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Frank Sthalek
Born ca. 1840
Austria has furnished to the United States many men who left their native land inspired by laudable ambition to seek in this western country, with its more progressive methods, livelier competition and broad fields of industry, the opportunity to attain success and have here established their homes. Among this number is Frank Sthalek, who was born in Bohemia about seventy years ago and, starting out on the journey across the Atlantic unaccompanied, arrived in America and settled in Jones county, Iowa, sometime in the '60s after the Civil war. He started to work immediately on his arrival in this county, being employed as a farm hand by the month and in this way his time and energies, conscientiously given to others, enabled him to acquire a practical knowledge and broad experience in his chosen work. Eventually he rented a farm of eighty acres in Oxford township, whereon he made his home for six years, industriously tilling the land and raising the cereals best adapted to soil and climate. Realizing the importance of economical and careful expenditure, through his capable management, wise selection of grain and untiring efforts in the cultivation of the fields, he finally saved a sum sufficient to purchase this eighty acre farm and, as the years have passed, he has added to this tract another of like dimensions situated nearby, being now the owner of one hundred and sixty acres.
Mr. Sthalek married Miss Mary Kucra, who was also born in Bohemia, in 1844, and came to America with her brothers. Unto this union have been born three children, as follows: Joseph, who died unmarried at the age of thirty-two years; Annie, who became the wife of John Bawlists, of Clinton county, Iowa; and Frank, who is at home with his parents and operates the farm. Mr. Sthalek has engaged in agricultural pursuits throughout his entire life and, while at present he oversees and is yet interested in the management of the farm, most of the manual labor is entrusted to his son, Frank, who is ambitious to follow in the footsteps of the father, who is classed among the worthy representative citizens of his community.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 391.


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