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The Jones County Genealogical Society has provided this Index to the Jones County GAR Posts' Membership Cards. In some cases the cards have much more information: birthdates, birthplaces, obituaries, 50th anniversary celebrations, and, of course, the units that the soldiers served in during the Civil War. They will be happy to copy the information for an individual soldier for $2. Send the name you are interested in and an SASE to: Jones County Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 174, Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Relative Last NameRelative First NameSoldierPost
PalmerClarabellLemar PalmerMonticello
PalmerFrankLemar PalmerMonticello
PalmerJamesLemar PalmerMonticello
PalmerLemonLemar PalmerMonticello
PalmerRuth AnnSolomon A PopeAnamosa
ParkerAntonAnton ParkerAnamosa
ParksJacob Farver Jacob Farver ParksWyoming
ParshallSamuel NSamuel N ParshallWyoming
ParsonsLeeThomas Torrington ParsonsAnamosa
ParsonsOttoThomas Torrington ParsonsAnamosa
ParsonsPaulThomas Torrington ParsonsAnamosa
ParsonsThomas TorringtonThomas Torrington ParsonsAnamosa
ParsonsWileyThomas Torrington ParsonsAnamosa
PattersonFordhamThomas Elliott PattersonAnamosa
PattersonSarah ASquire Elijah SarlesMonticello
PattersonThomas ElliottThomas Elliott PattersonAnamosa
PattisonAlvie FlorenceThomas Lewis PattisonAnamosa
PattisonClarence EarlThomas Lewis PattisonAnamosa
PattisonDuward BellmontThomas Lewis PattisonAnamosa
PattisonFloy eThomas Lewis PattisonAnamosa
PattisonHelen AliceThomas Lewis PattisonAnamosa
PattonAnna EGrottan B CaveOxford Jct.
PattonBertha David A ClayWyoming
PattonNancy AnneHannibal C FreemanOlin
PaulBenjamin GBenjamin G PaulWyoming
PaulHenry FHenry F PaulWyoming
PaulJames MJames M PaulWyoming
PayneMollieWilliam T PayneMonticello
PayneMollieWilliam RearickMonticello
PayneWilliam TWilliam T PayneMonticello
PealerDavid FDavid PealerWyoming
PealerEdward OscarDavid PealerWyoming
PealerJohn CDavid PealerWyoming
PealerLouis FranklinDavid PealerWyoming
PealerMary LenoreDavid PealerWyoming
PealerRuby EthelJohn L RichardsonWyoming
PealerSamuelDavid PealerWyoming
PeckHarrietDaniel G TeboWyoming
PeckWilliam HWilliam H PeckWyoming
PegarickFannyJoseph ShedeckWyoming
PelkyIsraelIsrael PelkyWyoming
PeltierLouis ELouis E PeltierMonticello
PepinCharlesFrancis J PepinMonticello
PepinFrancis JFrancis J PepinMonticello
PepinJuliaFrancis J PepinMonticello
PepinMichaelFrancis J PepinMonticello
PeppinEdwinFrancis J PepinMonticello
PeppinEmmaFrancis J PepinMonticello
PeppinHarryFrancis J PepinMonticello
PeppinMayFrancis J PepinMonticello
PerryMaryJoseph A HannaWyoming
PetersAnnaPeter OmmenMonticello
PetersLillianWillis F HansonWyoming
PetersSarah AnnRobert DottAnamosa
PetersonDorothy AJoseph WhitneyMonticello
PhelanDaniel JDaniel J PhelanAnamosa
PhelanJames HJames H PhelanAnamosa
PhelpsCynthia WilkinsRiley ArnoldOlin
PhillipsBessieIsaac H PhillipsMonticello
PhillipsIsaac HIsaac H PhillipsMonticello
PhillipsSarahFrancis J PepinMonticello
PickensArmintaJohn Benjamin JarrettMonticello
PierceHoratio F Horatio F PierceMonticello
PierceLucien BLucien B PierceAnamosa
PietersF FCharles W MasonOlin
PietersMinnieCharles W MasonOlin
PikeJames LJames L PikeOlin
PopeSolomon ASolomon A PopeAnamosa
PorterLottieWalter JamesWyoming
PorterSarah JLyman J AdairAnamosa
PotterJames OJames O PotterWyoming
PotterJohn MJames O PotterWyoming
PotterSarah JaneCharles P AtwoodAnamosa
PottsWilsonWilson PottsAnamosa
PowelkaFrankJoseph PowelkaOxford Jct.
PowelkaJosephJoseph PowelkaWyoming
PowelkaJosephJoseph PowelkaOxford Jct.
PowelkaManuelJoseph PowelkaOxford Jct.
PrescottSarahJohn StewartAnamosa
PriceC JJohn M PriceOlin
PriceJohn MJohn M PriceOlin
PriestJonathan DJonathan D PriestAnamosa
PurcellGeorge MMartin PurcellAnamosa
PurcellMartinMartin PurcellAnamosa
PurcellPaul (Mrs)Francis J PepinMonticello
PurcellTom WMartin PurcellAnamosa

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