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Wyoming Burials L-R

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LageHenry, Sr05/08/184208/1570 yrs 3 mos 8 days2315
LageMargaret01/01/184002/0879 yrs 1 mo 7 days2315
LainHenry J (04/25/1907)63 yrsódied at county home169Old
LakerAndrew J05/04/185704/0347 yrs 10 mos 29 days271
LakerElizabeth [Muscheweck]1868(03/29/)192051 yrs 4 mos 28 days271
LakerJohn H10/02/188510/16/189611 yrs 11 days271
LaMarsDale L19001910 712
LameyAnna Elizabeth [Orr]1867(05/28/)194779 yrs5312
LameyCharley D1876189823 yrs 1 mo5412
LameyHelen A12/20/183506/0684 yrs 5 mo 16 days5412
LameyJean De La07/25/187405/11/189025 yrs 10 mos 16 daysómoved from Smithtown5312
LameyJohn Max1892(02/02/)194764 yrs 6 mos 14 days5412
LameyJohn W1865189731 yrs 11 mos 7 days5412
LameyMartha E01/06/1869(04/01/)189031 yrs 2 mos 7 daysómoved from Smithtown5312
LameyMichael1830189363 yrsómoved from Baldwin5412
LameyWilliam E1867(07/21/)193667 yrs5312
LaneWendy Kay (02/05/1956)2 hoursólot owner: Adra Lane806
Lane (Lain)John T 05/18/186772 yrs 9 mos 26 days169Old
Lane (Lain)Melissa 01/07/188281 yrsówife of J169Old
LangeFredrieke02/01/184612/10/189448 yrs 10 mos 15 days127Old
Lange  11/19infant dau of J & P Lange127Old
LansingEmma M1860(05/12/)193382 yrs273Old
LansingJudd 03/1778 yrs 11 mos 20 daysósailor in 1860 & 1865 A B near Ironsides, Vicksburg USN273Old
LarkeyChas B1870(07/31/)1925parent of Velma, Ruth &Charles486
LarsonMary J 01/13/188337 yrs188Old
LatareHarold Fred1920(06/28/)193615 yrsóson343
LaudermilchAlvina [Milner]1857(09/17/)194082 yrs271Old
LaudermilchGeorge L1848(03/25/)192476 yrs 1 mo 5 daysóborn Dauphin Co, PA271Old
LaudermilchJoseph 01/28/189271 yrs 3 mos 11 daysóCo F 101st Ohio Inf271Old
LaudermilchSarah (11/24/1895) 271Old
LaughlinJames Edward1886(06/15/)192439 yrs 4 mos451
Le MasterJames A 01/10/187583 yrs 1 dayóCo D 45 Ill Inf38Old
Le MasterMary A 12/16/189980 yrs38Old
Le MasterOrpha A1857(03/07/)194385 yrs38Old
Le MasterWm R (07/04/1928)46 yrs 3 mos 3 daysóburied Bartlett, IL?38Old
LeamonAlice E [Pelkey]1860(03/14/)193063 yrs 7 mos 2 daysówife of H R172
LeamonAlmira 04/26/187223 yrsódau of J & E145Old
LeamonClaire02/0911/149 mos172
LeamonClarence 06/12/188631 yrs 4 mos 12 daysóreference: Mrs Bertha Leamon Bengler189Old
LeamonEdwin R 04/18/187221 yrs145Old
LeamonHarry Clarence (Henry C)06/30/187911/1722 yrs 4 mos 17 days172
LeamonHorace R1859(08/25/)193778 yrs172
LeamonJohn S 03/17/187247 yrsómarried Eleanor Rees145Old
LeamonMargaret 05/24/18662 yrs 5 mos 8 daysódau of J & E145Old
LeamonUna Eleanor03/28/188906/16/18901 yr 2 mos 18 days172
LeschChristina05/07/186103/1778 yrsówife of Henry373
LeschHenry F12/14/185101/1184 yrs 27 days373
LevasseurAlbert1866(01/11/)194477 yrs204Old
LevsenAnna07/24/184603/2966 yrs 8 mos 5 days693
LevsenAugust J1883(09/06/)194360 yrs1611
LevsenEdlef H1880(10/07/)192646 yrs 2 mos 21 days473
LevsenEdlef H 03/11/188877 yrs381
LevsenElsabe [Jansen] 02/2884 yrsówife of Edlef H381
LevsenHans P10/11/184407/1677 yrs 9 mos 5 days693
LevsenLouise H [Rick]1871(04/12/)194372 yrsówife of Peter C381
LevsenMarjorie Jeanie B1904(03/25/)194338 yrs 6 mos 29 days391
LevsenPeter C1858(04/23/)1919 381
Levsen  1920infant of Paul & Sadah Levsen381
Lightfoot(Beverly) Isabelle [Overly]10/22/182106/07/187654 yrs 7 mos 15 days212Old
LightfootElizan (02/22/1862)2 yrs 4 mos 12 days212Old
LightfootHenry T 12/08/18847 mos 26 daysóson of T H & S E212Old
LightfootLayfette S (04/24/1922)64 yrs 7 mos 12 days212Old
LightfootMargaret E (05/25/1857)9 mos212Old
LightfootSusan E1852(03/19/)192673 yrsówife of Thomas H212Old
LightfootThomas H1851(01/23/)1926 212Old
LikeDavid (09/24/1900)72 yrs 10 mos 25 days72Old
LincolnMargaret M1885(07/19/)1948of Arthur Cóparent of Vivian, Erma & Duane216
LincolnVivian Gladys1913(09/27/)19149 mos 1 day216
LindseyNicholas Hutchinson 02/1181 yrs 4 mos 6 daysóCo E 126 Ill Inf31Old
LindseySara Jane [Miller] (03/20/1920)81 yrs 11 mos 8 daysówife of N H31Old
LittellAllie Edna 187810 mos65Old
LittellEmeline (07/08/1906)71 yrsódied Omaha, NE65Old
LittellHiram B (10/11/1909)75 yrsódied Roice, MTóCo A 9th Iowa Inf65Old
LittellLucretia Belle 18779 yrs65Old
LittellW A04/21/186106/03/18621 yr 1 mo 13 daysóson of J H R & S101Old
LittellWm V (01/25/1947)81 yrs65Old
LoomisA M, Capt04/30/183112/0478 yrs 8 mos 6 daysóCo K 24th Iowa Inf2Old
LoomisAlice A [Spitzer]1845(08/12/)192277 yrs 11 mos 8 daysówife of A M2Old
LoomisAllie1865(06/07/)18672 yrs 8 mos 13 daysóson of JB80Old
LoomisArthur L (or T)18771879son 2 yrs2Old
LoomisElla1852(09/17/)193482 yrs 3 mos 25 days80Old
LoomisFlora A18811881dau 0 yrs2Old
LoomisJane A1834186733 yrs (lst wife of A M)2Old
LoomisJohn Barton1810(08/21/)188777 yrs 6 mos 20 days80Old
LoomisJosephine18541866dau 12 yrs2Old
LoomisLillie E1867(03/22/)189528 yrs 4 mos 1 day80Old
LoomisRoxylana1816(03/26/)189579 yrs 8 mos 25 days80Old
LoomisWilliam Barton1863(11/12/)1942 80Old
LorenzenAlena03/02/189012/31/18922 yrs 9 mos 27 days15Old
LorenzenBrodina J04/12/185807/1787 yrsówife of Mathias15Old
LorenzenCarsten Peter1863(08/16/)194481 yrsólot owner: John Henry Lorenzen7714
LorenzenEmma C1869(07/25/)195081 yrs7714
LorenzenHulda09/2602/253 yrs 2 mos 29 daysódau of C & E2915
LorenzenLeona Z1901(12/15/)194545 yrsówife of Lorenz7714
LorenzenMathias L05/15/184312/3167 yrs 7 mos 16 days15Old
LorenzenTillie05/10/188606/17/189014 yrs 1mo 7 days15Old
LoudenAnna (Hannah) [Cockett]05/08/180902/12/188172 yrsósame stone as Mary Eliza and Charles3Old
LoudenCharles Edwin03/15/181301/31/1857born Manchester, England and buried North Bay, NY3Old
LoudenMary Eliza18451849buried North Bay, NY3Old
LoudenTheresa18421862buried North Bay, NY3Old
LowellOrson B18181863Co G 31st Reg IA Vol Infóburied at Cairo, IL27Old
LucksteadFreddie09/11/188609/26/188615 daysóson of F & M43Old
LucksteadFrederick1852(01/31/)194188 yrs43Old
LucksteadMildred1916(0500/)1990wife of Clarence163
LucksteadWilhelmine1852(05/18/)192068 yrs 1 mo 25 days43Old
Luckstead  01/31stillborn son of August M & Catherine [Johnson] Luckstead320
Luckstead  08/21stillborn dau of August M & Catherine [Johnson] Luckstead320
Luckstead  (02/28/1882)infant son of Fred Luckstead43Old
Luckstead  (10/20/1915)stillborn son of Geo F & Minnie1119
LuckstedtWilliam A1878(01/19/)194970 yrs373
LukeAugusta [Schmidt]1888(02/21/)193042 yrs 4 mos 29 daysówife of Joseph716
LukeFlorence 04/25/1981)   
LukeFrank1850(04/13/)191662 yrs 5 mos 26 days416
LukeJoseph1883(07/25/)194156 yrs716
LukeKathryn [Kouba]1860(04/08/)1927wife of Frank416
LunnFrank R 02/25/187929 yrs 7 mos 17 days191Old
LunnH S [Aldrich] 08/10/188165 yrs 5 mos 8 daysówife of Richard191Old
LunnJohnnie E 09/09/18701 mo 12 daysóson of M & M191Old
LunnMary E (04/28/1909)36 yrs191Old
LunnRichard08/06/181806/2675 yrs 10 mos 20 days191Old
LunnWilliam E 07/06/186918 yrs 1 moóson of R A & M S191Old
LymanLouisa  76 yrs109Old
MaderElizabeth M [Yost]1865(08/16/)192560 yrs 7 mos 14 days476
MaderJohn1860(01/26/)193776 yrs476
MadisonHelen J [Brainard]11/07/185201/1967 yrs 2 mos 10 daysów/o Frank Madison, d/o William Wallace and Alma Brainardóborn Motfield Twp, Medina Co, OH108Old
MadisonLaurence 02/29/18792 yrs 5 mos 13 days108Old
Mage(Mace)Clinton 05/03/186321 yrs 5 mos 7 days112Old
Mage(Mace)Emmat 12/21/18658 yrs 4 mos 18 daysógrandson of E & Bóson of E & E112Old
MallicoatAlice E [Overly]1885(05/10/)192641 yrs 2 mos 10 daysólot owner: Carl W Mallicoat4111
MallicoatAnna08/24/182710/2881 yrs 2 mos 4 daysówife of James371
MallicoatCharles Wilburn1865(04/01/)194074 yrs4111
MallicoatElla M07/11/186405/0569 yrs 9 mos 24 days481
MallicoatEva Calista1864(08/27/)194176 yrsówife of Charles4111
MallicoatJames07/22/182802/1978 yrs 6 mos 27 daysóborn Salem, IN371
MallicoatJames A12/11/185809/1141 yrs 9 mos481
MallicoatLevi (05/00/1935)owner: Henry McDonough28Old
MallicoatSorilla Jane11/08/186404/2384 yrsówife of Wm H251
MallicoatWm H11/25/185206/1051 yrs 6 mos 15 days251
ManningJane 10/16/188377 yrs 18 daysówife of J T68Old
ManningJohn T04/12/181112/31/189180 yrs 8 mos 29 days68Old
ManningSarah E08/31/180810/03/189283 yrs 1 mos 2 daysówife of John T68Old
ManuelElsie H [Ericksen]1879(01/10/)193959 yrsówife of Henry G1914
ManuelHelen [Searle]1905(08/15/)194944 yrs1914
ManzAnna1882(07/20/)192038 yrs97Old
MapleBenson 09/15/189111 mos 17 daysóson of Jas H & K T237Old
MapleGrace1856(11/05/)192771 yrs 1 mo 25 days237Old
MapleJames Henry1852(10/02/)192270 yrs 9 mos237Old
MapleKate V [Thomas]1860(02/02/)193372 yrs237Old
MapleLouis Thomas04/12/188703/1836 yrs 11 mos 6 daysóWWIóson of Kate237Old
MapleRebecca1830(01/21/)191080 yrs 22 days237Old
MapleThos Louis (11/10/)19495 days523
MarkhamGeorge Elijah (12/07/1901)52 yrs 6 mos 25 days232
MarkhamMadge (05/17/1903)2 yrs 10 mos 11 days232
MarkmanHenry190412/00/1989 56
MarshallHarriet E06/19/182901/1278 yrs 6 mos 13 days4012
MarshallKenneth189307/3022 yrs 8 mos 7 daysógravestone says Kenneth, only4012
MarshallLavern1926(12/14/)19263 mos 7 daysóson of Harold4012
MarshallThomas R01/26/183508/0965 yrs 6 mos 13 daysóCo A 121st OH Inf4012
Martens  (03/08/1912)stillborn son of Fred R Martens919
MartensenCatherine06/28/184506/0365 yrs 11 mos 5 days1515
MartensenClara1900(01/15/)19119 yrs1515
MartensenHilda08/0402/286 mos 24 daysódau of J C & E J1020
MartensenIda Elsie1876(08/10/1946)70 yrsówife of Cornelius1216
MartensenJohann (John M)08/17/184509/0359 yrs 16 days1515
MartensenJohn Christian01/04/188807/1548 yrs 6 mos 11 days1020
MartensenJohn H11/02/187701/1324 yrs 2 mos 11 days1415
Martensen  02/14stillborn son of Malvin and Vera [Westphal]219
MarxenCatherina S04/05/185009/1656 yrs 5 mos 13 daysówife of Fred262Old
MarxenFritz09/03/185004/1970 yrs 7 mos 17 days262Old
MarxenPeter1892(05/20/)191320 yrs1019
MatejkaAnna1876(03/21/)192751 yrs41Old
MatejkaDelia 09/02/188116 days41Old
MatejkaDora02/06/183702/04wife of Frank41Old
MatejkaElizabeth (Lizzie) [Shedick]1875(07/02/)192853 yrs696
MatejkaFrank1858(10/26/)193779 yrsówife of Julian696
MatejkaFrank, Sr01/01/182406/2076 yrs 10 mos 29 days41Old
MatejkaHenry1867(06/29/)191649 yrs 3 mos 21 days41Old
MaxsonElizabeth 08/04/189368 yrs 5 daysóstone saying Elizabeth, only4712
MaxsonElsworth (04/14/1939)5 days4712
MaxsonJerry Newell (04/14/1939)5 days4712
MaxsonThos A, Rev (10/21/1895)74 yrs4712
MaxwellLillian E [Shibley] 02/26/188426 yrs 5 mos 18 daysóonly dau of O & H Shibleyówife of John S, Jr207Old
McBurneyJohn10/15/182403/0679 yrs 3 mos 21 daysóborn Ireland298Old
McBurneyMartha J 11/07/189365 yrs 3 mos 11 daysówife of John298Old
McCalmantBessie Lucinda [Gee]1886(01/04/)191832 yrs 19 daysówife of Wm E816
McCalmantRobert E (07/11/1917)66 yrs 7 mos 13 daysófather of Wm E816
McCalmantRuth Bernice1900(04/24/)194645 yrsówife of Wm E816
McCalmantSarah Ann07/21/183012/0371 yrs 4 mos 2 daysóhusband: Samuel who died in army78Old
McCalmantVerna Marie (04/05/1943) 816
McCartyKeith19261987 DATA Photo: Janet A. Brandt  
McCartySamuel18761959 DATA Photo: Janet A. Brandt1814
McClagginJohn 03/02/186493 yrs242Old
McClureBenjiman W 05/02/187558 yrs 10 mos111Old
McClureJulia12/14/181204/19/189178 yrs 4 mos 5 days111Old
McClureLouis T 01/12/18642 mos 22 daysóson of H M & M111Old
McClureMaria 04/15/186942 yrs111Old
McClureSarah 07/03/189661 yrs 9 mos 10 days228Old
McClureSarah E 11/10/187386 yrsówife of Geo111Old
McClureWilliam02/03/181905/0387 yrs 2 monthsóborn Steuben Co, NY111Old
McConnellAlicia [Brush]1872194976 yrsówife of Rev Samuelólived Monmouth, IL512
McConnellRev Samuel1859(03/08/)194484 yrs 10 mos 9 days512
McCreadyEddie (06/23/1875)8 yrsóson of R W & Ellen211Old
McCreadyEllen [Gault]02/08/183907/22/189965 yrs 5 mos 14 daysówife of R W211Old
McCreadyR W12/14/183605/26/188950 yrs 5 mos 12 daysóborn Ohio211Old
McDanielCynthia Elizabeth [Lightfoot]05/19/184403/2175 yrs 10 mos 2 daysósame stone as Isabel Lightfoot212Old
McDonaldBarbara E1870(05/24/)190726 yrs 6 mos 22 days413
McDonaldCatherine1843(05/17/)191672 yrs 8 mos 10 days413
McDonaldDavid S1829(10/12/)191384 yrs 8 days413
McDonaldGeo David1872(11/11/)194875 yrs666
McDonaldJames1866(10/27/)194174 yrs686
McDonaldMary Ellen1864(04/03/)194681 yrs413
McDonoughJohn Charles03/04/1863 owner: Henry McDonough28Old
McDonoughMelvina Hepsibeth [Vossburg]10/06/1828(01/09/1896)68 yrs 3 mos 3 daysówife of Henry Albertóhe died CA28Old
McFarlandAnne E [Knight]11/06/184909/09/187424 yrs 10 mos 13 daysówife of W A130Old
McFarlandLibbie Belle05/28/187412/24/18746 mos 26 days130Old
McFarlandLida May06/05/187212/22/18742 yrs 6 mos 17 days130Old
McGrewSimon B10/22/181010/18/187463 yrs 11 mos 26 daysóowner: A G McGrew57Old
McGrewUree W 10/15/186552 yrs 4 mos 11 daysówife of S B57Old
McGuireBelle Viola [Brownell]1876(03/07/)191942 yrs 11 mos 4 days261
McKeanElizabeth [Maple]1854(03/00/)1935wife of R E239Old
McKeanRobert E1849(10/17/)193484 yrs239Old
McKinnonJessie [Aitken]ó1872194977 yrs316
McKinnonThomas11/12/185812/2750 yrs 1 mo 15 days316
McMillanDelbert Lester (09/08/1941)70 yrs222Old
McMillanDennis L06/14/183703/14/189961 yrs 9 mosóCo K 29th Wisc Cav/Co M 11th Ill Cav222Old
McMillanIda B [Leggett]1885(07/24/)193753 yrsówife of Rollo253Old
McMillanJ Loy191912/1826 yrs 8 mos 16 daysósame stone as Lydia and Claud376
McMillanLydia May1881(09/12/)194463 yrsówife of Claud376
McMillanOlive [Cramton]06/22/183801/0487 yrs 7 mos 13 daysówife of Dennis222Old
McMillanRollo S18781950 253Old
McQuownJames1869(05/14/)191647 yrs 17 daysólot owner: Lily McQuown620
MeierMarguerite [Field] (03/02/1944)45 yrs28Old
MillerCharlotte08/26/181911/01/189575 yrs 2 mosówife of John L31Old
MillerGeorge1871(10/09/)194675 yrs 1 mo 20 days4714
MillerJohn  babyólot owners: Albert & Arthur Wallace in 19602810
MillerJohn L12/21/1818(11/08/1895)76 yrs 10 mos 17 daysóno last name or date on stone31Old
MillerMary A1857(08/29/)1930wife of R R461
MillerNellie (03/24/1901)6 yrs 1 mo 23 days461
MillerNettie D1873(02/06/)195076 yrsówife of Geo4714
MillerRuby L1893(02/03/1955)61 yrsówife of Roy461
MillerRudolphus R12/00/184707/2274 yrs 7 mo 6 days461
MillsEmilina 10/28/1868wife of Henryó62 yrs 6 mos 6 days1Old
MillsJulia 10/06/1862dau of G E & A Mills 4yrs 5 mos 9 days (gravestone read as dau of C L)1Old
MillsLeslie A 11/06/1868son of G E & A Mills 2 yrs 5 mos 2 days(gravestone read as son of C L)1Old
MillsMargaret [Inglis]1857(07/03/)1932wife of Wm3911
MillsWilliam J1857(11/01/)192770 yrs 7 mos 18 days3911
MillsapWilliam D1869(03/27/)193262 yrs2811
MilnerCarrie I (01/14/1872)8 yrs 9 mos 28 daysódau of J W & J G92Old
MilnerCharlie (03/26/1867)3 mos 3 daysóson of H J & M A34Old
MilnerEtta C 02/14/187727 yrs 10 mos 8 daysówife of G W120Old
MilnerEva Catlin1859187517 yrsólot owner: James W Milner92Old
MilnerGeorge W 06/22/188642 yrs 1 mo 22 days120Old
MilnerJ G1842(10/01/)191169 yrs92Old
MilnerLucy 12/20/187868 yrs 5 mos 21 daysówife of William34Old
MilnerLucy Augusta1871(11/25/)193968 yrsówife of Burtis120Old
MilnerMartha J 06/21/186428 yrs 9 mos 25 daysówife of H J34Old
MilnerWilliam 10/08/187874 yrs 4 days34Old
Milner  (01/28/1901)inf son of B G & Lucy120Old
MoinsGeorgia [Gilbert]1886(03/22/)191024 yrs156Old
MooreEliza 03/20/189184 yearsówife of John185Old
MooreJohn 06/25/188685 yrs185Old
MorseDaniel Spencer1796 08/17/187377 yrs 8 mos93Old
MorseGrace E [Reade]10/17/188304/0920 yrs 5 mos 22 daysówife of Wm N122
MorseMaime [Tasker]1870(12/14/)194878 yrsówife of John W112
MorseMargaret Eliza1844(03/03/)192783 yrsówife of Mark H132
MorseMark Harrison1841(12/28/)1943102 yrsóCo H 31st IA Inf132
MorseW Donald01/1503/111 yr 2 mos 18 days112
MuhsWm J (03/08/1907)50 yrs 3 mos 1 dayódied Grt N (railroad?) Hotel, St Paul3512
MullettArnie 02/16/187422 yrs 10 mos 2? daysóowner: M J Mullett75Old
MullettFred (11/22/1890)19 yrs75Old
MuscheweckWalburga1828(01/12/)191283 yrs 25 days271
MyersEmery E1869(10/19/)192556 yrs 8 mos 28 days653
MyersGeorge W1872(06/13/)191946 yrs 7 mos 15 days653
MyersLeslie G1895(04/14/)191822 yrs 8 mos 25 daysódied at Deming, NM, Co C 136th Inf USóWWI653
MyersSarah C [Pike] Campbell12/12/182811/0272 yrs 10 mos 20 daysówife of Wm S Myers178Old
MyersSue1874(05/09/)195074 yrs653
MyersWilliam A (08/29/1950)74 yrs916
NelsonEthel May1902(06/30/)194542 yrs 10 mos 21 days412
NewellAnna06/09/181103/22/188271 yrsówife of Elisha140Old
NewellElisha02/13/180303/23/188274 yrs140Old
NewellMary E [Campbell]1854(04/06/)193065 yrs 11 mos 10 daysówife of S C192
NewellMilton Ornie (11/14/1864)17 yrs 8 mos 29 days140Old
NewellStephen C1844(06/11/)192378 yrs 7 mos 25 days192
Newell  (10/08/1883)2 weeksóson of Stephen C & Lizzie (Campbell) Newell140Old
NicholsBlack Billie  cook in Union Armyóreference: S G Franks gave his last name219Old
NicholsCora L [Brainard]185212/23/187321 yrs 3 mo 20 daysówife of J Cóowner: A H Persons55Old
NicholsGracie L1873(11/06/1873)3 mosóJ C & C L55Old
NicholsThos B05/16/183611/0173 yrs 5 mos 21 daysóUS Eng 61ó65 GAR132
NicklessAnnie06/11/185112/2575 yrsówife of Benjamin4011
NicklessBenjamin S05/01/185106/2281 yrsóWWI4011
NilesBurritt(Bert) H1879(12/28/)191435 yrs 3 mos 25 days401
NilesElden C1885(10/04/)190217 yrsólot previously owned by John H Pope of Cedar Rapids, IA401
NilesMary [Moseley]08/30/180708/31/188578 yrs 1 day122Old
NilesWillard S10/21/180301/08/188576 yrs 2 mos 17 days122Old
NilesWillard S, Jr184010/2296 yrsólot owner: Harold B Niles of Westchester, NY401
NissenMatthias08/11/183904/1870 yrs 8 mos 7 days2615
NortonAbigail 10/27/187878 yrs 3 mos 6 daysówife of Robert45Old
NortonAlfred M 09/16/186322 yrs 1 mo 27 daysódied Davenport, IAóCo A 9th IA Inf89Old
NortonAlton P1852(07/25/)192673 yrs 5 mos 14 days263Old
NortonCora May [Watson]1854(08/03/)1921 263Old
NortonFrancis P 04/03/186318 yrs 11 mos 27 daysódied Cassville, MoóCo A 9th IA Inf89Old
NortonGeorge Robert1870(12/31/)194474 yrs514
NortonJessie03/11/187710/20/189719 yrs 10 mos 9 days45Old
NortonLeonidas 06/1587 yrs89Old
NortonMoses1780 04/13/187090 yrs89Old
NortonNancy 06/15/1889wife of Philo89Old
NortonPercy1878 01/20/185981 yrs89Old
NortonPhilo 10/31/187056 yrs 1 mo 24 days89Old
NortonRobert A10/29/183808/2971 yrs 11 mosóborn Medina Co, OH45Old
NortonSarah J [Manning]06/15/184112/1280 yrs 5 mos 27 daysówife of Robert A45Old
NowacheckMary Ann (05/15/1892)12 yrs 1 mo 15 daysódau of M & A250Old
NowacheckMike, Sr (03/20/1898) 250Old
NowacheckMrs Mike [Pepka] (04/27/1916)75 yrsóone of Mike]s wives was Anna Yonda250Old
NowacheckMrs Mike, Sr (02/02/1902)one of Mike's wives was Anna Yonda250Old
NoyesLyddy (Lida Jane) [Heil]1879(08/14/)192040 yrs 7 mos ?days4212
NoyesMartha J1847(12/10/)1925wife of N B4212
NoyesNaaman B1835(11/05/)191580 yrsóCo F 29th Ohio Inf4212
NoyesWalter T1873189825 yrsóSpanish American WaróCo H 16th ND Inf4212
NyeMary [Lewis] (11/26/1877)92 yrs 6 mos82Old
O BrienObert Duane1921(01/29/)19247 yrs3416
OelbeckCarl (08/21/1915)lot owner: Mrs Fred Schmidt620
OesterleIda May (12/23/1948)Burial fee paid by Dan James261Old
OlsenElsie [Anderson]1828(06/23/)192495 yrs 10 mos 12 days19Old
OlsenOllie T (07/11/1922)72 yrs 6 mos 15 days19Old
OrganLester C 06/10/18781 yr 5 mos 9 daysóson of Z & L (moved from Paul Cem)128Old
OrrJessie S1883(04/11/)193349 yrs67Old
OrrJohn04/13/182705/04/189063 yrs 21 daysóCivil War281
OrrJoseph E03/08/186103/0857 yrs 1 dayóborn Massówife: Elizabeth Hanson281
OrrMary Elizabeth1926(03/18/)19347 yrs 11 mos1712
OrrSarah E06/09/183406/0871 yrs 1 mo281
OrrSarah J06/02/185911/19/188122 yrs 5 mos 17 days281
OswaldLily [Paul] Garside1868(04/18/)194172 yrs3315
OverholtIra M (07/14/1880)22 yrs 1 mo 15 daysóson of J & S216Old
OverholtJonas10/02/182803/09/188960 yrs 5 mos 7 daysóborn OH216Old
OverholtMinerva [Ralston] 01/12/189256 yrsówife of Jonas216Old
OverholtPhurby [Mitchell]10/23/186307/2249 yrs 8 mo 29 daysówife of Eli S1212
OverholtSarah [Means]11/02/183001/26/186433 yrs 2 mos 26 daysówife of Jonas216Old
OverleyChas C1856(07/14/)193377 yrs 1 mo 10 daysólot owner: John R142Old
OverleyJoanna [Livingston]1857(12/24/)193478 yrs 9 mos 8 daysówife of Charles142Old
OverlyRoy Price1886(05/12/)194861 yrs706
PalmerRev Phillip1870(05/29/)193967 yrs2014
PangburnJane C [Caldwell]12/08/182901/2677 yrs 1 mo 18 daysówife of Elijah and sister of Mary Brush2012
PankowFrederick August1870(03/10/)195079 yrs220
PankowMable Matilda Fredricka08/17/191501/235 mos 6 daysódau of August & Carolina220
PankowOrpha Fredricka04/2805/2224 daysódau of August and Carolina220
ParksJacob F02/12/182312/0582 yrs 10 mos 3 daysóCo K 24 th IA Inf152
ParksMary Catherine1858192264 yrs 1 mo 7 daysówife of W O152
ParksWm Orren1851(07/14/)193179 yrs 11 mos 10 daysólot owner: Kittie Heasty Felker (adopted by W O & M Parks)152
ParsonsAlbert1857(05/18/)187012 yrs 11 mos 2 daysómoved from Madison Center Cem415
ParsonsAustin Franklin (12/04/1940)70 yrs92
ParsonsCharles P1832(10/15/)188553 yrs 5 daysómoved from Madison Center CemóCivil War415
ParsonsEdna L (05/30/1927)13 yrs92
ParsonsGladys May05/0906/0526 daysódau of A F & S M92
ParsonsJoseph Dayle08/2406/242 yrs 10 mosóson of A F & S M92
ParsonsMary A1830(01/16/)191383 yrs415
ParsonsMelva F (05/26/1927)10 mos 28 days92
ParsonsMerle (05/25/1927)3 yrs92
ParsonsSadie (Macy S Barber) (05/16/1939)58 yrs92
ParsonsWilliam1855(04/22/)187317 yrs 5 mos 24 daysómoved from Madison Center Cem415
Parsons  (04/17/1918)stillborn92
PattersonIrene 04/05/187411 weeksódau of T E & E C110Old
PaulAmelia H [Johnston] 09/0563 yrs 5 mos 22 daysówife of Henry L815
PaulAnna [Clark]1856(12/11/)191468 yrs 5 mo 18 daysówife of Lawrence H202Old
PaulBenjamin George 05/24/188624 yrs 4 mos 17 days238Old
PaulCaroline [Gardner] Howard1839(11/24/)191980 yrs 5 mos 18 daysówife of Joseph A114
PaulDela (10/21/1880)1 mo 5 daysóson of J M & M J153Old
PaulFrances H1827(01/30/)190982 yrsówife of Wm3712
PaulGenera [Cooley]07/15/185412/1964 yrs 5 mos 4 daysówife of Sam241
PaulHenry12/16/179301/20/187177 yrs 1 mo 4 daysóWar of 1812óborn in PA3712
PaulHenry F1843(08/12/)193290 yrsóCo K 24th Iowa3415
PaulHenry L10/31/182702/1777 yrs 3 mos 17 daysóborn Columbiana Co, OH815
PaulIda Leota (10/31/1874)6 yrs 9 mos 19 daysólot owner: Joseph Paul(sold by Louisa Paul)239Old
PaulIda Marie1892(01/11/)193138 yrs 8 mos 2 days241
PaulJohn1818(03/27/)191091 yrs 4 mos238Old
PaulJoseph Alexander08/04/182512/0782 yrs 4 mos 3 daysóborn Salemville, OHóhis father: Heweyt and mother: Sarah Hunter114
PaulLawrance H1858(03/29/)193375 yrs202Old
PaulMargaret1817(03/02/)190183 yrs 9 mos 12 daysólot owner: Lizzie Paul238Old
PaulMary "Mate" [Abrams]1866(11/08/)194377 yrsówife of Norman Jóparent of Voyle, Eva & Mary815
PaulMary Elizabeth [McBurney]1850192675 yrsówife of William C298Old
PaulMary J 06/25/188533 yrs 11 mos 6 daysówife of Dr James Paul153Old
PaulNancy [Reade]1843(01/27/)192273 yrs 5 mos 27 days3415
PaulNorman J1863(07/25/)194582 yrsóparent of Voyle, Eva & Mary815
PaulRay10/27/187902/10/18833 yrs 3 mos 13 daysómoved from Paul Cem241
PaulSam A01/27/185309/1751 yrs 7 mos 22 days241
PaulWilliam1823(06/01/)190985 yrs 8 mos 26 days3712
PaulWilliam C184802/22 298Old
PaulsenKathrina1879(04/09/)194666 yrsówife of Christian606
PaulsenMary (Marie Dorothea)1864(01/30/)1940wife of Paul414
PaulsenPaul1865(06/02/)194983 yrs414
PaulsenShirley Gene05/1808/102 mos 22 days414
PaveyElla W (Priscilla Ellen) [Worell]07/28/184212/0958 yrs 4 mos 11 daysówife of William3915
PaveyWilliam J07/13/183711/1686 yrsóborn Morgan Co, OH3915
PealerDavid S06/17/183004/1373 yrs 9 mos 25 daysóCo E 20th Ind Vol196Old
PealerEdward S1867(07/03/)194375 yrs300Old
PealerIda May1865(06/05/)194479 yrsówife of Edward300Old
PealerJanice1908(05/03/)191810 yrs 24 daysólot owner: Frank L Pealer191
PealerJohn C01/06/187806/1031 yrs 5 mos 4 days196Old
PealerLavina [Frank]1852(12/25/)193179 yrs 8 mos 28 days196Old
PealerPaul Richardson1910(01/08/)193423 yrs 5 mos 16 days191
PeckAlma M04/12/183307/1977 yrs 3 mos 7 days1412
PeckAnna [Laker]1888(11/17/)193951 yrs271
PeckArthur W1870(10/31/)194372 yrs 10 mos 28 days124Old
PeckCharlie K (09/14/1867)6 mos 12 daysómoved from Lowe Little Grove129Old
PeckEldora May (01/19/1919)2 mos 29 days1412
PeckElnora [James]1860(05/17/)191757 yrs 3 mos 10 days2412
PeckHoward03/15/189209/13/18975 yrs 5 mos 18 daysóson of O H & E2412
PeckLillie B [Brownell]1883194461 yrs292Old
PeckMilo D (09/19/1864)5 yrs 28 daysómoved from Lowe Little Grove129Old
PeckOakland H1858(10/22/)1932 2412
PeckRachel [Luke] 02/0691 yrs 9 mos 14 daysówife of Wm H129Old
PeckWilliam H 03/28/189668 yrs 2 mos 3 daysóCo F 31st IA Vol Inf129Old
PeckZylpha G 06/24/188018 yrs 11 mos 22 days129Old
Peck  (04/04/1901)stillborn son of O H & E2412
Peck  (09/06/1916)stillborn baby of Lee & Mabel1412
PelkeyHattie [Smith]1859(06/10/)192666 yrs 10 mos 18 days49Old
GrindrodLouise 38 yrs   
PelkeyIsrael (12/23/1911)76 yrs 5 mos 19 daysóCo H 8th Mich Cav37Old
PelkeyLoraine (Betsy?)12/28/1838(09/18/1918)79 yrs 8 mos 18 days37Old
PelkeyWilliam H1859(01/10/)190647 yrs49Old
PenceAllen W01/17/181209/14/189078 yrs 7 mos 27 days95Old
PenceAlmira E 08/22/1837age 9696Old
PenceAlvira A 06/27/185621 yrs 9 mos 1 day95Old
PenceChristena 08/17/187158 yrs 9 mos 6 daysówife of Allen W95Old
PenceElizabeth [Watson]1852(12/15/)191462 yrs100Old
PenceFrank Allen1873(01/05/)192653 yrsóson of Napoleon & Elizabeth100Old
PenceMaida   96Old
PenceMariah A 06/27/184410 mosólot owner: William Pence96Old
PenceMarshall N 01/12/18546 hoursóson of A W & C96Old
PenceMary A1855(04/04/)193074 yrsówife of Wm95Old
PenceMaude   96Old
PenceNapoleon B1849(11/26/)1926 100Old
PenceRobert J 06/07/185418 yrs 1 mo 21 daysóson of A W & C95Old
PenceWilliam T1845(02/19/)192377 yrs95Old
PerrineIda [Franks]1875(03/18/)194669 yrs235Old
PerryCatherine 06/2684 ys 1 mo 9 days172Old
PerryRufus 11/04/189885 yrs172Old
PersonsAlvin H 12/23/189187 yrs 5 mos 27 days30Old
PersonsLousia P 06/27/187425 yrs 4 mos 27 days30Old
PersonsPhelina L 12/25/189180 yrs 2 mos 13 daysówife of Alvin H30Old
PetersGeorge H03/14/189411/25/18948 mos 11 daysóson of D F & M M282Old
PetersenHenry Julus1864(10/21/)193268 yrs 2 mos 2 days2116
PetersenHerman Wm1873(11/08/)1928 223Old
PetersenJohn A07/21/188401/02 7514
PetersenMrs (11/23/1904)70 yrsópossibly Marie [Momsen] Petersen, wife of Hinrich223Old
PetersenPeggy Joan1933(09/00/)19341 yr 6 mo720
Petersen  (01/25/1948)premature son of John H & Darlene2316
PhelpsDavid H07/07/184809/2552 yrs 3 mos 18 days133Old
PhelpsDavid Justis (05/03/1965)83 yrs133Old
PhelpsLouie E11/17/189003/30/18932 yrs 4 mos 13 days133Old
PhelpsMary Louise [Fairchilds] (05/13/1933)87 yrs 5 mos 7 days133Old
PhelpsMaude L04/12/188105/10/188128 days133Old
PhilipsAlfred N03/13/186311/04/189734 yrs 7 mos 26 daysóborn WI231Old
PhilipsWallace F 07/25/188714 yrs 7 mos 17 days231Old
PhillipsAddie M [Ashcroft] 01/15/189220 yrs 11 mos 16 daysódau of ? A & L Móborn ILówife of Albert N231Old
PhillipsWilliam T 07/00/1893Co B 22nd Wisc Vol Inf231Old
PhillyplaceMargaret [Barton] Tabor Lewis (07/28/1904) 187Old
PixleyAnna [Hooker]01/2912/13/189734 yrs 10 mos 14 daysósame stone as Charles513
PixleyAugusta [Hooker]1837(09/00/)1924wife of John K513
PixleyCharles Horace02/25/187112/20/188110 yrs 9 mos 35 daysósame stone as Anna513
PixleyJohn K02/2804/1880 yrs 1 mo 21 daysóborn Piermont, NH513
PlatnerGeorge G1864(02/15/)192560 yrs 9 mos 11 daysólot owners: Inez I [Platner] Moles + Robert Platner242
PlatnerLena (Eliza Rolina) [White]18661899wife of Georgeómoved from Scotch Grove Cem242
PlatnerMary L1889(12/21/)194657 yrsówife of George536
PorterMary Ann 06/23/185716 yrs 6 mos 19 days30Old
PotterAlbert L09/19/183209/2481 yrs 10 daysóborn Oneida Co, NY and died Philip, SD74Old
PotterElbert L 12/3129 yrs 18 mos 18 days74Old
PotterEliza [Hall] (03/01/1925)78 yrs 3 mos 15 daysówife of Albert L74Old
PotterFrancis E (07/27/1900)24 yrs 4 mos 27 daysódau74Old
PotterHerbert D07/07/187006/08/189423 yrs 11 mosóson74Old
PrattLevi H 02/12/187318 years 2 mos 27 daysóowner: A H Pratt53Old
PrattLucretia H 08/0289 yrs 2 mos 24 days53Old
PrattW W 01/17/188373 yrs 1 mo 20 days53Old
PrestonAltha Bernice1909(06/07/)19112 yrsódau of George & Jessie52Old
ProuditJane (09/22/1881)65 yrsówife of Dólot owner: T A Proudfit240Old
PrusiaVavern A01/00/196404/00/1964son of Judy & Benj7414
PulsHans C02/08(05/08/1905)3 yrs 3 mos3115
RadloffAugust03/03/184908/3067 yrs 5 mos 27 days120
RadloffCarolina07/10/184203/16wife of August120
RadloffJohn Daniel1878(03/15/)195071 yrs1611
RathjeHenrietta09/30/187404/2842 yrs 6 mos 28 days1515
RathjeJohn J12/15/189511/0322 yrs 10 mo 13 daysóCo B 214 Engr WWI1515
RathjeJurgen1870(03/24/)194372 yrs1515
RavenscroftSarah E (Lizzie) [Phelps]1877(05/08/)1932burial fee paid by Evelyn Ravenscroft3416
ReadeClarence Austin1886(09/02/)195165 yrs706
ReedCharles W07/13/185407/1046 yrsóWWII3812
ReedRuth Maxine (08/24/1915)1 yr 1 mo 3 days3812
ReeseElsa1891(12/22/)194856 yrs2316
RehmkeAnna1867(11/20/)1927 1220
RehmkeHans1868(10/29/)192255 yrs1220
ReimersJohn H07/05/188011/1122 yrs 5 mos 6 days7514
ReitzBessie Irene1866(11/18/)192258 yrs520
ReitzEmma 05/23/188117 yrs 1 mo 19 days40Old
ReitzKate R 02/15/189155 yrs 3 mos40Old
ReitzLouisa 02/20/188113 yrs 8 mos 10 days40Old
ReitzMinnie E 04/16/189218 yrs 11 mos 23 daysódau of Philip & Kate40Old
ReitzPhilip A1870(12/08/)192050 yrs520
ReitzPhilip J, Sr 05/11/188961 yrs 4 mos 11 days40Old
ReitzWilliam 01/26/188323 yrs40Old
ReuhsGottlich 05/13/188565 yrs 7 mosófather of Sophia Westfall13Old
ReuhsSophia 05/27/189471 yrs 7 mos 7 daysómother of Sophia Westfall13Old
ReussCharles1875(10/15/)192348 yrs42
ReussFrederick1845(04/01/)192883 yrs 10 days42
ReussSophia1845(03/26/)1928 42
RhodesAmy V [Ball] 08/11/189545 yrsódau of Daniel & Elizabeth226Old
RhodesCora E186618693 yrs198Old
RhodesElla C1877188710 yrs198Old
RhodesJohn D04/19/183206/1276 yrs 2 daysóborn Licking Co, OH198Old
RhodesJohn Wesley1869(05/05/)193162 yrs 3 mos 29 days235Old
RhodesMary C1860187919 yrs198Old
RhodesSusanah [James]1841(07/14/)191674 yrs 7 mos 2 daysówife of John D198Old
Rhodes 03/28/186802/13/18712 yrs 10 mos 15 daysóson of W P & A V226Old
Rhodes 03/19/189703/21/18973 daysóson of Frank M & M M912
RichardsEmma Alvira [Hartman] (10/16/1886)33 yrs 1 mo 24 daysówife of J F82Old
RichardsFlorence [James]1875(02/15/)194368 yrs 0 mos 7 daysódau of Lewis & Josephine29Old
RichardsFreddie A 08/21/187211 mosóson of L J & J H29Old
RichardsJames Brown02/11/182008/2984 yrs 6 mos 18 daysódied in Missourióborn Charlotte, VT82Old
RichardsJosephine [Humprey]1849(06/15/)192777 yrs 10 mos 2 daysówife of Lewis29Old
RichardsLewis James12/13/184412/1071 yrs 11 mos 27 daysóborn Medina Co, OH29Old
RichardsLuther Ansel 06/12stillborn79Old
RichardsLydia [Nye]1825(02/22/)190781 yrs 9 mos 23 daysódied Norwich, KSówife of James82Old
RichardsMelvin James, DR1869(03/10/)194577 yrs79Old
RichardsNora (10/08/1878)2 years 11 mos 3 days82Old
RichardsJosephine [Humprey]1849(06/15/)192777 yrs 10 mos 2 daysówife of Lewis29Old
RichardsLewis James12/13/184412/1071 yrs 11 mos 27 daysóborn Medina Co, OH29Old
RichardsonAlmira Ida [Iler]1845(12/26/)1928wife of J L291Old
RichardsonCharles S 08/29/18731 yr 9 mosóson of J L & E R291Old
RichardsonEllen 11/23/188133 yrsówife of J L291Old
RichardsonJohn L10/03/183801/16/191162 yrs 11 mos 15 daysóCo E 26th Ohio Inf. Thanks to Steve Hanken for help with this entry.291Old
RichardsonMary J 10/09/18784 yrs 9 mos 9 daysódau of J L & E291Old
RichardsonNettie F 10/20/18781 yr 1 moódau of J L & E R291Old
RichardsonThomas Green1872(11/20/)1930 22
Richardson  (02/15/1904)baby of Mr & Mrs Will Richardson17Old
RichesAnna1845(01/12/)192580 yrs 10 mos 4 days7Old
RichesCharles Frank1911(12/02/)194331 yrs2415
RichesFrank1873(04/06/)193966 yrs2415
RichesWillie1903(06/24/)193229 yrs 5 mos 2 days2415
Riches  1878infant son of Mrs Anna Richesó6 wks old7Old
Riches  (09/27/1913)7 daysóson of Frank Riches2415
Riches  ndinfant son of Mrs Anna Riches7Old
RiekenKathrine Eunice1894(05/07/)1941wife of John M434
RippertonSquire James1911(04/17/)194028 yrs596
RisingHenry S12/11/183005/1977 yrs 5 mos 8 daysóborn Massódied Spokane, WA63Old
RisingJohn Edward 09/09/18736 mos 28 daysóson63Old
RisingMary Olive (10/25/1870)2 yrs 11 mos 28 daysódau63Old
RisingRachel L [James]10/27/183403/04/188853 yrs 4 mos 5 daysówife of H S Rising63Old
RisingViolet (05/27/1874)13 days63Old
RobertsonJames S1857(02/05/)192567 yrs 5 mos 9 days242
RohwedderAlbert Geo1885(03/13/)195064 yrs413
RohwedderErnest F1880(11/26/)194565 yrs413
RohwedderFredericka E [Sieveke]08/08/187604/0136 yrs 7 mos 23 daysówife of Harro C673
RohwedderFrederickita [Guebel]12/22/184904/1890 yrs673
RohwedderHarro Christian1875(02/12/)1923 683
RohwedderHilbert F03/2905/078 daysóson of H & F673
RohwedderJohn H10/02/184510/3070 yrs 28 days673
RorahAmos01/09/182505/3089 yrs 4 mos 21 daysóborn Hagerstown, MDóson of Jacob & Margaret (died at Anamosa)519
RorahNancy E [Martin]01/03/183503/0971 yrs 8 mos 6 daysówife of Amos (she died at Olin, IA)519
RussellDavid Wm1855(07/17/)192570 yrs4812
RussellElizabeth (Lizzie) [Paul]1857(08/22/)193376 yrs 6 mos 1 day4812
RussellEvelyn M [Chapman]1858(03/24/)191458 yrs4812
RussellHoyt Chapman1884(04/24/)191834 yrsóson of J F & M R5712
RussellJohn F, Jr1852(06/10/)191259 yrs 9 mos 29 days4812
RussellJohn LeRoy (Roy)1877(02/27/)190123 yrs 9 mos 11 daysóson of R W & J Rólot owner: David A Russell5712
RussellJohn, Sr1821(10/10/)190884 yrs 2 daysóCo C 14th IA Inf4812
RussellJulia [Shunk]1853(01/05/)192369 yrsówife of Rob5712
RussellMargaret [Feehan]1829(01/27/)191181 yrs 11 mos 2 daysówife of John, Srólot owner: David A Russell4812
RussellRobert Alexander1883(02/12/)194359 yrs 11 mos 3 days241
RussellRobert William1850(01/19/)192877 yrs 1 mo 15 days5712
RybinFrances [Holub]05/08/185709/1947 yrs 4 mos 11 days4312
RybinGeorge A07/10/185206/1474 yrs 10 mos 22 daysódied Richey, Montana4312

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