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Death Register 1

Transcribed by Mary Kay Kuhfittig.
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2822425 Aug 1884SacoraAbbieF1y, 5m, 12d 23 Aug 1884  Oxford Oxford twp.convulsions 10 hoursOxford Junction24 Aug 1884Geo R MooreOxford JunctionSacora 
977831 Nov 1893SampicaHenryM32 yearsquarryman13 Sep 1893single New York20 yearsStone Citytyphoid pneumonia 2 weeksHoly Cross16 Sep 1883HW SigworthAnamosaSampica 
8026722 Sep 1890SampicaMikeM34 yearslaborer2 Aug 1890marriedFrenchNew York Cass twp.consumption 2 yearsAnamosa3 Aug 1890TL HazardAnamosaSampica 
9137719 Sep 1892SampicaMike, Mrs.F22 years 2 May 1892married New York15 yearsAnamosaconsumption 2 yearsHoly Cross4 May 1892HW Sigworth Sampica 
8567222 Sep 1891SampicaWmM33 yearslaborer15 May 1891marriedFrenchNew York Cass twp.consumption 2 yearsAnamosa15 May 1891TL HazardAnamosaSampica 
3262816 Mar 1885Sampica F9 months 5 Feb 1885  Cass twp. Cass twp.pneumonia 9 daysAnamosa6 Feb 1885HW Sigworth Sampica 
527442 Apr 1887Sampica F6 months 18 Mar 1887
 AmericanStone City Stone Citybronchitis 2 weeksHoly Cross cem.19 Mar 1887HW SigworthAnamosaSampica 
528442 Apr 1887Sampica's childJoeF2 years 30 Mar 1887
 AmericanCass Twp. Cass twp.bronchitis 2 weeksHoly Cross cem.1 Apr 1887HP SigworthAnamosaSampica's child 
10769126 Sep 1895SandkerAnnaF28 yearshousewife24 Oct 1894
10 am
  Germany Scotch Grovepost partumretained placentaabout 2 hoursWayne no physician Sandker 
399348 Dec 1885SanfordCatherine EF44y, 10m, 26dhousekeeper2 Dec 1885widowedAmericanButler co., Ohio33 yearsAmberchronic inflammation of stomach & bowelstoo numerous to mention3ys--9mosAmber cem.4 Dec 1885TB KentAmberSanford 
3553020 Aug 1885SanfordGilbert HavenM1y, 4m 18 Aug 1885  Bohemia Oxford Millsconsumptionteething60 daysOxford20 Aug 1885WH BattinOxford MillsSanford 
866731 Oct 1891SaundersEbenezerM1y, 1m, 25d 8 Aug 1891  Wyoming Wyomingenteritis 1 weekWyoming9 Aug 1891JW KirkpatrickWyomingSaunders 
7616410 Feb 1890SchafferMaryF54 years 16 Jan 1890married Pennsylvania Fairview twpchronic affection stomach & bowels several monthsForest chapel Ira BatesMorleySchaffer 
1591427 Jan 1883SchieberKatherineF36 y, 11m, 21d 31 May 1883
7 1/2pm
marriedGermanLuxemberg9 yearsRichland twp.puerperal fever 18 daysCascade2 Jun 1883CB SweeneyCascadeSchieber 
5584724 Sep 1887SchipmanMaryF32y, 3m, 19d  marriedGermanGermany10 yearsMonticelloovarian tumornone1 yearSheboygn Falls IH PhillipsMonticelloSchipman 
417359 Apr 1886Schlader M1 month 22 Mar 1886 AmericanOxford Junction Oxford Junctionpneumonia 8 daysOxford Junction23 Mar 1886FT Van AmburgOxford JunctionSchlader 
1129961 Oct 1896SchleinerChas.M55 yearsnone8 Feb 1896    Poor Farmgeneral paresis years  TA GustafsonCenter JunctionSchleiner 
870741 Oct 1891Schmidt38565M6y, 10mschool boy6 Sep 1891singleGermanIowa6 yearsWyomingdiptheria 5 daysillegible (Wyoming?)6 Sep 1891JW KirkpatrickWyomingSchmidt 
4423731 Dec 1885SchmitzPaul LM51y, 4m, 1dharness maker26 Dec 1885marriedPrussian 39 yearsOnslowshot himself with a gun (& he died)  Clinton ZG Isbell, coronerCenter JunctionSchmitz 
9428023 Mar 1893SchneiderHermanM1y, 20d 12 Mar 1893  Monticello Monticellopneumonia 18 daysMonticello14 Mar 1893Dr KunzMonticelloSchneider 
10458920 Mar 1895SchultzFrederikaF65y, 4m, 9dhousewife10 Mar 1893
widowedGermanGermany35 yearsOxford Junctionpneumonianone5 daysDeWitt12 Mar 1895Geo R Moore Schultz 
628532 Jun 1888SchwabAdelaideF26y, 5m, 26dhousewife26 May 1886
married Peterboro, Canada9 yearsOxford Junctionconsumption 6 monthsOxford Junction27 May 1888G R MooreOxford JunctionSchwab 
60514 Jun 1881SchwabMargarret MF20y, 10m, 22dfarmer's wife5 Mar 1881
11 1/2pm
 GermanIowa Oxford townshiptuberculosis 1 yearOxford Junction7 Mar 1881AG McGrewWyomingSchwab 
8437129 Jul 1891SchwabMaryF110 yearsdomestic27 Jul 1891widowed Bohemia20 yearsPoor Housegeneral debility &cdropsy of abdomen3 monthsPoor House cem.28 Jul 1891TB KentAmberSchwab 
3132 Jan 1881Schwapp(infant)boy18 days 11 Jan 1881
  Oxford Junctionfrom birthOxford Junctionpneumonia (infantile) 3 daysOxford Junction13 Jun 1888Geo R MooreOxford JunctionSchwapp 
3132714 Feb 1885ScottHoward MM22 yearsschool teacher12 Feb 1885single Jones co Castle Grovetuberculosis of lungscaries of spine & psoas abscess6 weeksCastle Grove twp15 Feb 1885JMD JoslinAnamosaScott 
503421 Jan 1887ScottJerome BM56y, 9mfarmer17 Nov 1886marriedAmericanIndiana  diseased condition of valves of heart 20 yearsCastle Grove HW SigworthAnamosaScott 
405342 Feb 1886ScrivensClarindaF69y, 3mfarmer1 Jan 1886widowedAmericanNew York state near Viroquadisease of heartcongestion of lungs & kidneys &c1 yearHighland Grove3 Jan 1886Ira Batesnear ViroquaScrivens 
6475410 Aug 1888ScroggsAllenM84y, 9mmillwright9 Jun 1888marriedAmericanHarrison co., Ohio40 yearsAnamosaold age  Riverside11 Jun 1888EW GawleyAnamosaScroggs 
2128 Jan 1881SeallsMaryF72y, 3m, 5dnone6 Dec 1880
widowed Pickaway co., OH Jackson twpparalysis 4 daysSlife's cem7 Dec at 1pmWm H PotterOlinSealls 
2542213 May 1884SecorraEddieM2y, 6m 15 Apr 1884
 BohemianOxford Junction Oxford Junctionbronchitisspasm & coma14 daysOxford twp.17 Apr 1884AT HenakOxford JunctionSecorra 
1321 Sep 1880SeegerWm & H, child ofF2 1/2 hours 1 Sep 1880
single  2 1/2 hoursViroquaillegible  Viroqua1 Sep 1880Ira BatesHighland GroveSeeger 
979831 Nov 1893SegarEstelleF38 yearsdomestic18 Aug 1893
marriedAmericanIowa Anamosaconfinement 2 daysAnamosa20 Aug 1893HW SigworthAnamosaSegar 
397344 Dec 1885SeibersElsieF1y, 7m   AmericanSabula MonticelloerysipelismalariathroughoutSabula ET MillettMonticelloSeibers 
8747423 Sep 1891SeimersJohn BM59 yearstailor16 Sep 1891married Germany Wayne townshiprheumatismheart diseaseyearsWayne twp.18 Sep 1891I RussellMonticelloSeimers 
167141883ShadiFrankM27 yearslaborer19 Jan 1883
singleBohemian 1 yearOxford townshipgun shot wound  Oxford Junction4 Jan 1883Geo R Moore Shadi 
5474618 Jul 1887ShafferM MF1 year 28 Jun 1887 AmericanFairview twp Fairview twpbronchitiscollapse of lung, scrofulous &c5 monthsPerkins cem. JMD JoslinAnamosaShaffer 
1361221 Nov 1882Shaffer, Miss F30 years 23 Oct 1882singleIowa alwaysFairviewconsumption Don't know. Saw her but once.  HW Sigworth Shaffer, Miss 
11389612 Feb 1897ShattleEmilM35 years 24 Jan 1897singleAmerican  2 mi. SE of Amberfrozen  Lisbon26 Jan 1897TB Kent, coronerCenter Junction Shattle 
11119425 Jul 1896SheeanCarrie HF28 yearshousewife27 Feb 1896
married Anamosa28 yearsAnamosaintestinal obstructionintestinal obstruction 4 daysAnamosa25 Feb 1896RH GrayAnamosaSheean 
9117719 Aug 1892SheeanLaura Eliz.F2m, 2d 30 Mar 1892  Anamosa AnamosaLa Grippe stomach & bowels 18 hoursAnamosa31 Mar 1892TL HazardAnamosaSheean 
8877528 Dec 1892ShermanJosephM65 yearslaborer27 Dec 1891married New York34 yearsAnamosaaccident  Pleasant Valley P Washington Sherman 
10558918 Jun 1895ShermanSarahF51y, 27d 16 Jun 1895
marriedIrishIllinois40 yearsOlinStruck by engine. Thrown 80 ft. Picked up dead. Bones of legs, arms & shoulders all broken.  Olin cem.18 Jun 1895TB Kent, coronerCenter JunctionSherman 
334282 May 1885Sherman M10 months 30 Jan 1885child Cedar co., Iowa Cedar co., Iowahydrocephalis 3 weeks  WH DicusOlinSherman 
11449710 Apr 1897ShernickBarbara, Mrs.F67 yearshousekeeper20 Jun 1897
widowedBohemianBohemia25 yearsOxford Junctionchronic parenchymatous 4 yearsBaldwin22 Jun 1897JA DownsOxford JunctionShernick 
9287917 Oct 1892SherwoodSamuelM1y, 9m 3 Oct 1892single Iowa1 3/4 yearsFairviewpneumonia 3 weeksMartelle4 Oct 1892CW WilburMartelleSherwood 
5794912 Dec 1887SiebelsMaryF2y, 6m, 23d 24 Nov 1887
 GermanIowa2 yearsJackson twpaccident 24 hoursZion cem. Wayne twp26 Nov 1887TB Kent, coroner Siebels 
11179515 Sep 1896SigworthDwight LM32 1/2 yearsphysician9 Aug 1896
married Waubeek, Iowa32 1/2 yearsAnamosatyphoid feverheart trouble3 weeksAnamosa11 Aug 1896  Sigworth 
3332823 Apr 1885SigworthMiles AshleyM7 1/2 months 6 Apr 1885childAmericanAnamosa Anamosacholera infantumconvulsions36 hoursRiverside7 Apr 1885, 2pmHW Sigworth Sigworth 
6575529 Sep 1888SilsbieSusanF52y, 6m 26 Sep 1888marriedAmericanPennsylvania37 yearsOnslowheart disease  Onslow1 Oct 1888ET LeflerOnslowSilsbie 
7946722 Sep 1890SimJohnM80 yearsretired14 Apr 1890widowed Scotland50 yearsOnslowold age  Onslow15 Apr 1890ET LeflerOnslowSim 
444 SimmonsAlbert JM19y, 2m, 19dfarmer17 Mar 1881
married Jones co., Iowa18 yearsCenter Junctionpulmonary tuberculosis 14 monthsScotch Grove18 Mar 1881ES CarlisleCenter JunctionSimmons 
2442118 Mar 1884SimmonsMaryF78 yearshousekeeper12 Mar 1884widowed   Hale twpheart diseasedropsymany yearsOlin WH DicusOlinSimmons 
2932529 Nov 1884Simpson F1 month 14 Aug 1884  Olin Olinconvulsions 3 daysHighland Grove15 Aug 1884WH DicusOlinSimpson 
9130 Aug 1880SinclairAnnF92 yearsnone6 Aug 1880
widowed Perth, Scotland42 yearsScotch Groveremittant feverinsanity & old agefever 5 daysScotch Grove7 Aug 1880Alex McKeanScotch GroveSinclair 
10094 Jan 1882SkaggsRRM21 yearsfarmer27 Nov 1881
  West Virginia12 yearsAnamosatyphoid fever 3 weeks  Sigworth bros.AnamosaSkaggs 
69624 Aug 1881SkellyJames 68 yearsstone cutter4 Aug 1881  Ireland15 daysStone Citycholera morbus 36 hoursAnamosa5 Aug 1881MP SigworthAnamosaSkelly 
6635614 Sep 1888SkellyJno.M59y, 10mfarmer14 Jul 1888marriedAmericanIndiana34 yearsMonticellohydropericardium 1 monthMonticello15 Jul 1888WW HunterMonticelloSkelly 
9227828 Sep 1892SkeltonMay Dora SF25y, 1m, 8dhousewife3 Sep 1892married Wisconsin10 yearsOxford Junctionacute meningitisparalysis of glottis2 weeksDubuque co.6 Sep 1892Geo R MooreOxford JunctionSkelton 
923783 Oct 1892SlansonNelsonM67 years 14 Sep 1892married New York Monticelloheart disease 2 yearsMonticello JE Gilmore Slanson 
6845729 Oct 1888SlaterJosephM12y, 2d 17 Oct 1888 AmericanClinton co.12 yearsOxford Junction diphtheriaprostration of heart4 weeksOxford Junction17 Oct 1888Geo R MooreOxford JunctionSlater 
1035885 Feb 1895SlifeMarguerite MF77 years 7 Jan 1895
married   Poor Farmparalysis general couple yearsOlin TA GustafsonCenter JunctionSlife 
9528119 Jul 1893SlocumWSM60 yearshotel keeper27 Jun 1893widowedAmericanConnecticut36 yearsCenter Junctionconsumption of lungs 5 monthsWyoming29 Jun 1993ZG IsbellCenter JunctionSlocum 
464391 Oct 1886SlohaAnnaF60y, 11m 28 Sep 1886married Bohemia Oxford twp.apoplexydebiltiy2 daysOxford twp.30 SepAT HenakOxford JunctionSloha 
1931729 Sep 1883SmithEliasM66 yearsfarmer6 Jul 1881
marriedAmericanMassachusetts16 yearsMonticellodropsyhypertrophy of heart18 monthsBowens Prairie 28 Jul 1881W MershonMonticelloSmith 
295252 Dec 1884SmithHenry 3 years 24 Sep 1884  Hale twp Hale twpmembranous croup 48 hoursOlin25 Sep 1884WH Dicus Smith 
1351221 Nov 1882SmithJacob, Mrs.F67 years 28 Oct 1882    Fairviewchronic enteritisdropsy 6 weeks3 years  HW Sigworth Smith 
6705612 Sep 1888SmithJohn HM61 yearsfarmer12 Sep 1888married Scotland Madison twp.amputation of thighexhaustion6 weeksMadison twp14 Sep 1888AG McGrewWyomingSmith 
3072612 Jan 1885SmithLillianF1y, 10m 16 Oct 1884  Fairview twp Fairview twpcongestion of lungswhooping cough, dead before I got there3 daysWilcox cem17 Oct 1884HW SigworthAnamosaSmith 
530452 Apr 1887SmithLuluF10 years 22 May 1887
singleAmerican  Anamosatyphoid &ccephalalgia10 daysRiverside cem, Anamosa24 Mar 1887HW SigworthAnamosaSmith 
3142716 Feb 1885SmithMary B., Mrs. 85 y, 1m 16 Feb 1885widowed Walpol NH Monticellohydro cordiatorpor of liver3 weeksDubuqie18 Feb 1885NM SmithMonticelloSmith 
25330 Dec 1880SmithMatilda, Mrs.F34 yearshousewife17 Oct 1880
marriedAmericanIllinois14 yearsSpencervillepuerperal peritonitis 11 daysUnion Ch. burial ground18 Oct 1880JM PaulOnslowSmith 
8917526 Jan 1892SmithNorman HM75y, 10m, 20dphysician9 Jan 1892married Massachusetts37 yearsMonticellomalarial poisoningcystitis30 yearsMonticello12 Jan 1892JE GilmoreMonticelloSmith 
445389 Apr 1886SmithPat, Mrs.F46 yearshousewife21 Feb 1886
married Ireland11 yearsnear Stone CityDrunk & killed by injuries inflicted by party or parties unknown. (Husband in pen.)  body given friends JM Paul, coronerJones countySmith 
1941714 Sep 1883SmithPyolinea CF64y, 19d 17 Feb 1882
widowedAmericanMassachusetts16 yearsMonticelloacute hepatitis & gastritis 5 daysBowens Praire20 Feb 1882JW MershonMonticelloSmith 
502421 Jan 1887SmithWWF5 years 22 Nov 1886singleAmericanJones County Wayne townshipcroup 3 days 24 Nov 1886HW SigworthAnamosaSmith 
576483 Dec 1887SnippWalter DM16y, 11m 4 Nov 1887singleAmericanCedar co., Iowa Oxfordmalarial fevercongestive chill3 weeksOxford WH Battin Snipp 
42428 Mar 1881SnyderBarbaraF6y, 9m, 29dhousewife28 Jan 1881
  Virginia26 yJackson twpjaundice caused from malarial poison from residence in Kansas many monthsAnamosa29 JanE BlakesleeAnamosaSnyderNote age discrepancy.
3062612 Jan 1885SnyderHowardM2y, 6m 9 Nov 1884  Anamosa Anamosacapillary bronchitis 2 daysBurr Oak10 Nov 1884HW SigworthAnamosaSnyder 
6315318 Jun 1888SnyderIndianaF57 yearshousewife18 Jun 1888marriedAmericanKnox Co., Ohio Clay townshipalbuminarygastritis2 monthsCanton20 Jun 1888MJ BeldenCantonSnyder 
3462912 JunSokolAnnieF25y, 2m, 18dhousewife10 Jun 1885
marriedBohemianBohemia Oxford Junctionrun over by car & died from shock 4 hours from injuryOxford Junction12 Jun 1885Geo R MooreOxford JunctionSokol 
6835729 Oct 1888SokolMaryF7 years 16 Oct 1888  Bohemia Oxford Junctiondiphtheria 8 daysOxford Junction16 Oct 1888GR Moore Sokol 
352301 Aug 1885SoltsEmma JF60 yearshousewife1 Aug 1885
marriedAmericanPennsylvania19 yearsnear her residence in Rome twpbrains beat out with a hammer & part of a nailmurdered body given to her friends ZG Isbell, coronerJones countySolts 
8907527 Jan 1892SomerbyRobertM76 yearsbanker6 Jan 1892widowed Boston, Mass.18 yearsWyomingpneumonia 8 daysWyoming8 Jan 1892CA MilnerWyomingSomerby 
7956711 Oct 1890SomerbySarahF63y, 7mhousekeeper20 Apr 1890married Maine32 yearsWyomingparalysis 5 monthsWyoming22 Apr 1890MH CalkinsWyomingSomerby 
3783216 Oct 1885SonesCharlesM1 1/4 years 7 Sep 1885  Fairview twp Fairview twpconvulsionspreceeded by ulceration of the bowels2 months altogetherHB chapel at Highland Grove Ira BatesViroquaSones 
364319 Oct 1885SouthwickI P, Mrs.F housekeeper1 Jul 1885    Hale twpconsumption 5 yearsOlin cem3 Jul 1885WH DicusOlinSouthwick 
4013421 Jan 1886SpechtJohn's childF3 hours 11 Nov 1885 AmericanCastle Grove Castle Grovepremature birth    HW SigworthAnamosaSpecht 
43244 SpechtMargaret, Mrs.         stillbirth      Specht 
4023421 Jan 1886SpechtsJohnM4 hours 11 Nov 1885 American  Castle Grovepremature birth    HW SigworthAnamosaSpechts 
9948422 Mar 1894SpencerJoseph OM66y, 4m, 17dcheese maker17 Jan 1894MAmericanNew York24 yearsWyomingpneumoniadropsy1 weekWyoming19 Jan 1894MH CalkinsWyomingSpencer 
531454 Apr 1887SpencerRhodericM75 yearsfarmer7 Feb 1887marriedAmericanOhio Wyoming twpmal-assimilationpneumonia & old age6 weeksOnslow9 Feb 1887TL HazardAnamosaSpencer 
2261918 Mar 1884St. John M  26 Dec 1883    Pleasant Hill, Hale twpdiphtheria 8 daysPleasant Hill24 Dec 1883WH DicusOlinSt. John 
103287 StaffordSarahF67 yearshousewife13 Jan 1890
married York state24 yearsAnamosaintercapsular trach feverpleuro pneumonia8 daysCath cem Anamosa15 Jan 1895JMD JoslinAnamosaStafford 
9007621 May 1892StambaughSophiaF66 yearshousewife17 May 1892married Columbus, Ohio40 yearsGreenfieldabscess of the brain 4 weeksCenter Point, Linn co.18 May 1892CW WilburMartelleStambaugh 
1011864 Oct 1894StarksChester CM6 years 18 Feb 1894 AmericanIowa6 yearsMonticellopleuro pneumonia 7 daysMonticello WA MirickMonticelloStarks 
1033885 Feb 1895StarryAnnFunknown 18 Aug 1894
widowed unknownunknownPoor Farmendocarditis, chronicinsanityunknownMonticello20 AugTA GustafsonCenter JunctionStarry 
297255 Dec 1884StarryElinorF50 yearsfarmer's wife14 Nov 1884married Indiana Rome twp.cancer of stomachchronic inflamation &c.18 monthsCentre chapel in Rome twp15 Nov 1884Ira Batesnear ViroquaStarry 
7416210 Oct 1889StaurskeTheodoreM3m, 17d 24 Sep 1887singlePolishIowa Oxford Junctioncholera infantum 5 daysOxford Junction25 Sep 1889A Heber GatesOxford JunctionStaurske 
21242 SteinDavid E, child of                Stein 
10659027 Aug 1895SteinerJacobM56 years 23 Feb 1895single Bohemia County Homeasthmavalvular disease County Farm6 months or soTA GustafsonCenter JunctionSteiner 
7176013 Apr 1889SterlingCatharineF72y, 7mfarmer7 Apr 1889widowedAmericanOhio Greenfield twpcongestive feverage7 daysForest chapel8 Apr 1889Ira BatesMorleySterling 
605519 Jan 1888SterlingJohnM76 yearsfarmer28 Dec 1887marriedAmericanOhio Greenfield twpcystitis &cenlarged prostate &c. chronic inflamation &c10 yearsForest chapel29 Dec 1887Ira Bates Sterling 
6905813 Nov 1888StewartZilmiraF58y, 1m, 2dhousewife4 Nov 1888marriedAmericanPennsylvania5 yearsOxford Junctionheart failure &c unknownOxford Junction6 Nov 1888Geo R MooreOxford JunctionStewart 
978831 Nov 1893StickmineLF3 years 8 Sep 1893
singleAmericanIowa3 yearsStone Cityinflammation of bowels 4 daysHoly Cross10 Sep 1893HW SigworthAnamosaStickmine 
2532217 Apr 1884StoutEvaF6 years 14 Feb 1884
 AmericanCedar Rapids4 yearsOxford Junctionmeasles & bronchitisspasms & coma15 daysOxford twp17 Apr 1884AT Henak Stout 
3112630 Jan 1885StoutGertrudeF39y, 7m, 22dhousewife16 Jan 1885
marriedAmericanPennsylvania25 yearsOxford Junctionphthisisnone1 yearOxford Junction18 Jan 1885Geo R Moore Stout 
259226 May 1884StoutMaudF3y, 1m, 29d 5 May 1889
 AmericanOxford MillsbirthOxford Junctiontuburcular meningitis cerebralnoneabout 10 daysOxford Junction6 May 1884Geo R MooreOxford JunctionStout 
526441 Apr 1887StratilekAggieF5 years 13 Mar 1887singleAmericanOxford Junction Oxford Junctiondiphtheriaheart failure36 hoursOxford Junction FT Van AmbergOxford JunctionStratilek 
525441 Apr 1887StratilekGussieF7 years 16 Mar 1887singleAmericanOxford Junction7 yearsOxford Junctioncroupous diphtheriaheart failure48 hoursOxford Junction16 Mar 1887FT Van AmbergOxford JunctionStratilek 
598502 Jan 1888StratilekVictorM4 years 27 Dec 1887 AmericanOxford Junction4 yearsOxforddiphtheriacroup3 daysOxford Junction28 Dec 1887FT Van Amburgh Stratilek 
599502 Jan 1887Stratilek F1y, 2m, 9d 28 Dec 1887 AmericanOxford Junction Oxford Junctiondiphtheria croup 48 hoursOxford Junction28 Dec 1887Geo R Moore Stratilek 
10418823 Mar 1895StraubLucas, Mrs.F39 years 25 Feb 1895
  Germany Anamosapneumoniamiscariage9 daysDubuque HW Sigworth Straub 
26243 StrawmanMelville (child of)                Strawman 
3853319 Oct 1885Strawman M2 days 7 Feb  Wayne twp.2 daysWayne twpconvulsions 2 daysWayne8 FebLJ AdairAnamosaStrawman 
23218 Jan 1881StreckleKatie LF8y, 4m 13 Jan 1881
singleAmericanCass twp8y, 4mCasslaryngeal croup 1 weekCass Center13 Jan 1881JD BowersWest CassStreckle 
8547222 Sep 1891StreeterJWM79y, 4m, 29dretired farmer20 Feb 1891marriedAmericanPennsylvania29 yearsAnamosaapoplexy 21 hoursJackson twp22 Feb 1891TL HazardAnamosaStreeter 
391332 Nov 1885StrickellElizabeth JF8y, 1mschool girl13 Oct 1885 AmericanIllinois8 yearsFairview twp.malignant diphtheriaparalysis of heart2 weeksAnamosa13 Oct 1885TH HazardAnamosaStrickell 
20242 StrickleJoe (child of)                Strickle 
9267828 Oct 1892StrothersGlennM10 monthsinfant11 Aug 1892  Martelle Martelleabscess of the braincholera infantum15 daysMartell12 Aug 1882CW WilburMartelleStrothers 
10759126 Sep 1895StuhlerMariaF  15 Jul 1895singleAmericanMonticello Monticellocholera infantum 4 daysMonticello WA Mirick Stuhler 
1006852 Oct 1894StunkardJamesM70 yearsfarmer30 Mar 1894
marriedAmerican 40 yearsMonmouth  several yearsWyoming31 May 1894JW KirkpatrickWyomingStunkard 
828707 Mar 1891StutsmanD CM79 yearsfarmer2 Feb 1891married Ohio36 yearsFairview townshipcatarralchronic diarrhea1 weekNorwich cemtery3 Feb 1891HW SigworthAnamosaStutsman 
2562228 Apr 1884Stutsman, Mrs. F73y, 9mfarmer's wife26 Apr 1884marriedAmericanOhio Fairview twptyphoid feverorganic disese of heart, relapse from taking cold12 daysAnamosa28 Apr 1884HW Sigworth Stutsman, Mrs. 
8277011 Feb 1891StuttJohn HenryM2m, 14d 19 Jan 1891singleGerman  Wayne townshipcapillary bronchitisglandular abscess1 weekGerm Lutheran cem.21 Jan 1891TB KentAmberStutt 
11739126 Sep 1895SuhrHenryM64y, 11m, 14d 24 Oct 1894
marriedGermanPrussia24 yearsMonticelloneuritis abt 6 monthsMonticello WA Mirick Suhr 
365319 Oct 1885SuleymiereF., Mrs.F housekeeper25 Aug 1885married   Hale twpapoplexy 1 hourOlin cem.25 AugWH DicusOlinSuleymiere 
8206930 Nov 1890SuppleMaryF61 yearshousewife30 Nov 1890widowed Ireland Temple Hillparalysis 10 daysTemple Hill1 Dec 1890MJ BeldenCantonSupple 
1161025 May 1882SutherlandAlexanderM62 yearsfarmer10 May 1882
10:15 am
marriedB. Amer.near Winnipeg45 yearsnear Johnson, Scotch Grove twp.cirrhosis of liver 11 monthsScotch Grove cem.11 May 1882ES CarlisleCenter JunctionSutherland 
1391219 Dec 1882SutherlandAnn Amanda 33y, 1m, 18dhousekeeping6 Dec 1882
marriedMercer co, Pa 31 yearsScotch Grovepulmonary tuberculosis 17 weeksScotch Grove cem7 Dec 1882ES Carlisle Sutherland 
173151 Jun 1883SutherlandEbenezerM76y, 2m, 10dfarmer2 May 1881
widowed Scotland44 yearsMonticelloretention of urine from enlarged prostate preventing the introduction of catheter 5 yearsScotch Grove cem.3 May 1881Isaac RussellMonticelloSutherland 
3848 Mar 1881SutherlandJaneF83 yearshousekeeping12 Feb 1881
7 1/2pm
widowed Scotland43 yearsScotch Grovepneumonia & infirmity of age 30 daysEdinburgh, Wayne twp14 Feb 1881ES CarlisleCenter JunctionSutherland 
176151880SutherlandWilhelminaF55y, 4m, 19dfarmer's wife24 Sep 1883
marriedCanada 42 yearsScotch Groveconsumption 5 yearsPres. cem, Scotch Grove26 Sep 1880Isaac RussellMonticelloSutherland 
11399615 Feb 1897SutliffCarrie BelleF28 yearsteacher11 Feb 1897
singleAmericanJohnstown28 yearsOxford Millsblood poison  North Madison cem.13 Feb 1897TB Kent, coronerCenter Junction Sutliff 
39414 Mar 1881SuttonBelle, Mrs.F22y, 3mhousekeeper21 Feb 1881
marriedEnglishJones co.ever since birthClay twpchild birth, immediate cause 4 hoursClay Mills22 Feb 1881GA MershonOnslowSutton 
7276111 May 1889SuttonNellieF4 yearschild10 May 1889childAmericanAnamosa4 yearsAnamosainflamation of bowels  Riverside cem.20 May 1889EW GawleyAnamosaSutton 
8947612 Feb 1892SweeneyJohn FrancisM3 yearsinfant20 Jan 1892single Lansing, Ia3 yearsMartellediphtheria  Anamosa26 Jan 1882CW WilburMartelleSweeney 
163146 Sep 1883SweetCarolineF66 yearshousekeeper2 Sep 1882
widowed   Hale Villagehemorrhage from stomach 4 daysHa [Hale?]5 Sep 1882Geo R MooreOxford JunctionSweet 
7466314 Nov 1889SwigartAnna EF38y, 10mhousekeeper12 Jul 1889marriedAmericanOhio28 daysWyomingdilatation? of heart 5 monthsWyoming14 Jul 1889MH CalkinsWyomingSwigart 
5534723 Sep 1887SykesGeorge MeadM57 years, 5mfarmer19 Sep 1887widowedAmericanConnecticut Massillionperitonitisperitonitis7 daysOxford27 Sep 1887WH BattinOxford MillsSykes 

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