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The Jones County Genealogical Society has provided this Index to the Jones County GAR Posts' Membership Cards. In some cases the cards have much more information: birthdates, birthplaces, obituaries, 50th anniversary celebrations, and, of course, the units that the soldiers served in during the Civil War. They will be happy to copy the information for an individual soldier for $2. Send the name you are interested in and an SASE to: Jones County Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 174, Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Relative Last NameRelative First NameSoldierPost
TaborJulia aWillis F HansonWyoming
TacyJohnJohn TacyMonticello
TarboxEdgarManville TarboxOlin
TarboxManvilleManville TarboxOlin
TauerWarrenWarren TauerAnamosa
TaylorElizabethElisha M CookWyoming
TeboCaleb FCaleb F TeboWyoming
TeboDaniel GDaniel G TeboWyoming
TempletonEdward (Mrs)Sewell S FarwellMonticello
ThedeHenry (Mrs)James A AshcroftWyoming
ThomasBertSamuel Oliver ThomasAnamosa
ThomasElihuElihu ThomasWyoming
ThomasFlorenceJohn L RichardsonWyoming
ThomasFrankSamuel Oliver ThomasAnamosa
ThomasJessieSamuel Oliver ThomasAnamosa
ThomasSamuel OliverSamuel Oliver ThomasAnamosa
ThomasStella MaySamuel Oliver ThomasAnamosa
ThompsonElmer (Mrs)Geo Wash Alex CookAnamosa
ThompsonHenryHenry ThompsonAnamosa
ThortonMary KElijah G DruryWyoming
ThurstonHelen MJeremiah C AustinOlin
ThurstonWilliam H William H ThurstonOxford Jct.
TiceAlbertineJohn Gordon CudworthAnamosa
TomerAmelia JLawrence SchoonoverAnamosa
TompkinsEllenSamuel R MackrillWyoming
TompkinsOrrinOrrin TompkinsWyoming
TompkinsRufusRufus TompkinsWyoming
TowleCharles ACharles A TowleMonticello
TownsendH ClaytonH Clayton TownsendAnamosa
TripElizabethCable BelknapAnamosa
TruaxDaisyJohn Aldrich WhiteWyoming
TruaxMargaret janeEdmund R SeallsOlin
TruckenmillerJacob RJacob R TruckenmillerOxford Jct.
TubbsSamiraClark Boone HopkinsWyoming
TuckerChalmer DChalmer D TuckerWyoming
TurckHarry (Mrs)Gideon JacobyOlin
TurnerMargaretPeter J HartmanAnamosa
TyronMargaretMiles Perry SigworthAnamosa

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