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M. G. Hull
Born 1827
M. G. HULL, agent C.,M.&St.P.R.R., Olin; born in Ohio in 1827; came to Iowa in 1858, and engaged in teaching school; owns town property in Marion, Iowa. He was the first agent of the D.&S.W.R.R. at Monticello, and transferred to Anamosa, and remained there until July, then returned to Monticello and remained there until 1867, when he went to Marion, in the office of the D.&S.W.R.R. until the spring of 1877; then back to Jones Co., on the S.A.& D.R.R. at Martelle, until May 2, 1877, and then, November 13, 1877, to Olin, with the S.,A.&D., now C.,M.&St.P.; he is also telegraph operator. In politics, Democrat; in religion, Presbyterian. His wife, Mary A. Dubois, was born in Ohio in 1830; married in Ohio in 1853, and have six children—Louis (agent at Southern Minnesota Junction, Minn.), Amelia (now Mrs. L. C. Kemp, of Vinton), Annie Mary (died in 1861), Sarah, Carrie and William Blair.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1879, page 647.


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