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The Jones County Genealogical Society has provided this Index to the Jones County GAR Posts' Membership Cards. In some cases the cards have much more information: birthdates, birthplaces, obituaries, 50th anniversary celebrations, and, of course, the units that the soldiers served in during the Civil War. They will be happy to copy the information for an individual soldier for $2. Send the name you are interested in and an SASE to: Jones County Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 174, Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Relative Last NameRelative First NameSoldierPost
CalkinsKirkland JKirkland J CalkinsWyoming
CalkinsRileyRiley CalkinsMonticello
CallahanKittyRobert Rollin GlennMonticello
CameronCynthia LJohn FryMonticello
CameronJohn AWilliam T CameronWyoming
CameronWilliam TWilliam T CameronWyoming
CampbellJohnJohn CampbellAnamosa
CampbellMarthaAlfred W StarksMonticello
CampbellMary EAndrew CassadyMonticello
CapsenFranklinFrank CapsenMonticello
CarlsonH W (Mrs)Simeon S HaunWyoming
CarltonEffie SLorenzo D CarltonWyoming
CarltonEffie SLorenzo D CarltonOxford Jct.
CarltonHarry WLorenzo D CarltonWyoming
CarltonHarry WLorenzo D CarltonOxford Jct.
CarltonLorenzo DLorenzo D CarltonWyoming
CarltonLorenzo DLorenzo D CarltonOxford Jct.
CarpenterHenry MSewell S FarwellMonticello
CarpenterMarySewell S FarwellMonticello
CarrollGeorge RGeorge R CarrollWyoming
CarterMichael TMichael T CarterWyoming
CassadyAndrewAndrew CassadyMonticello
CassadyJames PJames P CassadyMonticello
CassfordGeorge (Mrs)James A AshcroftWyoming
CaveA DGrottan B CaveOxford Jct.
CaveGrottan BGrottan B CaveOxford Jct.
CaveM HGrottan B CaveOxford Jct.
CaveW HGrottan B CaveOxford Jct.
ChamplinAllieEzra Burch ChamplinWyoming
ChamplinEuniceEzra Burch ChamplinWyoming
ChamplinEzra BurchEzra Burch ChamplinWyoming
ChamplinGeorgeEzra Burch ChamplinWyoming
ChamplinJohnEzra Burch ChamplinWyoming
ChamplinJustusEzra Burch ChamplinWyoming
ChapinElizabethMartin PurcellAnamosa
ChapinLonMartin PurcellAnamosa
ChapmanFrankFrank ChapmanAnamosa
ChapmanHattieFrank ChapmanAnamosa
ChapmanLouis D William T PayneMonticello
ChapmanNellieFrank ChapmanAnamosa
ChapmanWm HWilliam T PayneMonticello
ChapmanWm H (Mrs)William RearickMonticello
ChaseGeorgeGeorge ChaseWyoming
CherreyElba OliveSimeon S HaunWyoming
ChopperJohn PhillipJohn Phillip ChopperAnamosa
ClappWesley (Mrs)Elisha M CookWyoming
ClarkDarius TDarius T ClarkAnamosa
ClarkDoraCharles V CookWyoming
ClarkHenrietta BelleCharles Beatty McKeanMonticello
ClarkJohnJohn ClarkMonticello
ClayDavid ADavid A ClayWyoming
ClayJohnJohn ClayWyoming
ClayLeonaDavid A ClayWyoming
ClayOrin EDavid A ClayWyoming
ClevelandJennieRoyal S WilliamsWyoming
ClothierElmer ETheodore ClothierOlin
ClothierSaling (Mrs)Joshua J BenderWyoming
ClothierSaling (Mrs)Joshua J BenderOlin
ClothierSmithSmith ClothierAnamosa
ClothierTheodoreTheodore ClothierOlin
CloudMM. CloudAnamosa
CobbCyrus WCyrus W CobbOxford Jct.
CoderEtta MCable BelknapAnamosa
CoeCharles Witmore Charles Witmore CoeAnamosa
ColbyOliver P Manville TarboxOlin
ColeE J (Mrs)George SearsWyoming
ColeNancy MBenjamin H ScrivensWyoming
ConditAlbert PEdgar M ConditAnamosa
ConditEdgar MEdgar M ConditAnamosa
ConditJoseph SmithEdgar M ConditAnamosa
ConditRobertEdgar M ConditAnamosa
ConwayWilliamWilliam H ConwayMonticello
ConwayWilliam HWilliam H ConwayMonticello
CookAddie IWilliam H IllsleyWyoming
CookBessieGeorge CookOxford Jct.
CookCallieGeorge CookOxford Jct.
CookCharles VCharles V CookWyoming
CookD EElisha M CookWyoming
CookDavidGeo Wash Alex CookAnamosa
CookE PElisha M CookWyoming
CookEdwardGeorge CookOxford Jct.
CookElisha MElisha M CookWyoming
CookFrankGeo Wash Alex CookAnamosa
CookGeo Wash AlexGeo Wash Alex CookAnamosa
CookGeorgeGeorge CookOxford Jct.
CookJohnGeo Wash Alex CookAnamosa
CookLeeGeo Wash Alex CookAnamosa
CookLouis LochnerElisha M CookWyoming
CookScott TElisha M CookWyoming
CookW HCharles V CookWyoming
CookWilliamWilliam CookAnamosa
CooleyFideliaJacob LozierWyoming
CooperFrancisFrancis CooperAnamosa
CoquiletteD L (Mrs)Joseph WhitneyMonticello
CoryellMaryOliver W ShibleyWyoming
CourtneyAlbertJacob H CourtneyWyoming
CourtneyJacob HJacob H CourtneyWyoming
CourtneyJamesJacob H CourtneyWyoming
CourtrightJohn EJohn E CourtrightWyoming
CowellCatherineWilliam H DavisWyoming
CoynerEmmaSamuel Ray LarimerAnamosa
CraigheadJennieThomas Maurice WildsAnamosa
CrainJosephineEdmund R SeallsOlin
CraneHelen AWilliam Tuckerman ShawAnamosa
CrantonOliveDennis L McMillanWyoming
CrawfordCharles ACharles A CrawfordMonticello
CrawfordRobert CCharles A CrawfordMonticello
CreikenNellieJoseph A HannaWyoming
CrisfenDoraPeter J HartmanAnamosa
CroppElmerGeorge CroppMonticello
CroppGeorgeGeorge CroppMonticello
CroppJohnGeorge CroppMonticello
CroppLeroyGeorge CroppMonticello
CroppWilliamGeorge CroppMonticello
CrowellHenrietta BelleNaaman Balch NoyesWyoming
CruisePearlWilliam F GiddingsWyoming
CudworthJohn GordonJohn Gordon CudworthAnamosa
CummingsAlma LucyStephen CummingsMonticello
CummingsJaneStephen CummingsMonticello
CummingsMaria AStephen CummingsMonticello
CummingsStephenStephen CummingsMonticello
CunninghamEdithHugh Harrison CunninghamAnamosa
CunninghamGertrudeJohn H BarnardAnamosa
CunninghamHughHugh Harrison CunninghamAnamosa
CunninghamHugh HarrisonHugh Harrison CunninghamAnamosa
CunninghamLena Hugh Harrison CunninghamAnamosa
CunninghamMary FWilliam CunninghamMonticello
CunninghamWilliamWilliam CunninghamMonticello
CurtisMortimer MMortimer M CurtisAnamosa
CurtrightEmilyJohn H BarnardAnamosa
CurttrightEliasElias CurttrightAnamosa

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