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The photograph in the header is of Center Cemetery in Rome township. Thanks to Rosalie Ahrendson we now have a History of the Chapel and Cemetery for your enjoyment.


Over 5400 gravestones listed.

1482 0bits
of Oxford Junction
area residents from
Rita Balichek at the
Oxford Junction Heritage Museum.

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Latest entries are highlighted with Red.
Women are listed by both their maiden and married names.
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Cletus P. Fagan
John W. Fagan
Thomas D. Fagan
Mary Fahrmi
Alberta Boots Fairley
Debora Fairley
Frances Bixler Fairley
Marjorie Butterfield Fairley
Donna M. Fall
Helen Bendixen Fall
Lila Fall
Linda Diane Fall
Terry L. Fall
Velma Gilmore Fall
Verlin Kay Fall
Clucas Faragher
Almira Ames Farnham
David Arthur Farnham
Hiram Putnam Farnham
Mary Richtstine Farnham
John Allen Farrington
Samara Jane Farrington
Albert Fass
Marie Friedrichs Fass
Patricia Alberta Fass
Barbara Fausek
Edward Fay
Margaret Mulconnery Fay
Edwyn Albert Fear
Betty Ogden Feddersen
Leon Feddersen
Anna Poppe Fehners
John Fehners
Paula Fellinger
Ellen McCormick Felt
Emma Eldred Felton
O. J. Felton
Peter J Ferring
Allen L. Feuss
Jean Bicknese Feuss
Billy B. Fields
Varlyn D. Fink
Irene Snyder Finn
Maldean Marie Finn
Edith Harrison Finnigan
Connie Sue Fisher
Emily Fisher
George W. Fisher
Janet K. Fisher
Joseph Hunt Fisher
Marie Hansen Fisher
Kenneth Lee Fishwild
Larry Douglas Fishwild
Marie Louise FitzGerald
James Flannigan
Margaret Duffy Flannigan
Janan Margaret Iola Fleming
Margaret Lee Flockhart
Viola Mae Leslie Flory
Margaret Foley Foarde
Margaret Mary Foley
Thomas Foley
Alta Bramer Folkers
Ed Folkers
Evalena Folkers
Harm Folkers
John Folkers
Rena Schoon Folkers
Wübke Tobiason Folkers
Gertrude Brown Folkerts
Charlotte Colton Ford
John Foreman
James "Jim" William Foulks
Alberta L. Fowler
Robert B. "Bob" Fowler
Betty Jane Frank
Lavina Frank
Mikeal Vernon Franks
John Frasher
Anna Belle Jones Frazier
George Frazier
Richard Frazier
Marion Erb Frazier
Wright Shaw Frazier
Edna Sejkora Freeman
Anna Maria Freese
Bernice Brunscheen Freese
Jean Ann Freese
Edith I. French
Elizabeth Ann French
Grace Beaver French
Leona Mae French
Mabel L. French
Victoreen Tippett French
Willine Lucella French
Yvonne Kathleen Freundt
Louisa Frey (Fry)
Marie Terese Friedrichs
Georgia Topinka Fritcher
Faron Michael Robert Fritz
Janet Marie Fritz
George C. Fry
Lillian Lucile Fuglsang
Mrs. Jennie Edes Fuller
Robert L. Fuller
Janan Fleming Fulwider
Margaret Tucker Fulwider
Phyllis Bartels Fulwider
Dorothy Welter Furne
Royal "Roy" Furne
Doris Jean Day Fye
Marie Louise Gagne
Louisa Buenga Garmshausen
Frank G. Garside
Gary W. Garside
Sarah Lyon Garside
Sherry A. Garside
Myrtle Agnes Garson
Mary Coleteaux Gatts
Jannette M. "Jane" Gavin
Joseph Gavin
Edna Gladys Gehloff
Beverly Rettenmeier Geltz
Sharon Lund Gentile
Anna Margaretta Gerdes
Fenche Gerrietts
Helen Osterkamp Gerst
Lennie McCartey Gesie
Robert "Dewey" Gesie
Dr. David Gilchrist, DVM
Christopher "Gilly" Gillmore
May Holub Gilmore
Velma L. Gilmore
Verna Duncan Gilmore
Wayne Glanz
Andrew T. Glass
Maude Kiburz Glass
Willard C. Gleason
Carolyn Cousins Glenn
Joseph Crain Glenn
Joseph Marion Glenn
Mary Ireland Glenn
Olive Stivers Glenn
Paul Calvin Glenn
Ralph I. Glenn
Rebecca Ann Glenn
Ruth Ketelsen Glenn
Lt. Steven L. Glenn
Willis H. Glenn
Elizabeth Stephens Glick
John Arthur Glick
Michial Allen Glick
Rebecca Glenn Glick
Samuel Arthur Glick
Martha Wolf Glock
Byron Michael "Mike" Goettsch
John Meyers Good
Jean Ellen Gordon
Margaret Messingham Gordon
Alfreda Gorman
Rt. Rev. Daniel M. Gorman
John Gorman
Katherine Gorman
Michael Gorman
Michael J. Gorman
Allen Arthur Graf
Elizabeth Grafft
Nancy Ennis Graham
Connie Engelbart Grassi
Frederick Grassmeyer
Pauline Lorentzen Grassmeyer
Ruth M. Graves
Dorathy Hardersen Gray
Keith Jacob Gray
Steven Curtis Gray
Verlyn Kay Gray
Albert E. Green
Benjamin Franklin Green
Doris V. Green
Ervin Green
Hannah Green
Judith Hurst Green
Mabel Dubois Green
Mary Iola Green
Rachel Hall Green
Reuben Green
Silvina Green
Gladys Lena Grim
Sarah Griggs
Jan J. Griswold
Mary Ann Griswold
Dale H. Groth
Esther Reyelts Groth
Helen Emma Hannah Groth
Bernice Lausten Grothenhuis
Elizabeth Sampson Gunther
Bernard Grogan
Clarice D. Groth
Elizabeth Grumm
Garry Gudenkauf
Glatha Jean Guhl
Renee Webster Gunder
Eliza Jane Guy
Samuel Guzzo


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