This article is from History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, Volume 1, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, page 517.

graphic The organization of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church was partially affected by the late Rev. J. J. Huber, assisted by Rev. A. M. Tanner, acting pastor, Dec. 12, 1861, and completed on the 30th of the same month by the introduction of a constitution and by-laws, the election of its first officers, James Turkle and Isaac Wherry, elders, and Andrew Hans and Samuel Coon, deacons, with a membership of thirty-two. The present church edifice was erected and dedicated in 1873, Rev. Hyman preaching the dedication sermon. Of the original charter members none remain, all having either died or moved to other places, the honored name of Martin Schwab being the last to leave the membership roll, and this removal was caused by his death a few years ago.

Church services are held every Sabbath at 11 a.m., led by a choir of young ladies. In connection with the church there is a flourishing Sunday School.

In 1881, under the pastorate of Rev. C. S. Finley. the congregation secured a parsonage near the church; and through various improvements made from time to time the value thereof has been increased, and it is now a very desirable property.

From the organization of this church to the present time the following names appear on the records as pastors, some having served only a few months, while others remained for a number of years: Revs. Tanner, Helsell, Shearer, Baird, Zimmerman, Finley, Grenoble, (Ayere as supply), Rees, Brugh, Hammond, Bloom, Wennermark, Bollman and Wolgemuth.

Rev. Bloom remained in charge of the Lutheran parish until 1907, when he removed to Oregon, where the "grand old man" passed away a few years ago. For a year no services were held, until 1908, when Rev. Wennermark took charge, and in 1909 he was succeeded by Rev. Bollman, who stayed for four years, or until April, 1914. For a few months there were no services in the church aside from the Sunday School, but in the summer of 1914 Rev. W. A. Wolgemuth, from Fairfield, arrived and has since supplied the religious inspiration at the Sunday services. Rev. Wolgemuth is not a resident pastor, but promises to remain temporarily, at least, and under his convincing influence, the church membership has made a wonderful growth.

From Oxford Mirror, Thursday, December 16, 1915, 37th Year, Number 4.


This church was organized December 1, 1861, by Rev. J. J. Huber and A. M. Tanner as pastor, with the following charter members: James Turkle. Maria Turkle, Charlott Colp, Martin Schwab, Mary Schwab, James Drydon, Mary Drydon, Frederick Beckman, Rosanna Beckman, Isaac Wherry, Catherine Wherry, Andrew Hans, Mary Hans.

Mr. Martin Schwab, the last of the charter members of this church, died in March, 1909. Mr. Schwab was one of the leading members of this church since its organization.

The present church building was erected in the year 1873, during the pastorate of Rev. Helsell. At the dedication there were present Rev. Hyman, who preached the dedicatory sermon, Rev. Woodard of the Methodist Episcopal church and Rev. Helsell, the pastor of the Lutheran congregation.

The first pastor of the church was Rev. A. M. Tanner, who served the congregation during the year 1861. Following Rev. Mr. Tanner came Rev. Scherer in 1862 and who remained one year. Rev. C. Baird came in 1863 and remained until 1867 when Rev. Helsell became pastor. Rev. Mr. Helsell was pastor until 1870 when Rev. J. Zimmerman took charge of the work, and upon the resignation of Rev. Mr. Zimmerman two years later, Rev. Helsell was again pastor, and during this pastorate the present church building was erected. In 1876 Rev. Nye became pastor. In 1880 Rev. C. S. Finley was called and served for six years. During this pastorate in 1881, the present parsonage was secured. Then followed Rev. Grenoble in 1887. Rev. Rees in 1889. Rev. A. H. Brugh in 1890, and on May 1, 1893, Rev- J. K. Bloom became pastor, and with the exception of one year, 1894. when Rev. J. L. Hammond was pastor, Rev. Mr. Bloom was the faithful pastor for fourteen years, until 1907. His untimely death occurred during the year 1908. Rev. H. Wennemark was pastor in 1908. The present pastor is Rev. E. Bollman. The congregation is forty-eight years old, and has been one of the strong congregations as well as among the first of the state. The church is prospering. The church council at present is composed of A. Schwab, Elder and Edw. Tyrrell, deacon, and its affairs are well looked after. The present membership is forty-five.