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The Jones County Genealogical Society has provided this Index to the Jones County GAR Posts' Membership Cards. In some cases the cards have much more information: birthdates, birthplaces, obituaries, 50th anniversary celebrations, and, of course, the units that the soldiers served in during the Civil War. They will be happy to copy the information for an individual soldier for $2. Send the name you are interested in and an SASE to: Jones County Genealogy Society, P.O. Box 174, Anamosa, Iowa 52205

Relative Last NameRelative First NameSoldierPost
WagerJeremiahJeremiah WagerMonticello
WalbridgeWarren WWarren W WalbridgeAnamosa
WalchMaryNicholas MauriceMonticello
WaldoHoratio HHoratio H WaldoOlin
WaltersKatherine AJoseph A HannaWyoming
WaltonSamuel LSamuel L WaltonOlin
WanicekMaryFrank FisherAnamosa
WarrellMartha JNaaman Balch NoyesWyoming
WarrenFrances Ezra Burch ChamplinWyoming
WarrenLillianeOliver W ShibleyWyoming
WarringtonSarahJohn C SimpsonOlin
WashburnEmilyHugh Harrison CunninghamAnamosa
WashburnFrank (Mrs)John Phillip ChopperAnamosa
WashingtonPatrickPatrick WashingtonAnamosa
WashingtonRobertPatrick WashingtonAnamosa
WassonMary ECharles B GridleyWyoming
WatermanSarahFredric LawrenceMonticello
WatsonMarshall DMarshall D WatsonOxford Jct.
WaughWilliam HWilliam H WaughMonticello
WebbFrank DFrank D WebbOlin
WeissJoseph AllenJoseph Allen WeissAnamosa
WellesL D (Mrs)James A AshcroftWyoming
WellsMary AWilliam WilsonAnamosa
WellsMary AnnFranklin D HawleyWyoming
WethersonLukeLuke WethersonAnamosa
WherryCecil Charles B GridleyWyoming
WherryJ TRalph F SykesOxford Jct.
WherryMary JaneCharles B GridleyWyoming
WhiteEvaWilliam WhiteOlin
WhiteJennie MWilliam WhiteOlin
WhiteJohnJohn Aldrich WhiteWyoming
WhiteJohn AldrichJohn Aldrich WhiteWyoming
WhiteJohn AldrichJohn Aldrich WhiteOlin
WhiteMarjorieJohn Aldrich WhiteWyoming
WhiteMary VirginiaJohn Aldrich WhiteWyoming
WhiteSewardJohn Aldrich WhiteWyoming
WhiteVirginiaJohn Aldrich WhiteWyoming
WhiteW F (Mrs)George W SonesAnamosa
WhiteWilliamWilliam WhiteOlin
WhiteWilliamWilliam WhiteOlin
WhitesellAmandaWilliam MillsOlin
WhitesellAmanda William MillsOxford Jct.
WhitneyCarrie EJoseph WhitneyMonticello
WhitneyElmo EJoseph WhitneyMonticello
WhitneyEphraimJoseph WhitneyMonticello
WhitneyFrances ELorenzo D CarltonWyoming
WhitneyFrances ELorenzo D CarltonOxford Jct.
WhitneyGeorge PJoseph WhitneyMonticello
WhitneyInez AJoseph WhitneyMonticello
WhitneyJohn HJohn H WhitneyOxford Jct.
WhitneyJosephJoseph WhitneyMonticello
WhitneyWarren JJoseph WhitneyMonticello
WhittemoreAustin BAustin B WhittemoreMonticello
WhittemoreCyrusFrank A WhittemoreMonticello
WhittemoreFrank AFrank A WhittemoreMonticello
WigginsColumbus DColumbus D WigginsWyoming
WilcoxEdwin (Mrs)William T CameronWyoming
WildsAlexander GThomas Maurice WildsAnamosa
WildsThomas MauriceThomas Maurice WildsAnamosa
WilkinsElmer (Mrs)Albert GreenOlin
WilletteEmma ChadwickThomas Elliott PattersonAnamosa
WilliamsA DRoyal S WilliamsWyoming
WilliamsFranklin AshleyFranklin Ashley WilliamsWyoming
WilliamsGraceJames StrickelAnamosa
WilliamsHarrietFranklin Ashley WilliamsWyoming
WilliamsRoyal SRoyal S WilliamsWyoming
WillisMargaret ElisaMark H MorseWyoming
WilsonC BWilliam WilsonAnamosa
WilsonDora MaeBenjamin H ScrivensWyoming
WilsonJasBenjamin H ScrivensWyoming
WilsonWilliamWilliam WilsonAnamosa
WinsorJames HJames H WinsorMonticello
WirtEmmaJohn J WirtWyoming
WirtFloraJohn J WirtWyoming
WirtJohn JJohn J WirtWyoming
WolfSarahWilliam WilsonAnamosa
WolfeGeorge HGeorge H WolfeOxford Jct.
WonderlyJennieJohn O DuerMonticello
WoodElihu JElihu J WoodAnamosa
WoodMargaretElihu J WoodAnamosa
WooderCord (Mrs)Albert GreenOlin
WoodmanAlmaWilliam Griffith RuhlAnamosa
WoodwardHarrietRufus TompkinsWyoming
WoodwardHattie EThomas R MarshallMonticello
WoodworthSarah AnnThomas BucknerAnamosa
WoodyardJeremiahJeremiah WoodyardWyoming
WrightAddieLucius F RenneOlin
WrightE A (Mrs)Robert Rollin GlennMonticello
WrightOrpha AJames Alpheus LemasterWyoming
WrightPriscilla F Pomeroy E BancroftMonticello
WryWilliamWilliam WryAnamosa

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