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from History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, Volume 1, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, pages 737-738.


The North Madison Methodist Episcopal Church was first erected on the south side of the road two and one-half miles west of Onslow on the Onslow-Center Junction road just south of the cemetery in 1866. (See "Pioneer Life In Jones County" for more on the origins of this church.) The building was moved to Onslow in 1877 and located on the southwest corner of Anamosa Avenue and Third Street. It was used as a place of worship in our community for fifty years.

In 1921 it was used for services by the Presbyterians while their church was being repaired after the fire when it was struck by lightning.

This Methodist Church shared pastors with the Center Junction Methodist Episcopal Church since both churches were in the same circuit. The pastor resided in Center Junction. Services were held on every alternate Sunday morning and evening. The officers elected in 1877 were: Trustees, A. Clark, J. M. Paul, S. L. Gilbert, J. Paul, and D. Walters. Steward, L. G. Ransom. Class leader, S. L. Gilbert.

Some other families who attended services here were the: J. O. Huttons, A. A. Garnetts, N. B. Noyes, J. Z. Mackrills, H. H. Roberts, Mrs. Helen Lamey, George Dunham, Charles Brulos, Charles Overleys, and Lee Hansens.

The members were very devoted to their church, Sunday School, and Auxiliary Societies. After being vacant for several years and abandoned in 1920 procedure was begun to dispose of the property. Later it was sold to Leonard McKinstry who used the material to build his home on the same location.

The original altar was given to the Masonic Lodge in Onslow.