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Isaac Russell
Born October 8, 1823
Isaac Russell, physician and surgeon, Monticello; is a native of Scotland and was born October 8, 1823, about six miles north of the Roman Wall, built by the Romans, between the Frith of Forth and the Frith of Clyde; he received his academic education at the Perth Academy, and his collegiate education at the Edinburgh University; he was very fond of study and graduated with the first honors of his class; he studied medicine there and graduated in 1843; immediately thereafter, he was appointed House Surgeon of the Royal Infirmary, and filled that position for 6 years; he held the position of Staff Surgeon for Gen. Bem during the Hungarian war; in 1851, he came to America in company with Gen. Bem and Louis Kossuth, returning to Scotland the same year; in 1853, he again returned to America and located in Brooklyn, NY, less than 1 year; he also lived in Buffalo, Chicago and Rockford, and in June 1855 came to IA and located in Dubuque; in 1857, he located near Independence, in Buchanan Co.; in 1860, he came to Jones Co. and located at Monticello, and since then has successfully practiced his profession here. In 1860, Dr. Russell was united in marriage to Miss Agnes Hay, a native of Scotland. When Dr. Russell first came to IA there was but one regular pharmacist in the whole State, and he was in the employ of Timothy Mason, of Dubuque.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, 1879, page 679
Submitted by: Lori J. Mentzel


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