This article is from History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, Volume 1, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, pages 316-317.

The first Baptist church organized in Fairview township was situated in the village of Fairview. On the 29th day of July, 1848, the following persons met in the village, viz. : Louis W. Homan, Nathan B. Homan, Abram Raver, John G. Joslin, John Morehouse, Cordelia Peet, Margaret Morehouse, Temperance M. Homan, Candace Joslin and Barbara Raver and proceeded to organize a Baptist church. They fixed the date, August 17, 1848, as the time when the church should be publicly recognized by its sister churches, and appointed Elders Morey and Blanchard a committee to notify the nearest churches, which were at the following towns : Iowa City, Marion, Davenport, Delaware, Cascade, Dubuque and Maquoketa. On the date fixed the council consisting of the following delegates : Iowa City church, Rev. D. P. Smith, pastor. Rev. W. B. Morey; Delaware church, Rev. Ira H. Blanchard, pastor, John Mallory and Ezra Blanchard; Dubuque church. Rev. T. H. Archibald, pastor ; Davenport, Rev. B. F. Brabrook ; Marion, Elihu Ives, Franklin Davis, A. C. Morse; Cascade, Arthur Thomas. Rev. O. L. Harding and Brother Rynerson, being present, were invited to sit with the council. The council examined very carefully the declarations of the faith and religious views of the new church and the covenant and rules which they had adopted, and proceeded to recognize them as a regular Baptist church.

This was a pioneer church in Jones county. The members were sturdy, energetic men and women who took hold of the church work with an energy and zeal which is rarely manifested at the present day. In a few years they built a neat brick building, and for nearly fifty years a church was maintained and regular services held. During this time Anamosa having railroad advantages, sprang up and grew within four miles and the village of Fairview, gradually melted away. Many of the members moved to other homes and those remaining united with the Anamosa Baptist church. When the church was organized at Anamosa it drew from the Fairview church some of its active workers. E. B. Alderman and his wife, Lydia Alderman, were among these and were charter members of the Anamosa church. Lewis W. Homan and Temperance Homan removed from Fairview to Adams county, Iowa, in 1856. They were charter members of the First Baptist church of that county. He was the last surviving of the charter members of the Fairview Baptist church, dying at Corning, Iowa, on the 24th day of August, 1909. His wife, Temperance Homan, departed March 27, 1891. Mr. Homan was over ninety-one years old at the time of his death. They had twelve children, five of whom are now living, also forty-four grandchildren and fifty-one great grandchildren.

Elder N. B. Homan was for fifteen years pastor of the Fairview church. Twenty-five years ago he went to Kansas and labored earnestly in organizing and building up Baptist churches until in the fullness of time he was taken. Deacon Timothy Soper and Mrs. Soper and Deacon A. A. Myrick and Mrs. Myrick were for years the stay of this church. Deacon Myrick and Mrs. Soper are now members of the Anamosa church. While the Fairview church has passed away yet its existence was a great good to the community and did much to make better and happier the lives of many of the earlier settlers of Fairview township and the adjoining country.