This article is from History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, Volume 1, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, pages 414-415.


The early records of the church are not very complete, but from them the following items have been selected, as being the more important and the more interesting ones.

The first preaching in the town was by Rev. Z. R. Ward, who used a hall over one of the stores, and began his work sometime in the early part of the year 1872. The class was organized on May 12th of that year. The Fourth Quarterly Conference of that year, held July 27th, appointed G. V. Winner as steward for Center Junction. The First Quarterly Conference of the ensuing year was held at this place November 24, 1872, Rev. S. Y. Harmer being the pastor. At the Second Quarterly Conference, a committee was appointed to see about the matter of the erection of a church building. And at the Fourth Quarterly Conference, held August 11, 1873, the following board of trustees was elected, viz: Z. G. Isbell, G. V. Winner, William McIntyre, George Krouse, M. Nichols, E. S. Carlisle, M. Strayer. There seems to be no record as to the time when the building was begun, completed or dedicated. In the summer of 1873, the old parsonage at Johnsontown was sold, after the proper steps had been taken, and the proceeds used in the building of the present parsonage, Rev. W. N. Chaffee being pastor. The parsonage was completed that fall, and the new pastor, J. F. Wilcox, was its first occupant.

The class was organized with fifteen members, and from it the church has grown to the present class of about seventy-five resident members, and a few living at a distance. Through all these years the church has been doing well the work of saving souls and fitting them for the Kingdom of God.

The church at present has as auxiliary organizations, a Sunday school, superintendent. E. Ray Young; Epworth League, president, H. E. Stingley; Woman's Home Missionary Society, president, Mrs. Ardella Dawson.

The board of trustees: William Stingley, J. H. Courtney, H. Collier, Charles Preston, Thomas Dawson; board of stewards: Mrs. Lou Murphy, H. Collier, James Young, J. M. Young; class leader, William Stingley.

The following is a list of the pastors who have been on the work since the beginning of the church in Center Junction, the year given being the one in which they were first appointed to the charge: Z. R. Ward, 1871; S. Y. Harmer, 1872; W. N. Chaffee, 1874; J. F. Wilcox, 1876; M. T. Smedley, 1877; C. P. Mather. i878; Rev. Mather died in August, 1880, and G. W. Rogers filled out the remainder of the year; Rufus Ricker, 1881 ; S. Goodsell, 1882; G. B. Crinklaw, 1885; W. E. McCormac, 1887; A. W. Smith, 1892; W. E. Van Buren, 1897; H. F. Wyatt, 1900; Farnum Ellis, 1902; T. H. Sheckler, 1903; Joel Hilburn, 1904; T. P. Potter, 1907; H. F. Dorcas, 1908.