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Thomas King
Born October 8, 1840
THOMAS A. KING, dealer in groceries and provisions, Monticello; is a native of Franklin Co., Ind., and was born October 8, 1840; he grew up there until 15 years of age; his parents came to Iowa in 1855 and located in Jones Co., a few miles from Monticello. After reaching manhood, he married Miss Mary E. Moore January 15, 1861; she is a native of Jones Co., and is the second white female child born in Jones Co. In 1864, they went to California and remained about four years; then returned to Jones Co. again. Mr. King has been engaged in the mercantile business for the past four years. They have had six children; only two sons survive—Charles Arthur, born October 13, 1869, and Thomas, born November 12, 1875. Mr. King has lived in this county about twenty-five years; he has plowed corn where the business part of Monticello now stands. The parents of Mrs. King were among the earliest settlers in Jones Co.; William Moore and Alvira Neal were married in Dubuque Co. in May, 1839; they came to Jones Co. in 1838 and settled on Bowen's Prairie; Mary E., now Mrs. King, was born April 12, 1840, and, as mentioned above, is the second white female child born in this county; Mr. Moore died January 2, 1875; her mother, Mrs. Moore, is still living in Castle Grove Township.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1879, page 672.


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