This article from The Anamosa Journal, August 18, 1938, page 6, was transcribed by Janet A. Brandt.




August 14, 1859, the eighth Sunday after Trinity, a parish was organized in Anamosa, Jones county. Iowa, under the name of St. Mark's by Rev. Walter F. Lloyd.

On Wednesday, March 15, 1860, after morning prayer and sermon, the corner stone of the church building was laid by Rev. Lloyd. Friday, July 20, 1860, the church was opened for divine worship, Rev. Lloyd reading the service. The Rt. Rev. Henry W. Lee, bishop of the diocese, preached the sermon on the occasion, and administered the sacred rite of confirmation and was celebrant at the holy communion.

The following were elected vestrymen at the organization: C. W. Laing, E. H. Sherman, A. H. Peaslee, J. S. Dimmitt, E. Blakeslee, Bedford Fisher, William R. Locke, Matt Parrott and John J. Welsh.

The following have served as rectors of the parish: Revs. W. F. Lloyd, John H. Eddy, Hale Townsend, Isaac Williams, William Campbell. Robert Trewartha, Joseph I. Corbyn, Felix H. Pickworth and Charles H. Kues. Rev. Pickworth, now chaplain at the reformatory, has the oversight of the parish at this time pending the call of a rector.