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The Jones County Genealogical Society has provided this Index to the Jones County GAR Posts' Membership Cards. In some cases the cards have much more information: birthdates, birthplaces, obituaries, 50th anniversary celebrations, and, of course, the units that the soldiers served in during the Civil War. They will be happy to copy the information for an individual soldier for $2. Send the name you are interested in and an SASE to: Jones County Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 174, Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Relative Last NameRelative First NameSoldierPost
DavidsonCharlesJames DavidsonAnamosa
DavidsonCharlesJames DavidsonMonticello
DavidsonHenry SJames DavidsonAnamosa
DavidsonHenry SJames DavidsonMonticello
DavidsonJamesJames DavidsonAnamosa
DavidsonJamesJames DavidsonMonticello
DavidsonJames GJames DavidsonMonticello
DavidsonJames YJames DavidsonAnamosa
DavidsonLucy LJames DavidsonAnamosa
DavidsonLucy LJames DavidsonMonticello
DavidsonOrlandoJames DavidsonAnamosa
DavidsonOrlando WJames DavidsonMonticello
DavisCharles LWilliam H DavisWyoming
DavisCorneliaJames H LamsonAnamosa
DavisEstherWilliam WilsonAnamosa
DavisGeorge George W DavisAnamosa
DavisGeorge CGeorge C DavisMonticello
DavisGeorge WGeorge W DavisAnamosa
DavisHarryGeorge W DavisAnamosa
DavisHarry GWilliam H DavisWyoming
DavisIra LGeorge W DavisAnamosa
DavisJ JWilliam H DavisWyoming
DavisOraGeorge W DavisAnamosa
DavisSherman JWilliam H DavisWyoming
DavisThomasGeorge W DavisAnamosa
DavisWilliam HWilliam H DavisWyoming
DaywittMrsJohn Strickell(Striekal)Anamosa
De LoshAvillaJohn TacyMonticello
DeanAdaliza EJames DavidsonAnamosa
DeanAdaliza EJames DavidsonMonticello
DeCampEmmaWilliam Simpson GarrisonWyoming
DehavenLouisaIsaac H PhillipsMonticello
DemonaBurton ABurton A DemonaWyoming
DenioPeterPeter DenioAnamosa
DesartLeander ELeander E DesartAnamosa
DeValijoLynn GJohn E GilmoreMonticello
DevlinPeterPeter DevlinMonticello
DeVolM A (Mrs)Lucius F RenneOlin
DevonMina H (Mrs)William O JackelsAnamosa
DeweyEdward AEdward A DeweyOlin
DickinsonWilliamWilliam DickinsonAnamosa
DicusWilliam HWilliam H DicusOlin
DightonCarolineEdward N HowardWyoming
DixonAddieWarren W WalbridgeAnamosa
DlouhyMrs.Joseph SacoraWyoming
DodgeWarrenWarren DodgeWyoming
DolphinGeorgeJohn DolphinMonticello
DolphinJames EJohn DolphinMonticello
DolphinJohnJohn DolphinMonticello
DolphinMartinJohn DolphinMonticello
DonnellJessieSamuel Oliver ThomasAnamosa
DoolittleWilliam BrownWilliam Brown DoolittleAnamosa
DoretyCecilCharles M DoretyMonticello
DoretyCharles MCharles M DoretyMonticello
DoretyDaisyCharles M DoretyMonticello
DoretyEmmaCharles M DoretyMonticello
DorseeNapoleonNapoleon DorseeAnamosa
DottGeorge MRobert DottAnamosa
DottLouise VRobert DottAnamosa
DottRichard MRobert DottAnamosa
DottRobertRobert DottAnamosa
DottRobert T Robert DottAnamosa
DowerJas M (Mrs)William B FoleyAnamosa
DownerHorace MHorace M DownerMonticello
DrayerMariettaGeorge SearsWyoming
DruryAyres LElijah G DruryWyoming
DruryElijah GElijah G DruryWyoming
DruryGeorgeElijah G DruryWyoming
DrustLurietta/Rosetta?Samuel DrustAnamosa
DrustSamuelSamuel DrustAnamosa
DuerBessie NJohn O DuerMonticello
DuerEugeneJohn O DuerMonticello
DuerJennie BJohn O DuerMonticello
DuerJohn OJohn O DuerMonticello
DuerLee WJohn O DuerMonticello
DuncanAndrew LAndrew L DuncanAnamosa
DuncanJamesJames DuncanOlin
DuncanWilliamWilliam DuncanOlin
DuncanWilliam JWilliam DuncanOlin
DunhamFrederick SFrederick S DunhamMonticello
DunkleeFreeman SFreeman S DunkleeAnamosa
DuttonAltaDaniel Webster DuttonAnamosa
DuttonBlake W (Dr)Daniel Webster DuttonAnamosa
DuttonClifford CDaniel Webster DuttonAnamosa
DuttonDaniel WebsterDaniel Webster DuttonAnamosa
DuttonMaudDaniel Webster DuttonAnamosa
DyeNathanNathan DyeWyoming

Indexto Jones County GAR Posts' Membership Cards

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