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The Jones County Genealogical Society has provided this Index to the Jones County GAR Posts' Membership Cards. In some cases the cards have much more information: birthdates, birthplaces, obituaries, 50th anniversary celebrations, and, of course, the units that the soldiers served in during the Civil War. They will be happy to copy the information for an individual soldier for $2. Send the name you are interested in and an SASE to: Jones County Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 174, Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Relative Last NameRelative First NameSoldierPost
BabcockCatherineIsaac AckermanMonticello
BakerJennie LJames Samuel LawsonWyoming
BallouIdaDavid A ClayWyoming
BancroftIzoraCharles P AtwoodAnamosa
BancroftPomeroy EPomeroy E BancroftMonticello
BarkerAnnaRobert StevensonMonticello
BarkerElizabethHenry BenfieldOlin
BarkerUzalUzal BarkerOlin
BarnardElizabethElias V MillerOlin
BarnardJohn HJohn H BarnardAnamosa
BarnardWilliamWilliam BarnardAnamosa
BarnhillRobert SRobert S BarnhillWyoming
BarnumLibbieJared W LansingWyoming
BatesLorenzo DLorenzo D BatesOlin
BaxterMary CIsaac Henry BrastedAnamosa
BeebeCharlesCharles BeebeAnamosa
BeelerAmanda Daniel Webster DuttonAnamosa
BelknapCableCable BelknapAnamosa
BelknapCharles S Cable BelknapAnamosa
BelknapJ AGeorge W SonesAnamosa
BelknapJ H (Mrs)Cable BelknapAnamosa
BelknapJasCable BelknapAnamosa
BelknapJennieCable BelknapAnamosa
BelknapJohn DCable BelknapAnamosa
BelknapOscar WCable BelknapAnamosa
BelknapSylviaGeorge W SonesAnamosa
BelknapWilliamCable BelknapAnamosa
BellEliza Edgar M ConditAnamosa
BenadomElizabethJames S BenadomWyoming
BenadomElmerJames S BenadomWyoming
BenadomEthelJames S BenadomWyoming
BenadomJames SJames S BenadomWyoming
BenadomJosephus WhiteJosephus White BenadomWyoming
BenadomLawrenceJames S BenadomWyoming
BenadomMinnieJosephus White BenadomWyoming
BenderAnn ElizaJoshua J BenderOlin
BenderAnna ElizaJoshua J BenderWyoming
BenderHiramJoshua J BenderWyoming
BenderHiramJoshua J BenderOlin
BenderJoshua JJoshua J BenderWyoming
BenderJoshua JJoshua J BenderOlin
BenfieldHenryHenry BenfieldOlin
BenfieldWilliam Henry BenfieldOlin
BennettNettieJames O PotterWyoming
BeranekJohnJohn BeranekOxford Jct.
BerryMary AdelineWilliam H EllisOlin
BinghamBerthaCalvin H BinghamAnamosa
BinghamCalvin HCalvin H BinghamAnamosa
BinghamFrankCalvin H BinghamAnamosa
BinghamFredCalvin H BinghamAnamosa
BinghamRalphCalvin H BinghamAnamosa
BirkJohnJohn BirkAnamosa
BirkLevaJohn BirkAnamosa
BishopJ A J A BishopAnamosa
BlackLowelCharles Beatty McKeanMonticello
BlackNellieCharles Beatty McKeanMonticello
BlackmarWilliam (Mrs)William Miles BrownAnamosa
BlakelyHugh MHugh M BlakelyOxford Jct.
BlayneyGilbertHannibal C FreemanOlin
BlayneyMarthaHannibal C FreemanOlin
BloodOrrin TOrrin T BloodAnamosa
BodenhofferJohn HenryJohn H BodenhofferWyoming
BodenhofferPlumerJohn H BodenhofferWyoming
BomanFrances ACharles V CookWyoming
BonstelAllanIsaac Henry BrastedAnamosa
BonstelDave CharlesIsaac Henry BrastedAnamosa
BoothLeonaManley E RiceMonticello
BottomstoneCharles EGeorge W BottomstoneWyoming
BottomstoneGeorge WGeorge W BottomstoneWyoming
BowersCarrieWarren W WalbridgeAnamosa
BowieJ M (Mrs)Nicholas MauriceMonticello
BradshawPeter RPeter R BradshawWyoming
BradyJoshua JJoshua J BradyMonticello
BragenAliceWilliam FisherOlin
BrainardAugustaJames W BronsonWyoming
BrainardEllaBenedict ShermanOlin
BrainardLuther VLuther V BrainardWyoming
BrandsmanLaura EJoshua J BenderWyoming
BrandsmanLaura EJoshua J BenderOlin
BrantEmerson HEmerson H BrantAnamosa
BrastedIssac HenryIsaac Henry BrastedAnamosa
BreckenridgeJaneCharles A CrawfordMonticello
BreenJames MJames M BreenAnamosa
BreenJohnMichael BreenMonticello
BreenKateMichael BreenMonticello
BreenMaryMichael BreenMonticello
BreenMichaelMichael BreenMonticello
BreenWilliam (Dr)Michael BreenMonticello
BrickleyAmeliaJohn M PriceOlin
BrickleyElizabethJames T BrickleyOlin
BrickleyElla (Mrs John)Franklin GrimmAnamosa
BrickleyJames TJames T BrickleyOlin
BriggsJaneAaron M LoomisWyoming
BrockCalvin LCalvin L BrockOlin
BromleyWilliam PWilliam P BromleyAnamosa
BronsonBenjaminJames W BronsonWyoming
BronsonJames WJames W BronsonWyoming
BronsonWilliamJames W BronsonWyoming
BrownCarton EEmerson E BrownWyoming
BrownEmerson EEmerson E BrownWyoming
BrownEvaWilliam O JackelsAnamosa
BrownFernando CFernando C BrownMonticello
BrownForest WEmerson E BrownWyoming
BrownJessie HelenEmerson E BrownWyoming
BrownLaura JHenry AldrichWyoming
BrownLeverett EEmerson E BrownWyoming
BrownMilton RMilton R BrownAnamosa
BrownO L (Mrs)William Miles BrownAnamosa
BrownPrairie EEmerson E BrownWyoming
BrownWilliam MilesWilliam Miles BrownAnamosa
BrownellViolaOliver P HolmesOlin
BrubakerIsaacIsaac BrubakerWyoming
BrundageEdwinOliver BrundageAnamosa
BrundageMyronOliver BrundageAnamosa
BrundageNancyWilliam WryAnamosa
BrundageOliverOliver BrundageAnamosa
BrunnellW LW L BrunnellAnamosa
BrunstelJames EJames E BrunstelAnamosa
BrupeJennieS Carr HallAnamosa
BrutsmanFranklinFranklin BrutsmanWyoming
BryanEliza FJames L PikeOlin
BuckEtta MayWilliam Griffith RuhlAnamosa
BucknerAbrahamThomas BucknerAnamosa
BucknerThomasThomas BucknerAnamosa
BughAlexanderAlexander BughWyoming
BurchCarrieGeorge Washington JamesWyoming
BurchNettieThomas Elliott PattersonAnamosa
BurchZephaNicholas Hutchenson LindseyWyoming
BurkeThomas EThomas E BurkeAnamosa
BurwellAnnAlbert GreenOlin
BuxtonMary AThomas Torrington ParsonsAnamosa
ByamJuliettFrederick Eugene HimesMonticello

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