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The photograph in the header is of Center Cemetery in Rome township. Thanks to Rosalie Ahrendson we now have a History of the Chapel and Cemetery for your enjoyment.


Over 5400 gravestones listed.

1482 0bits
of Oxford Junction
area residents from
Rita Balichek at the
Oxford Junction Heritage Museum.

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Latest entries are highlighted with Red.
Women are listed by both their maiden and married names.
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Pauline Wyrick
Enola Caffee Wade
Anthony Waggoner
Kathryn Jane Waggoner
Lee Albert Waggoner
Lucille Waggoner
Mary Waggoner
Norma Ruth Waggoner
Paul Franklin Waggoner
Norma Jean Wagner
Margaret Angeline Wagoner
Mary Alice Wagoner
Nancy Soesbe Wagoner
Barbara "Barb" Wainwright
Carrie O. Walbridge
Eliza Jane Walbridge
Liona Levisa Walbridge
Warren Washington Walbridge
Leona Agnes Walderbach
Willene Walderbach
Charles E. Wales
Edward Lee Walker
James Leroy Walker
Kimberly Linette Walker
Rose Marie Wallace
Leona May Wallruff
Maria Walston
Aurilla Tippett Walters
JoAnn McRoberts Walters
Myron Bartlett Walters
Myron Collamer Walters
Mary Ann Walworth
Carrie Carlson Ward
Mary "Darlene" Holst Ward
Hazel Clampitt Warner
Helen Groth Warner
James Warren
William Alan Warren
Ronald Wray Warthen
William Waterhouse
Dona Fern Waters
Mame Cleasby Watkins
Timothy “Tim” E. Watters
Alice Votroubek Webb
Renee Louise Webster
Sarah Jane Webster
Bertha "Betty" Darrow Weers
Lawrence Weers
Helma Elsie Weirup
Arvin Dean Welch
Beulah McNamee Welch
Clyde O. Welch
Freda Bickford Welch
Herman S. Welch
Ida Bickford Welch
Irie Lenn Welch
Lenora Scouten Welch
Manville Welch
Sarah Welch
Thelma Welch
William C. Welch
Clella Frances Wells
Erven F. "Luke" Wells
Mary Wells
Mary Ann Tubbs Wells
Mildred Mira Wells
Nellie Hughes Wells
Susan Axline Wells
Sharon Kay Welsh
Alan R. Welter
Dorothy Eileen Welter
Veronica Maternach Welter
Richard Allen Weltz
Dixie Snelson Welty
Dale W. A. Wenndt
Janice Conrad Wenndt
Edith Taylor Werling
Jane E. Wern
Henry A. "Hank" Weseman
Clarice Kathryn Wessels
George Wessels
Mildred Arthur Wessels
Charles E. West
Robert D. West
Ruth Maxine West
Stephen Gerard West
Velma Jane West
Chet Paul Westcott
Debra McFarland Westcott
Doris Westphal
Edwin F. Westphal
Eloise Brunscheen Westphal
Joyce Gray Westphal
Leona Busch Westfall
Loyd H. Westphal
Peter Frederick Westphal
Daryl Lee Wherry
Isabella Maryana Wherry
Mary Stowers Wherry
Sarah Elizabeth Wherry
Linda Joyce Whetstone
Eliza Salina White
James Albert White
Jennie Smith White
Cheryl Lynn Whiting
Barrett Whittemore
Otis Whittemore
Sarah Butterfield Whittemore
Lovisa Blodgett Whittimore
Elizabeth Wickersham
Leola Miller Wiese
Leroy Emmett Wiese
Bonnie Lou Wigger
Hilma Jones Wilcox
Thomas D. Wilkey
Margaret Jane Wilkinson
Jack R. "Jake" Willett
Donn David Willey
Lawrence Willey
Gale L. Williams
Peggy J. Williams
Randy "Brud" Williams
Tillie Streets Williams
Betty Pegorick Willimack
Jean Jaynes Wilslef
Marvin David Wilslef
Kathryn "Katie" Wilson
Goldie Evelyn Winchip
Lois Anderson Winchip
Roberta Winchip
Shirley Moore Winegar
Jane Marie Winey
Virginia Wing
Alberta Fowler Wink
Lonnie Lee "Toad" Wink
Opal Maxine Wink
Martha Wolf
Josephine Wolfe
Lori K. "Pris" Wolfe
Amos Wood
Arthur LeRoy Wood
Eunice Mott Wood
Glenn William Wood
Harold Emery Wood
Janet Marie Wood
Leroy F. Wood
Philip H. Wood
Phyllis Harding Wood
Sarah Smith Wood
Augusta Haight Woodard
Robert F. Woodard
Donald D. Woodley
Darrell E. Woolison Jr.
Darrell E. Woolison Sr.
Lucy Ripley Worster
Selim Worster
Jay David Wortman
Ann Kropek Wosoba
Lucille Irene Wosoba
Darla Kay Wright
Donald E. Wright
Gladys Elnora Wright
Loanza Bickford Wright
Martha Decker Wry
Verna J. Wulff
James T. Wunder
John R. Wurst
Michael John Wurst
Shana L. Wyant
Leonard Wyncoop
Dorothy Trumm Yanda
Lydia Marek Yarolem
Phyllis Regina Yarolem
Wayne Franklin Yarolem Sr.
Orvin Dale Yeoman
Ivan Paul Yeisley
Anna Yetter
Dr. Oscar E. York
Braxton Allan Young
Eliza Young
Marianne E. Young
Robert Young
Sarah Bonta Young
Iris Porter Young

Carmen Vey Zaruba
Joan Marian Zebuhr
Ahrend G. Zimmerman
Eliza Wilhelmine Zimmerman
Elnora Mae "Elie" Zimmerman
Fred Zimmerman
Freda Zimmerman
Johanna Zimmerman
Louisa M. "Mary" Zimmerman
Lucille Heiken Zimmerman
Mary "Kathy" Zimmerman
Mary Tobiason Zimmerman
Dean E. Zirkelbach
Doris Lacock Zirkelbach
Irene Neunaber Zirkelbach
Betty Kehrli Zumbach
Judith Marie Zumbrunnen


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