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The Jones County Genealogical Society has provided this Index to the Jones County GAR Posts' Membership Cards. In some cases the cards have much more information: birthdates, birthplaces, obituaries, 50th anniversary celebrations, and, of course, the units that the soldiers served in during the Civil War. They will be happy to copy the information for an individual soldier for $2. Send the name you are interested in and an SASE to: Jones County Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 174, Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Relative Last NameRelative First NameSoldierPost
HackettHannah RGeorge GilbertWyoming
HaiteSarah AnnJohn AdamsAnamosa
HallEugene VEugene V HallAnamosa
HallS CarrS Carr HallAnamosa
HalseyBlancheHannibal C FreemanOlin
HalseyHenryHannibal C FreemanOlin
Hammondada MaeGeorge HammondOlin
HammondGeorgeGeorge HammondAnamosa
HammondGeorgeGeorge HammondOlin
HammondNancyIsaac H MeekAnamosa
HanaganJaneMartin PurcellAnamosa
HaneyEdward LEdward L HaneyMonticello
HannaGeorge AGeorge A HannaWyoming
HannaGeorge AJoseph A HannaWyoming
HannaJoseph AJoseph A HannaWyoming
HannumLucy MWilliam H IllsleyWyoming
HansonFrankWillis F HansonWyoming
HansonFred WWillis F HansonWyoming
HansonJames GWillis F HansonWyoming
HansonJohn WWillis F HansonWyoming
HansonWillis FWillis F HansonWyoming
HardwoodEdmundEdmund HardwoodWyoming
HarfordFrank (Mrs)Frederick Eugene HimesMonticello
HarmonMartinMartin HarmonAnamosa
HarmonMary FRobert H ShiptonOlin
HarnakerGeorge WGeorge W HarnakerAnamosa
HarringtonJohnJohn HarringtonMonticello
HarrisonLiona Warren W WalbridgeAnamosa
HartAndrew AAndrew A HartWyoming
HartSarah RosettaCalvin L BrockOlin
HarterGeorge WGeorge W HarterAnamosa
HartmanJoshua APeter J HartmanAnamosa
HartmanLewis GPeter J HartmanAnamosa
HartmanMariettaPeter J HartmanAnamosa
HartmanMatilda Peter OmmenMonticello
HartmanPeter JPeter J HartmanAnamosa
HartmanThomas EPeter J HartmanAnamosa
HastingsGeorgeGustavus A HastingsOxford Jct.
HastingsGustavus AGustavus A HastingsOxford Jct.
HaunGeorgeGeorge HaunOxford Jct.
HaunSimeon SSimeon S HaunWyoming
HaunSimeon S Simeon S HaunOxford Jct.
HawleyFerdFranklin D HawleyWyoming
HawleyFranklin DFranklin D HawleyWyoming
HawleyMyrtle PFranklin D HawleyWyoming
HaydenCoraGeorge Washington JamesWyoming
HayekIola John H BodenhofferWyoming
HayesG WG W HayesAnamosa
HeasteyDollie Daniel G TeboWyoming
HebenstrietElsieElias M RumpleAnamosa
HeiseyDavid David HeiseyAnamosa
HeiseyJohn HDavid HeiseyAnamosa
HenryMarguerite JGeorge W EvansWyoming
HeplerAndrew WAndrew W HeplerWyoming
HerboldPhilip HPhilip H HerboldOxford Jct.
HerrAlmira John L RichardsonWyoming
HicksFrank MFrank M HicksMonticello
HilbertJames WJames W HilbertMonticello
HiltonAugustus WatsonAugustus Watson HiltonOlin
HiltonCharlesAugustus Watson HiltonOlin
HiltonJuliaAugustus Watson HiltonOlin
HiltonWilliamAugustus Watson HiltonOlin
HimebaughAngelinaHiram H HimebaughWyoming
HimebaughCyreniusHiram H HimebaughWyoming
HimebaughGeorgeHiram H HimebaughWyoming
HimebaughHiram HHiram H HimebaughWyoming
HimebaughMabel MHiram H HimebaughWyoming
HimebaughOrtieHiram H HimebaughWyoming
HimesEdgarFrederick Eugene HimesMonticello
HimesFrederick EugeneFrederick Eugene HimesMonticello
HinmanDarious SDarius S HinmanAnamosa
HobbSarah EllenWilliam H IllsleyWyoming
HodginJohnJohn HodginAnamosa
HodgmanEffieClark Boone HopkinsWyoming
HogeboomWilliamWilliam HogeboomWyoming
HolcombCyrus LCyrus L HolcombAnamosa
HolcombFred (Mrs.)John AdamsAnamosa
HoldenJaneCharles W MasonOlin
HollenbeckHarlanHarlan HollenbeckAnamosa
HolmanSylvester FSylvester F HolmanWyoming
HolmesCharlesOliver P HolmesOlin
HolmesGeorge LOliver P HolmesOlin
HolmesJohn EOliver P HolmesOlin
HolmesOliver P Oliver P HolmesOlin
HopkinsClark BooneClark Boone HopkinsWyoming
HopkinsFrankClark Boone HopkinsWyoming
HopkinsVernClark Boone HopkinsWyoming
HopkinsW SClark Boone HopkinsWyoming
HornerB E (Mrs)Augustus Watson HiltonOlin
HortonAlice JJasper L HortonOlin
HortonJackson EJackson E HortonOlin
HortonJasper LJasper L HortonOlin
HortonLouisaJasper L HortonOlin
HoskinsAlva RAlva R HoskinsWyoming
HoskinsCarrie Frank ChapmanAnamosa
HoskinsCharles GCharles G HoskinsAnamosa
HossAnna KatherineJames McClure JohnstonAnamosa
HouseMary HRiley CalkinsMonticello
HoustmanClara Samuel Ray LarimerAnamosa
HowardEdward NEdward N HowardWyoming
HullGladys LHarrison W SigworthAnamosa
HumpalJohn (Mrs) Franklin GrimmAnamosa
HuttonS G (Mrs)Benjamin G PaulWyoming
HuttonSamuel G (Mrs)William T CameronWyoming
HydeAllie ArmintaJohn Benjamin JarrettMonticello

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