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The photograph in the header is of Center Cemetery in Rome township. Thanks to Rosalie Ahrendson we now have a History of the Chapel and Cemetery for your enjoyment.


Over 5400 gravestones listed.

1482 0bits
of Oxford Junction
area residents from
Rita Balichek at the
Oxford Junction Heritage Museum.

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Women are listed by both their maiden and married names.
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Elizabeth Quigley (1902)
Elizabeth Quigley (1916)
Margaret McElin Quigley
Statia Powers Quigley
Ruth Ann Bungum
Doris Eugina Ralston
Nellie Mae Ralston
Prusha H. Randall
Carol Maxine Rasmussen
Velma West Rasmussen
Anna May Rathbun
Jennie Sievertsen Rathmann
Clella Frances Wells Ray
Michele Dunlap Ray
Margaret Reade
Margaret Emily Reade
William Henry Harrison Reade
Edna Ambuehl Rebich
Johanna “Jo” Catherine Redmond
Elaine Reed
Linda Joslin Reed
William E. Rees
Margaret Wagoner Reese
Mary Lasack Regennitter
Thomas Glen Regennitter
Elizabeth Reid
Ronald Dwight Reid
Ruth Margaret Reid
Wanda Lea Reid
Loretta Mae Reins
Calvin Reiss
Laura Holst Reiss
Anna Elizabeth Reitz
Betty Levsen Remley
Regina Brady Remington
Beverly Ann Rettenmeier
Emma Caroline Rettig
Esther Louise Reyelts
Mary Carr Reyner
L. Rice
Rodney W. Rice
Rose Dochterman Rich
Edna Ross Richard
Alice Richardson
Kathy Vacek Richardson
Helen Alden Riches
David Shane Riches
John F. Riches
Mary Catherine Richtstine
Adrienne Schnepp Rickels
Engel Hayen Rickels
Esther Hanson Rickels
Gerd Rickels
Gladys Koranda Rickels
Glen Rickels
James Burnell Rickels
Jean Gordon Rickels
Johanna "Lizzie" Rickels
John Rickels
John Henry Rickels
Logan L. Rickels
Taalke Tobiassen Rickels
Velda Maxine Rickels
Althien Gertrude Ricklefs
Donna Lea Ricklefs
Eloise Husmann Ricklefs
Jean Joann Ricklefs
Lester R. Ricklefs
Lois Huffman Ridout
William S. Rieken
Anton Theodore Rieniets
Eliza Amanda Rigby
Wanda Peterson Riggs
Lucy Ripley
Charles Ripperton
Mary Liston Risden
Elizabeth Grafft Ristine
Mary Magdalena Ritschard
Leona M. Rittmer
Joyce Ambuel Robertson
Casper Ilsley Robinson
Charles Henry Robinson
Mary Latta Robertson
William Riley Robinson
Gerald Leroy Rockwell
Jeannette Rockwell
Gracie L. Rodman
Edna Gehloff Roeglin
Milo Milton Roeglin
Maria Rogers
Betty Frank Rohwedder
Darlene Luckstead Rohwedder
Hazel Levsen Rohwedder
Judy Oldorf Rohwedder
Thelma Mizaur Rohwedder
Robert B. Roman
Diane Kay Romer
Sheila Petersen Ronek
Edmund O. Root
Ozias J. Root
Claribel Marie Roseberry
Florence Rosenbaum
Edna June Ross
Milton LaVerne Ross
Amos Rouse
Karen Carstensen Rouse
Harriet M. Rowe
Charles Rowell
Elise F. Rowell
Nettie LLoyd Rowell
Kenneth Rowley
Rick Neal Rowley
Franc Joyce "Jo" Royden
Michael Edward Ruedy
Angeline Anna Ruley
Joseph Albert Ruley
Lorna Husmann Ruley
Anna Ruof
John Ruof
Elsie May Ruppert
Gail Mosely Russell
Lorenzo D. Russell
Laurabelle Strake Rutenbeck
Dorothy Lea Ryan
Maxine Helen Ryan


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