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This is a list of what's been added to the site and when. If you bookmark it, you can quickly check to see if anything of interest to your research has been posted recently.

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IOWA FARM LETTERS, 1857-1865. This site by the Explorations in Iowa History Project presents letters of Ephraim G. Fairchild, Jones County, and John & Sarah Kenyon, Delaware County. The letters contain details of living conditions, farming problems, home remedies and political views.

19 April 2014 Due to the demise of our Atomz Search Engine, it has been replaced with Google Site Search. The main entry point is http://iowajones.org/Search/GSearch.htm and there are additional entry points for the various sections of the site. Google Site Search is an excellent engine and (I hope) will be around for a while. Its only drawback is that it take its own time spidering the site, so recently added or revised information is not available as quickly as I'd like. I've added the FreeFind search engine but haven't figured out a way to add partitions. You are invited to put the new search engines through their paces and let me know of any problems you encounter.
8 Oct 2013 Thanks to Diania Rigby (transcriber) and Joanne Wilken (proofreader), MARRIAGE RECORDS from BOOK G (1899-1906) have been posted to the Jones County site.
27 Aug 2013 Thanks to Janet Brandt, we have added The Diaries of George Franklin "Frank" Howard. Frank Howard, Janet's grandfather, was a Clay township resident.
6 Jul 2013 I have removed lots and lots and lots of coding errors from the 1870 Census and added drawings from the 1867 Plat Map to the pages. This is a good time to take a look for your ancestors and submit your own corrections and additions.
24 Jun 2013 1867 Plat Maps of Jones County have been added.
5 Jun 2013 Two memoirs of life in Clay Mills have been added to the history site. One, Lifetime Stories and Poems by Ralph William Owen, covers the 1920s and includes many photos. The other, Clay Mills Memories by Faye Sagers, was written when he was 87 years old and is from the 1930s.
8 May 2013 An interesting selection of photographs has been added to the Muller page in the Families section
23 Feb 2013 Riverside Cemetery including photos from Krystal Keast on the "S" page.
14 Feb 2013 An article and photos of the Locher Family have been added to the Family Album pages.
06 Feb 2013 Wayne Zion Cemetery has been updated and over 200 photos from Jim Strickell have been added.
25 Jan 2013 Thanks to Becky Haugsted and Janet Brandt, Anamosa Journal's Tribute to Our Jones County Heroes of the World War has been posted.
24 Jan 2013 Photos and a history of the Tasker family have been posted.
12 Dec 2012 Additional obituaries have been posted. Latest entries are in red.
10 Dec 2012 The Jones County Homepage has been updated with new links to Jones County newspapers online and free, the 1957 film "Small Town, USA," filmed in Anamosa, and old photos that are available to family members who would like them. Some of the surnames are Brown, Bennett, Sandhouse, Glanz, Cass, and Dolinbough.
2 Dec 2012 Additional Sales Records of the Monticello Monument Co.
14 Oct 2012 Sales Records of the Monticello Monument Co.
30 Sep 2012 Several Civil War articles, a couple of obits and some new photos of unidentified people on the main page.
27 Sep 2012 More obituaries and a gravestone map of Sams (Fremont) cemetery added today.
20 Aug 2012 A new page of Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles has been added to the Newspaper section.
17 Aug 2012 Additional obituaries and a brief article about War of 1812 soldiers buried in Jones county added today.
13 Aug 2012 New obituaries added today.
25 Mar 2012 Book 2 of the Jones County Probates has been added, thanks to Joanne Wilken.
13 Jan 2012 Many new obituaries have been added. New home page with Beauty Contest photo and link to Scroggie family photos. Many adjustments and corrections to cemetery and marriage pages.
18 Dec 2011 50 new obituaries have been added.
2 Aug 2011 The Oakwood Cemetery reading has been updated and a search engine added.
26 Jul 2011 A new reading of Olin Cemetery has been added.
22 May 2011 Thanks to Joanne Wilken, Guardianship Records from 1844 to 1876 have been added to the site.
1 May 2011 Thanks to Joanne Wilken, Probate Records from 1844 to 1876 have been added to the site.
10 Apr 2011 A photo of the 1919 Graduating Class of Anamosa High School has been added to the Schools page. Can you identify any of the students?
5 Apr 2011 An article about A commemorative lithograph of the 24 Infantry, Company K has been added to the military pages
4 Apr 2011 An article about Castle Grove Twp. has been added to the history pages
24 Feb 2011 All appropriate pages have had the new search engine installed. Please let me know if you run into any problems with it. For those who would like to still take advantage of some of the advanced search options on Google, go to http://www.google.com/advanced_search?hl=en and enter "IowaJones.org" where it says "Search within a site or domain."
24 Feb 2011 Over the next couple weeks, all the SEARCH ENGINES on the Jones County Site will be replaced. The site exceeds the 1500-page limit for the PicoSearch account. I've tried Google Custom Search, but slow updating is a major problem. I'm setting up Atomz search boxes. I'd appreciate any feedback you can give about how quick and accurate the Atomz searches seem to be.
21 Feb 2011 Thanks to [an error occurred while processing this directive] an updated transcription of Four Horn Cemetery has been added.
10 Feb 2011 Thanks to DonWherry, a transcription of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883 has been added to the military pages.
8 Feb 2011 An 1890 painting of Fisher's Mill by Frederick Lehmann.
2 Feb 2011 Read about endangered historic sites in Oxford Junction.
Jan 2011 This month I'll be working on Obituaries—adding new ones and cleaning up the existing pages. New obits are highlighted in red in the index.

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