeboomGeorge M1860(05/29/)194685 yrs 8 mos 13 days1012
HogeboomHannah J01/04/182310/06/186744 yrs 9 mos 2 days—wife of G J1012
HogeboomMartha A [ Loomis]1864(05/05/)194176 yrs—wife of G M1012
HolenbeckC P (08/18/1900)84 yrs 6 mos 9 days72Old
HolerodDrew J19051905 5216
HollisMary (01/12/1954)93 yrs3812
HolmesCharlie J 09/22/18754 yrs 1 mo 4 days—son of Joseph & E59Old
HolmesElla E [Brainard]185202/2378 yrs54Old
HolmesJoseph E184812/23son of Robert54Old
HolstNicholas Christian10/06/188104/0568 yrs673
HoltzAnna [Fiedler]01/27/1886(10/15/)191024 yrs 8 mos 18 days2515
HoltzEmilie S (Amelia) [Buckholtz]1884(12/06/)193248 yrs 4 mos 24 days—wife of William C393
HoltzFriedrike10/30/183801/04 126Old
HoltzJohn C 10/27/189150 yrs 9 mos 1 day126Old
HoltzJohn F02/11/182202/06/189471 yrs 11 mos 23 days—born Mecklenburg, Germany71Old
HoltzLouis F1872(06/04/)194875 yrs2515
HoltzPaul W1908(09/23/)193324 yrs 10 mos2515
HoltzWilliam Carl1876(04/17/)194568 yrs393
HolubAnna Bell (09/26/1878)6 yrs 2 mos1512
HolubAnna K 07/01/18885 yrs 9 days—dau of J & F471
HolubBertha L02/29/191002/2411 mos 27 days—dau of F L & C C Holub412
HolubCynthia C1880(01/23/)194867 yrs—wife of Frank L412
HolubElizabeth07/20/184810/25/189850 yrs 3 mos 5 days1512
HolubElizabeth [Rybin]02/04/182002/08/188969 yrs 5 mos 4 days—wife of Joseph4312
HolubElmer J 06/13/18857 mos 22 days—unreadable471
HolubFredericka [Levensen]10/14/186202/1676 yrs471
HolubGeorge1862(12/01/)192866 yrs 4 mos 7 days4211
HolubGeorge G1877(03/04/)191436 yrs1512
HolubGrover C18931918WWI643
HolubJohn05/06/184405/1567 yrs 9 days1512
HolubJohn, Jr06/24/185708/0555 yrs 1 mo 12 days—son of John & Katherine471
HolubJohn, Sr07/13/182507/0876 yrs 11 mos 15 days471
HolubJoseph04/06/182011/28/189673 yrs 7 mos 22 days4312
HolubKatherina [Moravec]06/01/182009/3081 yrs 3 mos 29 days—wife of John471
HolubMary 11/24stillborn—dau of J E & E S62
HolubRhoda1859(05/08/)193879 yrs—wife of George4211
HolzingerLeonard1872(11/09/)195078 yrs2216
HolzingerRosie1875(08/07/)194570 yrs2216
HominickJames 187812 yrs (lot sold by Mrs Mary Hominick of Guerha, NE)7Old
HoodAnna (03/01/1903)87 yrs176Old
HoodI(saerl) P181205/09/188874 yrs 8 mos—born Rutherford Co, N C176Old
HoodMildred [French]06/30/189310/2339 yrs 3 mos 23 days2812
Hood   infant son of G W & E176Old
HopkinsBertha L1858(07/05/)1927wife of Willis32
HopkinsClark B (04/07/)191282 yrs 11 mos 28 days—Co H 58th Penn Inf312
HopkinsSamira [Tubbs] (08/31/1917)82 yrs 17 days—wife of C B312
HopkinsWillis S1854(02/16/)193176 yrs 5 mos 11 days32
HortonBlanche03/14/186308/24/188017 yrs 5 mos 10 days—dau62Old
HortonEmily 02/25/187638 yrs 6 mos 15 days—wife62Old
HortonLaura 04/03/186822 yrs 2 mos 17 days—dau E & E163Old
HortonOgden11/21/183010/27/189867 yrs 11 mos 6 days62Old
HortonRoy (01/18/1880)5 yrs 10 mos 10 days—son62Old
HouserElsie (08/31/1899)infant—dau of Judd—reference: Mrs Mary [Houser] Moor, dau of Judd, Farmington, MN297Old
HouserJudson L 02/25/18935 mos 10 days—son of J L & Martha297Old
HuggansGeo E (03/30/1922)52 yrs 22 days257Old
HuntAndrew Dickson1856(10/14/)194589 yrs 5 mos 18 days204Old
HuntDema E1861(02/25/)193472 yrs 10 mos 26 days—wife of Andrew204Old
HunterJoseph H (P?) 1868Co E 5th Iowa Cav—moved from Paul Cem—WPA says James P Hunter208Old
HunterMilo06/2802/08/1896 217Old
HunwardsenMartin02/05/186802/2439 yrs 19 days1215
Hunwardsen  10/111 day infant—child of Martin & Mary1215
HurdMrs S C (07/16/1904) 159Old
HurdWill E 12/26/187724 yrs 3 mo 14 days159Old
Hurd  (07/24/1881)baby159Old
HutchinsAlbert V1866(07/21/)188215 yrs 9 mos 6 days175Old
HutchinsCharlie S (03/21/1877)2 yrs 11 mos 18 days175Old
HutchinsGeorge Edmond (01/12/1886)stillborn175Old
HutchinsGertrude1872(04/19/)194775 yrs175Old
HutchinsNoah Webster1831(07/25/)191886 yrs 9 mos 22 days175Old
HutchinsSarah Jane1844(11/03/)191470 yrs 1 mo 8 days175Old
HuttonCharles A1877(11/05/)192144 yrs 7 mos 27 days5114
HuttonElla R [Cameron]01/12/186503/1360 yrs 2 mos 1 day252
HuttonForrest G1878(12/13/)194769 yrs404
HuyckHazel04/11/189404/0910 yrs 11 mos 28 days—moved from Newhall, IA291
HuyckJudson H (02/06/1931)78 yrs 5 mos 10 days291
HuyckLelia (06/06/1912)died at Little Falls, NY291
IlerWilliam1850(09/27/)192777 yrs 4 mos 11 days257Old
InglisAlexander186718681 yr137Old
InglisDaniel1863(10/31/)194986 yrs346
InglisElizabeth1869(05/03/)195080 yrs—wife of James2711
InglisIda E1857(04/24/)1928wife of John2911
InglisJames1861(08/26/)193472 yrs 4 mos 25 days2711
InglisJane1822(09/09/)190987 yrs 6 mos 24 days137Old
InglisJohn1853(01/09/)193986 yrs2911
InglisRobert186518672 yrs137Old
InglisRobert1822(10/26/)190987 yrs 9 mos 24 days137Old
InglisSandra Lee11/3002/022 yrs2911
InglisWilliam H186018622 yrs137Old
IngwersenChristian J1867(11/16/)194376 yrs404
IngwersenDora A [Dieckmann]1885(01/07/)1927wife of Helmuth M42
IngwersenHelmuth M1874(11/06/)194773 yrs42
IngwersenLeonard John1888(07/15/)194153 yrs720
IngwersenMarie [Von Sprecken]1888193445 yrs 11 mos 7 days—same stone with Harry & Leona623
IngwersenMinne G1872(10/17/)194673 yrs—wife of Paul463
IngwersenPaul Nicholas1868(06/28/)193668 yrs463
InksHarold 01/29/18921 mo 16 days—son of ? M & M A12Old
IrelandIsabell Lucinda [Jamison]1838(05/24/)192485 yrs272Old
IrelandIvan John03/2206/112 mos 18 days713
IrelandJennie [Thomsen]1891(06/03/)193443 yrs 1 mo 2 days713
IrelandWm H1830(07/12/)190878 yrs 20 days—lot owner: Mrs E S Pealer (their Dau)272Old
JacobsenAnna1853(01/20/)1933 126Old
JacobsenJacob1849(07/27/)191262 yrs 8 mos 17 days126Old
JacobsenMatta (Meta) (10/27/)19091 mo 24 days126Old
JamesAlta 1895dau of Rolla & Mattie—this stone nearer lot 231274Old
JamesBenjamin Franklin1848(12/15/)193890 yrs261Old
JamesCarrie Bell1863(10/27/)194582 yrs20Old
JamesDaniel12/01/184601/22/189952 yrs 1 mo 22 days—Civil War261Old
JamesDiane May (04/02/)19457 days2714
JamesElden P06/10/189709/23/18973 mos 13 days—son of P G & Florence260Old
JamesElva Mildred12/18/189402/03/18951 mo 12 days—dau of P G & Florence260Old
JamesFreddie187409/13/18784 yrs 11 mos 15 days—son of G W & P10Old
JamesGeorge F1894(06/20/)191015 yrs 4 mos 9 days10Old
JamesGeorge W1844(10/08/)193794 yrs 29 days—Cpl in Co K 24th IA Vol Inf20Old
JamesHarold B 01/05/1896stillborn—son of Phillip G & Florence260Old
JamesJames 01/2941 yrs 5 mos 9 days—Cpl in Co F 7th WWI10Old
JamesJohn William1833(07/28/)1925born Jefferson Co, WV713
JamesLawrence Smith1931(05/21/)194917 yrs2714
JamesMartha Ann [Smith]1836(03/12/)191982 yrs 6 mos 2 days713
JamesMary [Sherman]1845(12/14/)193186 yrs 4 mos 27 days—wife of Walter, Sr260Old
JamesMattie E [Williams]1866(01/11/)192155 yrs 7 mos 1 day274Old
JamesPhebe [Richardson] 03/25/187932 yrs 2 mos 17 days—wife of G W10Old
JamesRuth 1898dau of Rolla & Mattie—this stone nearer lot 231274Old
JamesSusannah 02/27/186352 yrs 3 mos 11 days—wife of Walter261Old
JamesWalter1839(04/19/)193595 yrs 9 mos 11 days—Co B 9th Iowa Inf260Old
JamesWalter G1869(08/23/)192354 yrs 3 mos 2 days10Old
JamesWalter, Jr09/02/180411/27/189389 yrs 2 mos 25 days261Old
JamesWilliam Lae1927(06/15/)19281 yr 5 mos713
JandaMaria 02/26/189747 yrs305Old
JanesAbigail [Ely] 10/26/188372 yrs 6 mos 18 days—wife of J L76Old
JanesRev J L 10/04/187264 yrs 1 mo 3 days76Old
JansenAlfred1889(11/26/)191829 yrs—son of J & M663
JansenAndreas D1862(02/04/)193774 years old1Old
JansenAnna C1866(02/10/)193870 years old1Old
JansenArnold J192019233 yrs 2 mos 17 days7414
JansenArthur Marus1895(08/18/)194344 yrs7414
JansenAugust H185909/2986 yrs5014
JansenC August10/20/183108/27/189863 yrs7614
JansenCecilie 03/07/189773 yrs—wife of P S69Old
JansenChristian (or Christina) 01/17/189231 yrs69Old
JansenDorathea02/07/182005/2992 yrs 3 mos 22 days—same stone as C August Jansen7614
JansenEmil H18821940 814
JansenFriederike [Cartensen]1878(01/15/)1943wife of Peter S188Old
JansenJohn1852(06/07/)191765 yrs 6 mos 5 days663
JansenMartha Elisa1855(10/07/)193681 yrs663
JansenP S 06/25/189073 yrs 6 mos69Old
JansenPeter S1866(05/14/)193872 yrs188Old
JensenAugust F1887(09/01/)194558 yrs188Old
JensenKjistine1886(01/04/)193952 yrs105Old
JensenThomas Ludwig1884(04/05/)194460 yrs105Old
JohannsenCatharina [Tukensen]1850(07/13/)193079 yrs 9 mos 27 days—wife of Peter, Sr2116
JohannsenPeter1853(04/05/1945)92 yrs2116
JohnsonAdelia [Hogeboom]1844(10/31/)192580 yrs 10 mos 8 days1112
JohnsonBetty B 01/29/18585 yrs 5 mos 11 days—moved from Johnsontown cem in 1894115
JohnsonClarinda 06/2988 yrs 11 mos 18 days—died at Cherokee, IA—mother of Mrs Margaret Osborn115
JohnsonDelano R1864(06/30/)193370 yrs 9 mos 24 days3212
JohnsonEdward Ellsworth18901853moved from Lakeside Cem, Waupaca, WI261
JohnsonElizabeth [Saxon]1874(02/03/)194469 yrs—wife of Elmer O3112
JohnsonGeorge07/27/189701/2150 yrs483
JohnsonHarriet C [Pence]1848(10/18/)191163 yrs—wife of S W102Old
JohnsonHattie [Loomis] (03/24/1929)gravestone only saying "Hattie"—wife of D R3212
JohnsonHenry J1860(05/08/)194281 yrs—owner: Mrs Cleo [Johnson] Keseberg33Old
JohnsonHorace Porter1841(03/21/)191068 yrs 4 mos 17 days1112
JohnsonLillian H 02/20/18763 yrs 4 mos 1 day—dau of S W & H C102Old
JohnsonLucretia 03/30/189973 yrs 11 mos 16 days—wife ot Timothy3112
JohnsonMattie Elnora1866(04/22/)18692 yrs 7 mos 7 days1112
JohnsonMoses179208/19/186573 yrs24Old
JohnsonNettie Belle 09/16/18691 yr 5 mos 25 days—owners: F W & M E Johnson23Old
JohnsonSaville W1837(08/09/)192184 yrs 24 days102Old
JohnsonSophia F 11/23/187062 yrs 11 mos 10 days—wife of W S151Old
JohnsonThomas R05/04/180906/04/187466 yrs 1 mo —moved from the Johnsontown cem in 1894115
JohnsonTimothy R 03/05/189570 yrs 3 mos 12 days3112
JohnsonVirginia1873(09/23/)194673 yrs33Old
JohnsonWilliam S 08/01/187668 yrs 3 mos 26 days—lot owner: S (Saville?) W Johnson151Old
JohnstonCarrie A18571942 3715
JohnstonCora Bell [Woodyard]1869(11/04/)193262 yrs 11 mos 2 days259Old
JohnstonFrank1860(08/19/)194687 yrs—lived Onslow, IA512
JohnstonGeorge B 07/18/188017 yrs 6 mos 14 days—moved from the Johnsontown cem in 1894115
JohnstonJames K08/20/182501/17/186842 yrs 4 mos 27 days3815
JohnstonJeannie 11/2023 yrs 8 mos 19 days—wife of Thomas Benton Johnston3815
JohnstonLaura Hortense (11/10/1944)60 yrs—dau of Orlando & Carrie3715
JohnstonMary [Garside]07/18/182511/28/189772 yrs 5 mos 10 days3815
JohnstonMary I1865(11/11/)194277 yrs512
JohnstonOrlando Chester1858(08/13/)192770 yrs 3 mos 10 days—father died in Bellevue in 1867 at 43 yrs3715
JohnstonThomas Benton1869(08/06/)1927 259Old
JonesClyde R1923(06/04/)194118 yrs719
JonesGeorge W1882(03/15/)1928current lot owner: David A White719
JuilfsJ H10/1810/202 days—son of Wm & M Juilfs2115
KalouseAnn [Luke]1881(05/09/)193149 yrs 7 mos 29 days—wife of Joseph3116
KalouseClara04/14(07/07/1918)17 yrs 2 mos 21 days3116
KalouseEddie 11/21stillborn—son of Edward & Leila L3116
KalouseEmma09/28/187903/2668 yrs—wife of John18Old
KalouseLouie189712/00/1971 18Old
KarrMamie (04/21/1877)5 yrs 7 mos 13 days—dau of J S & E68Old
KeatingIda M [Keller]1848(09/09/)194889 yrs5312
KeenanFrances Ann12/01/184306/21lot owner: F L Keenan165Old
KegleyJ E 09/10/189972 yrs 9 mos 25 days3312
KegleyJames E02/21/187410/1560 yrs 7 mos 24 days3312
KegleySarah J 05/13/189561 yrs—wife of J E3312
KennedyMinnie Ann [Orr]1874(05/06/)192560 yrs 2 mos 1 day262
KettlesenCornelius 03/12/189531 yrs 3 mos 12 days307Old
KettlesenElmer F (01/25/1895)2 mos 5 days—son of C & A307Old
KettlesenIda Pearl1880(07/18/)195574 yrs141
KettlesenJohn C (08/26/1938)70 yrs141
KieslingAllen (06/14/1936)22 days288Old
KimballAbner03/20/181210/4/1908 96 yrs 6 mos 14 days. Born Lyme, NH. Son of Mr. and Mrs. (nee Betsy Colburn) Eliaphalet Kimball. Photo: Betty Culbertson6012
KimballAbner Merril12/25/184012/18 85 ys 11 mos 23 days. Born Chicopee, MA. Photo: Betty Culbertson6012
KimballJames Marshall  not buried here6012
KimballJohn Murray 03/0188yrs 7 mos 6 days—not buried here6012
KimballSarah D [Spinney] 12/18/1896 82 yrs 23 days—born November 23, 1814 in Portsmouth, N H. Wife of Abner. Photo: Betty Culbertson6012
KimballSarah J10/20/183801/10/1924Daughter of Abner & Sara Spinney Kimball. Sister of Abner Merrill Kimball. Photo: Betty Culbertson9Old
KimballZoe 09/08/18781 yr 10 mos 13 days—dau of Marshall & Rowena9Old
Kindberg (Kinberg?)A Fred 06/16/189047 yrs—born Sweden—owner: Frank Kimbaugh71Old
KirkpatrickClare10/29/189212/18/18922 mos 10 days—son of J W & M L813
KirkpatrickJohn W, MD10/09/186205/1340 yrs 7 mos 10 days813
KirkpatrickMabel [Loomis]09/10/187104/03 813
KnellerCharles1889(08/01/)194657 years—son of Oscar & Clara136Old
KnellerOscar C1855(06/06/)190852 yrs 5 mos 26 days—lot owner: Henry Simmons136Old
KnightAzor10/16/182112/10/188766 yrs—born Chester Co, PA123Old
KnightElizabeth (11/24/1902)74 yrs123Old
KnightOphelia A (04/08/1942)80 yrs 4 mos 21 days—Mrs W J123Old
KnightRobert (07/19/1874)27 yrs123Old
KnightWm J (04/08/1950)87 yrs123Old
KnutsenHans E1854(03/10/)193176 yrs 10 mos619
KnutsenMarguerite Wilhelmine1855(06/27/)194084 yrs619
PeckGuy   2412
KochBertha [Grimm]05/17/187202/1472 yrs 4 mos 25 days—wife of William—married 1902 parent of Henry & John363
KochEmil F (05/16/1891)1 yr 13 days—son of F & M70Old
KochFrederick Henry1863(03/21/)194480 yrs71Old
KochJessie [Guthrie]—1894n dwife of Louis503
KochLouis M1892194653 yrs503
KochMary F1854(10/26/)191056 yrs 7 mos 10 days—wife of Fred H71Old
KochOtto O 07/18/18942 mos 25 days—son of F & M70Old
KochWilliam08/08/186809/0580 yrs—married 1902—parent of Henry & John363
KochWillie (06/12/1889)3 mos 27 days—son of F & M70Old
KostalJerry Carl06/28/189801/3047 yrs343
Kostecek(Kostecka)Tomas12/21/183508/1265 yrs 8 mos 21 days210Old
Kosteckova(Kostecka)Rozalie05/01/183405/0477 yrs 3 days210Old
Kouba Emma19251969First wife of Joseph H.  
Kouba Infant19561956   
Kouba Joseph H31 May 191710 July 1999 296
KoubaJoseph V (Jack)1874(06/15/)194672 yrs296
KoubaMary1890(06/15/)1989Wife of Joseph V. Thanks to Sharon Brodersen Lindbloom for help with this entry.  
KramerGary L 12/1112 hours753
KressElizabeth Ellen (07/00/1876)8 months old8Old
Kress?Baby Girl (1870/1873)7 mos—lot owned by F Kress8Old
KroulikJohn (01/13/1917)76 yrs620
KrouseAnna M12/03/186005/01/1863 2 yrs 4 mos 28 days—moved from Johnstontown, dau. of George John & Margaret J Photo: Gene Steyne142
KrouseGeorge John12/02/183007/26/1882 51 yrs 7 mos 24 days Photo: Gene Steyne142
KrouseGeorge W02/22/186704/02/1870 3 yrs 1 mo—moved from Johnstontown, son of George John & Margaret J Photo: Gene Steyne142
KrouseHenry Christian1878(11/22/)191940 yrs 6 mos 19 days916
KrouseJane E [Wasson]12/07/184302/0259 yrs 1 mo 25 days—wife of John George341
KrouseJohn George1846(02/11/1920)Co B 14th IA Inf and Co K 9th IA Cav341
KrouseJohn Grant1870(07/14/)1943 73 yrs Photo: Gene Steyne331
KrouseLouise J [Greig]1873d Apr 12 1961 88 yrs, wife of William G. Photo: Gene Steyne331
KrouseMargaret Ardella [Williamson]1873(02/07/)1947 73 yrs, wife of John Grant Krouse Photo: Gene Steyne331
KrouseMargaret Jane [Overly]11/09/184002/03/1908 67 yrs 2 mos 24 days—died at Davenport, IA, wife of George John Photo: Gene Steyne142
KrouseMark 1900infant  
KrouseOrestes11/15/185804/13/1860 1 yr 4 mos 28 days—moved from Johnstontown, son of George John & Margaret J Photo: Gene Steyne142
KrouseWilliam G.1873(07/12/)1945 71 yrs Photo: Gene Steyne331
KruseFritz1865(01/31/)195085 yrs773
KruseJohn Henry1831(10/05/)192594 yrs 5 mos 13 days773
KruseMax (Marx?) 02/25/1899son of Peter & E228Old
KruseSophia [Detlefs]1836(12/13/)192285 yrs773

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