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Daniel McCann
Born June 2, 1859

Daniel McCann is one of the prosperous and representative farmers of Greenfield township, who having endured the hardships and struggles of early days, has contributed largely to the development of his township and county. His parents, Michael and Joanna (Colbert) McCann, were of Irish nativity, the former having been born in County Longford, the latter in County Waterford. They came to this country at the time of the rebellion in the land of their birth and made their way west to Iowa, settling first in Linn county, and later removing to Greenfield township, Jones county. Here they joined their efforts with those of the other early settlers to make this county one of the richest farming districts in the state. The father lived to be sixty years of age, and the mother celebrated her eighty-second birthday March 17, 1909. They were the parents of five children: Edward and Daniel, twins, who were born June 2, 1859, and live in Greenfield township within three miles of each other; John, who died at the age of nine years; Margaret, the only daughter, who died at the age of fifteen; Michael, who lives on the old homestead about two miles from Daniel in Greenfield township.
Daniel McCann was born in Linn county, Iowa, June 2, 1859. His parents shortly after moved to this county, and in Greenfield township he grew to manhood, receiving such education as he could obtain in the public schools. He worked at home during his youth and has always followed farming.
In 1891 he purchased his present place, which consists of two hundred and ten acres and which has been brought under a fine state of cultivation through the up-to-date methods Mr. McCann employs. He has made many substantial improvements upon the farm, putting up buildings and remodeling those that were already there. The home may be singled out for especial mention. It is a handsome structure, modern in its construction, and having not only all the necessities, but many of the comforts of life.
On the 1st of June 1886, Mr. McCann was united in marriage to Miss Rosa Bauer, a daughter of Joseph and Carrie (Serusie) Bauer and a sister of Bernard Bauer, who lives in Chicago. The couple has three children: Michael, born August 30, 1887; Goldie, born March 21, 1891; and Arthur born August 23, 1900. All the children are at home and are being reared in the most perfect surroundings of love and harmony. They and their parents are members of the Catholic church at Lisbon, and are punctilious in the performance of their religious duties.
A democrat in his political views, Mr. McCann is interested in public matters, though he has not sought for office. For fifteen years, however, he has served the people as a member of the school board and has been found faithful in the discharge of his responsibilities and eager to advance the cause of education. Ambitious, willing to work, and endowed with high principles, he stands forth as typical of those whose endeavors have met with deserved success, whose advancement has kept pace with the progress of the times.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 610.


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