This article is from History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, Volume 1, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, pages 573.


The Methodist Episcopal Church is one of the live churches of Olin, and was a pioneer organization of the town. The date of its organization, however, can not be definitely determined. The records of the church do not reach into the archives of the past far enough to reveal much information regarding the early organization and the names of the people whose life was a part of the religious activity of the early period.

The class when first formed, was known as the Walnut Fork Class. In 1858, the organization was a part of the Pioneer Circuit. In the fall of that year John Scoles was appointed pastor. At that time, the present church edifice had not been erected. The services were held in the schoolhouse which stood near the corner where Payne's harness shop stands.

Walnut Fork Circuit was formed in the fall of 1868. and included Walnut Fork, Simons, Pleasant Valley, and Johnson. L. Winsett was appointed pastor about that time. Under the pastorate of Rev. John Scoles, the present church building was erected, and on February 7, 1869, the church was dedicated to the cause of the Methodist Episcopal church, by Rev. C. G. Truesdell. This was the first church in Olin, and was the only church in that period.

The first parsonage was bought and moved onto the parsonage lot while Rev. S. Goodsell was pastor, in 1880. The present handsome and comfortable parsonage was built while Rev. W. H. Donor was pastor in 1897.

The membership of this class now numbers about one hundred and fifty members. The organization is in a healthy condition, and the work of the church is going forward with energy and Christian harmony.

The present organization of the church is as follows: pastor, Rev. J. J. Kidder; trustees: L. M. Carpenter, K. T. Lamb, Dr. F. W. Port, G. B. Macomber, Wm. Walton, M. Tarbox, S. V. Monroe, J. C. Porter, Clarence Brickley; Sunday school officers: superintendent, Mrs. Tacker; assistant superintendent, Dennis Bittner; secretary, Miss Nellie Clothier; treasurer, J. W. Brickley; Ladies Aid Society: president, Mrs. K. T. Lamb: vice-president, Mrs. Alice Fulton; secretary, Mrs. Carl Price; treasurer, Mrs. Sam Monroe.