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Friedrich Herman Tietken Cordes
Mr. Friedrich Herman Tietken Summoned
Mr. Friedrich Herman Tietken was called to his heavenly reward last (missing) October 29th at 11 o'clock (missing). The deceased was born (missing) 11th, 1875 at Sande, Germany (the son) of Mr. Friedrich August Co (missing) d his wife Magareta Wilhelmine (missing) Tieken. Born in a Christian home he was soon after his birth received into the fellowship of the Triune God in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism and later renewed his baptismal vow in the Lutheran Church at Neustadtgoedens, Germany on the fifth of April 1889, When 16 he came to Castle Grove but soon settled in Wayne Twp. Here he was married to Miss Elise Wilhelmine Husmann, February 16, 1900. This union was blessed with five children, the oldest died in earliest infancy.
Mr. Cordes was in good health all his life until about three years ago he became afflicted with the Flu leaving his kidneys in such a weak condition that later the most skilled physicians pronounced him suffering with Bright's disease. Stubbornly the disease made progress. Three weeks ago he became very ill and his end was thought very near, but he temporarily recovered. Last Friday, October 27, a stroke followed and he passed away peacefully and quietly in the true faith of his Saviour, Jesus Christ, last Sunday, the 29th at about 11o'clock a.m.
A true husband and father, one of the best members of Wayne Lutheran Church, a true Christian has departed.
Internment was made last Wednesday, November 1st at 2 o'clock p.m. at the Wayne cemetery. His sojourn on earth 47 years, 8 months and 18 days, and is survived by his wife, Mrs. Elise Cordes, 4 children: Carl, Hanna, John and Wilhelmine and many other relatives and friends.

Submitted by: Steve Hanken
Note: Although the headline says "Friedrich Herman Tietken," it is obvious from the body of the obit that the man's names was "Cordes." Perhaps there is a missing word in the head as well as in the body. Mr. Cordes' name also appears in the list of deaths from Wayne Zion Lutheran Church.


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