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George Tobiason
October 28, 1859–May 29, 1922
The people of Monticello and in the Wayne township vicinity were greatly shocked last Monday evening to learn of the death of Juergen (George) Tobiason at his home in Wayne Township. It was generally known that Mr. Tobiason was in failing health, but few of his friends realized that that his condition was so serious. He was in Monticello the Wednesday preceding his death. A consultation of doctors was held Monday morning and it was then determined that little could be done to prolong his life. He was afflicted with dropsy attended with heart trouble.
Juergen Tobiason was born October 28, 1859, in the town of Marx, Ostfriesland, Germany. He was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tobiason, and was baptized in the Lutheran church in the place of his birth. When he was nine years old, Mr. Tobiason emigrated to the United States with his sister, Mrs. Maria Folkers, and settled in Wayne township. He was confirmed at Zion's Lutheran church in Wayne township April 11, 1875.
Mr. Tobiason was married to Miss Christine Tobiason, September 16, 1881. There were 8 children born to this union, one of whom is deceased. In addition to his wife, Mr. Tobiason is survived by the following children: Mrs. Edward Stutt, Michael Tobiason, Mrs. William Stutt, Henry Tobiason, Tobias Tobiason, Mrs. Hayo Schoon, and Miss Emma Tobiason.
The funeral services were held this afternoon, June 1. Short services were held at 1:30 o'clock at the family home, and final services were held at 2 o'clock at Zion's Lutheran church in Wayne township. Rev. John Willms, the pastor of the church, officiated at the funeral. He spoke from the text Micah 6-8. Burial was had at Wayne Center cemetery.
Mr. Tobiason was eminently successful as a farmer. At the time of his death he was the owner of more than 700 acres of the finest farm land in Wayne township. His holdings did not come from shrewd trading, but were the results of industry and good management. He had the foresight to see the possibilities in good land well tiled and good stock well bred. His success was not a matter of luck. It was the result of intelligent endeavor and good judgment. He was an honest man and craved nothing that was not the direct result of his labor and the fruition of his legitimate plans. He attended to his own business and he did that well, he had no time to meddle with the affairs of those who did not concern him. He was a valuable citizen, for he helped prove that the township in the county which regarded as the least valuable on account of its undrained condition, in the early days, could be transformed into the most valuable. His example and that of dozens of his countrymen who settled in Wayne, all of whom had the patience to labor and wait stimulated thrift to many who needed only to the proof of gain presented to them.
Mr. Tobiason was badly injured by a horse several years ago, and possibly those injuries may have contributed to the troubles which caused his death. He died by the faith of the church which he joined in early life and leaves to his family the heritage of a good name.

Submitted by: Sharon Oltmanns
Source: The Monticello Express, Monticello, Iowa, June 1, 1922

George Tobiason, a wealthy Wayne township farmer, was seriously injured by a horse last Tuesday and for a time it was believed he could not survive. He was In the stable and was trying to lead out one of the large Clydesdales by the mane when the horse pushed Mr. Tobiason against the side of the barn with such force that his skull was fractured and his body crushed. When he was found he was unconscious, and blood was coming from his ears and nostrils. Physicians were hurriedly summoned and did what they could for the injured man. At last accounts Mr. Tobiason Is reported as resting easily with a fair chance for recovery.
Submitted by: Sharon Oltmanns
Source: The Evening Gazette, Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, Monday, June 2,


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