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The Jones County Genealogical Society has provided this Index to the Jones County GAR Posts' Membership Cards. In some cases the cards have much more information: birthdates, birthplaces, obituaries, 50th anniversary celebrations, and, of course, the units that the soldiers served in during the Civil War. They will be happy to copy the information for an individual soldier for $2. Send the name you are interested in and an SASE to: Jones County Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 174, Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Relative Last NameRelative First NameSoldierPost
MackrillJessieSamuel R MackrillWyoming
MackrillSamuel RSamuel R MackrillWyoming
MaddoxSusannaSamuel W ReedOlin
MageeDavid FDavid F MageeMonticello
MageeF MDavid F MageeMonticello
MageeJ C (Rev)David F MageeMonticello
ManhardtJames (Mrs)Samuel DrustAnamosa
ManningMinnieWilliam FullerMonticello
MarcellusRosannOliver P HolmesOlin
MarchNancyTheodore ClothierOlin
MarkRosettaIsaac SchueppWyoming
MarkeyMrsWilliam MillsOlin
MarkeyMrsWilliam MillsOxford Jct.
MarkleAlbert SFrederick MarkleMonticello
MarkleAlcenaFrederick MarkleMonticello
MarkleFrederickFrederick MarkleMonticello
MarkleGrant E (DDS)Frederick MarkleMonticello
MarkleMary A William DuncanOlin
MarshallEdwin RThomas R MarshallMonticello
MarshallThomasThomas MarshallMonticello
MarshallThomas RThomas R MarshallMonticello
MasonAlfred JCharles W MasonOlin
MasonCharles W Charles W MasonOlin
MasonCharles W Charles W MasonOlin
MasonFreeman DCharles W MasonOlin
MatejkaElizabeth JaneJoseph ShedeckWyoming
MathewsLewisLewis MathewsMonticello
MattheisenJessie NAlfred W StarksMonticello
MatthewsJas (Mrs)Andrew CassadyMonticello
MaudsleyChristopher WChristopher W MaudsleyAnamosa
MauriceArthur M (MD)Nicholas MauriceMonticello
MauriceDavidNicholas MauriceMonticello
MauriceHarryNicholas MauriceMonticello
MauriceKateNicholas MauriceMonticello
MauriceNicholasNicholas MauriceMonticello
MauriceRobertNicholas MauriceWyoming
McCartneyGeorgeGeorge McCartneyOlin
McClainMargaretWilliam James AdamsMonticello
McClureJohn WJohn W McClureOlin
McCordBessieJames Matthew McCordAnamosa
McCordJames MatthewJames Matthew McCordAnamosa
McCordMaryJames Matthew McCordAnamosa
McCordRoy EJames Matthew McCordAnamosa
McCormackEleazarWilliam H EllisOlin
McCormackLizzieWilliam H EllisOlin
McCormickSarah JaneBenedict ShermanOlin
McCreadyMargaretWilliam T CameronWyoming
McDanielOrlandoOrlando McDanielWyoming
McDonaldFannieNaaman Balch NoyesWyoming
McDonaldIdaJohn C SimpsonOlin
McDonaughJohn (Mrs)Samuel R MackrillWyoming
McFarlandEmilyHenry AldrichWyoming
McGladeMarthaRobert StevensonMonticello
McGowanCalvinCalvin McGowanAnamosa
McGregorGeorge SGeorge S McGregorMonticello
McHorterJohnJohn McHorterAnamosa
McHortonThomas CThomas C McHortonAnamosa
McKeanA C (Dr)Charles Beatty McKeanMonticello
McKeanCharles BeattyCharles Beatty McKeanMonticello
McKeanFrank (Rev)Charles Beatty McKeanMonticello
McKeanJamesCharles Beatty McKeanMonticello
McKeanTeresaRalph F SykesOxford Jct.
McKearneyFrederickJames O McKearneyMonticello
McKearneyJames OJames O McKearneyMonticello
McKearneyJoannaJames O McKearneyMonticello
McKearneyJohn CJames O McKearneyMonticello
McLaughlinFrederickMichael M McLaughlinWyoming
McLaughlinJoannaMichael M McLaughlinWyoming
McLaughlinJohn CMichael M McLaughlinWyoming
McLaughlinMichael MMichael M McLaughlinWyoming
McLeodJames HJames H McLeodAnamosa
McMasterLucyLyman OsbornWyoming
McMillanArchieDennis L McMillanWyoming
McMillanClaud NDennis L McMillanWyoming
McMillanDavid SDavid S McMillanOxford Jct.
McMillanDelbert LDennis L McMillanWyoming
McMillanDennis LDennis L McMillanWyoming
McMillanDonaldDennis L McMillanWyoming
McMillanFranklin CDennis L McMillanWyoming
McMillanFrederick HDennis L McMillanWyoming
McMillanHerbert MDennis L McMillanWyoming
McMillanOliveDennis L McMillanWyoming
McMillanRoloDennis L McMillanWyoming
McMillerJohnJohn McMillerAnamosa
McNurienMattieAlfred W StarksMonticello
McQuownLillieClark Boone HopkinsWyoming
McRobertsElias WilliamWilliam Harrison McRobertsWyoming
McRobertsJames LewisWilliam Harrison McRobertsWyoming
McRobertsJulia EttieWilliam Harrison McRobertsWyoming
McRobertsWilliam HarrisonWilliam Harrison McRobertsWyoming
McToshMaryJoseph ShedeckWyoming
MeadJennieHarrison W SigworthAnamosa
MeadJennie BJoseph A HannaWyoming
MeekGeorge BIsaac H MeekAnamosa
MeekIsaac HIsaac H MeekAnamosa
MeeksMelindaFranklin GrimmAnamosa
MentzerHelenGustavus A HastingsOxford Jct.
MillerCharlotteJohn Benjamin JarrettMonticello
MillerElias VElias V MillerOlin
MillerSarahNicholas Hutchenson LindseyWyoming
MillsElizabethWilliam MillsOlin
MillsElizabethWilliam MillsOxford Jct.
MillsHarrison THarrison T MillsWyoming
MillsJohnWilliam MillsOlin
MillsJohnWilliam MillsOxford Jct.
MillsWilliamWilliam MillsOlin
MillsWilliam JWilliam MillsOxford Jct.
MillsWm JWilliam MillsOlin
MilnerLucyJacob H CourtneyWyoming
MinorHattieWilliam Simpson GarrisonWyoming
MitchellHattieCharles V CookWyoming
MoatsAmbrose PAmbrose P MoatsWyoming
MohnLottieGeorge W DavisAnamosa
MoncriefFlorenceJacob H CourtneyWyoming
MoneypennyMaryAlbert GreenOlin
MooreGertrudeHenry BenfieldOlin
MorrisE A (Mrs)Hiram H HimebaughWyoming
MorseCliffordMark H MorseWyoming
MorseJohn WMark H MorseWyoming
MorseKaren KayMark H MorseWyoming
MorseMark HMark H MorseWyoming
MorsePhoebeMark H MorseWyoming
MorseWilliam NMark H MorseWyoming
MortonEzra DEzra D MortonOxford Jct.
MosesJ MWilliam WhiteOlin
MosesNellie AmeliaWilliam WhiteOlin
MulletJerome MJerome M MulletWyoming
MunsellBurrellEmery L MunsellOxford Jct.
MunsellDelbertEmery L MunsellOxford Jct.
MunsellEmery LEmery L MunsellOxford Jct.
MunsellLouisaEmery L MunsellOxford Jct.
MurphyCharles HCharles H MurphyMonticello
MurphyJames (Mrs)James McClure JohnstonAnamosa
MurrayHelenGustavus A HastingsOxford Jct.

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