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The photograph in the header is of Center Cemetery in Rome township. Thanks to Rosalie Ahrendson we now have a History of the Chapel and Cemetery for your enjoyment.


Over 5400 gravestones listed.

1482 0bits
of Oxford Junction
area residents from
Rita Balichek at the

Oxford Junction Heritage Museum.

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Latest entries are highlighted with Red.
Women are listed by both their maiden and married names.
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Edmund Caes
Maria Rogers Cahill
Enola Mae Caffee
Donald W. Cain
Susie Albertson Cain
Laura Chambers Calhoun
Martin H. Calkins
Marilyn Lorraine Calloway
Maxine Alice Calloway
Vivian Grace Calloway
Matilda Campbell
Gary Nelson Capron
Evelyn Stivers Carlough
Helen Bigger Carlsen
Henry M. Carlsen
Lena Kasper Carlsen
Agnes E. Carlson
Carrie Marie Carlson
Jessie McCollough Carpenter
Mary Willa Carnal
Duane Carnes
Sarah Brodersen Carnes
Howard W. Carpenter
Lorraine Thomas Carpenter
Mary A. Carr
Nellie Mae Ralston Carr
Walter Carr
Jerry Peter Carstens
Dora Carstensen
Karen Kay Carstensen
Hildred Bernice Carter
Ida Carter
James Carter
Rhoda Benadom Carter
Cheryl Whiting Caspers
Laura Henrietta Caspers
Faye Pauline Cass
Garret Wayne Cass
Andrew Cassady
Gary Porter Catlett
Jane Ann Catlett
Willine French Cavey
Robert Anthony Cerny
Kimberly Walker Chambers
Laura Grace Chambers
Audra DeMoss Chapman
Audrey Schrader Chatterton
Boyd Calvin Chatterton
Laurie Chatterton
Diana Draper Chavez
Mary McDermott Cheshire
Ella McNamara Chesire
Jennie Chesire
John Chesire
John H. Chesire
John T. Chesire
Julia Chesire
Margaret Hier Chesire
Matthew Chesire
Patrick Chesire
William P. Chesire
Marcia Faye Chesmore
Anna (Tina) Christiansen
John Christiansen
Norman C. Christiansen
Jessica Christiansen-Larrimore
James Prescott Christianson
Norma Waggoner Christianson
John M. Christopherson
Hazel Marie Clampitt
Louis Clampitt
Phyllis Brown Clampitt
Mildred Leslie Clapp
Rachel L. Clapp
Ann J. Clark
Diane Lynn Clark
Doris Maxine Clark
Eliza Young Clark
Elizabeth Reid Clark
Homer A. Clark
Judith Hurst Clark
Lois Mae “Loey” Clark
Lorraine Bartels Clark
Lynnea Jensen Hutchins-Clark
Nancy Volk Clark
Paul Allen Clark
Roger K. Clark
James A. Clarke
Ella G. Cleasby
Mame Cleasby
Mary Clements
Richard J. Cleveland
Philip Cline
Rebecca Murphy Cline
Sarah Shumaker Clymer
Elizabeth H. Cobb
Jane Wern Cofiell
Belva June Coker
Adeline Stivers Colby
Amber June Cole
Betty L. Davidson
Darla Wright Colehour
Mary Ann Coleteaux
Neva Mae Collins
Mark Merrill Colony
Ruth Holzinger Colony
Charlotte A. Colton
Donald Ellis Combs
Della Mary Ann Compton
Kathleen Conboy
Darlene Stoner Condon
Lauretta Supple Conlin
Bridget Conmey
Fred W. Conmey
John Kane Conmey
Mary Conmey
Mary McNamara Conmey
Roy Merrill Conmey
Donald Lance Connelly
Mildred Wells Connelly
Carolyn Kay Conner
Shirley Pleasant Conner
Betty Ogden Connolly
Janice L. Conrad
Bonnie Wigger Conwell
Elizabeth Hager Cook
John William Cook
Justus A. Cook
Fred Coon
Mabel Lloyd Coon
Marguerite Buresh Coon
Norton J. Coon
Samuel Coon
Maria Walston Coon
Orval Lee Cooper
Susan Axline Cooper
William Edward Corbin Jr.
Irma Corcoran, BVM
Wilma Abigail Corcoran
Friedrich H. T. Cordes
Vernon Corkhill
Mary Moulton Cotton
David W. Countryman
Jacob H. Courtney
Carolyn Cousins
Donald Cox
Merle Edward Cox
Carol Rasmussen Cozart
Margo A. Cozart
Ruth Craig
Elizabeth Bender Crawford
William B. Crawford
Claribel Roseberry Cress
Forest Cress
Jacob Austin Cress
George Sylvester Crone
Helen Haight Crone
William Crone
Mary Ellen Davidson Cross
Dorothy Krutzfield Cruise
Lavern W. Cruise
Albert W. "Bill" Crump
Dorothy Shannon Culver
Barbara Ann Cummings
Margaret Ann Cummings
Robert Eugene Cummings
Shirley Brown Cummins
Arnold Lee Curley
Elsie Vietzke Current
Maxine Belva Current
Connie Sue Curtin


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