This article is from History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, Volume 1, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, pages 670-671.

Since 1878 the pastors have been: J. G. Van Ness, E. W. Jeffries. R. W. Coates, 1883-86; W. B. Davis, 1886-1890; G. R. Manning, 1890-1891; J. A. Souders, 1891-1892; E. G. Waite, 1892-1895; R. N. Earhart, 1895-1897; A. W. Smith, 1897-1899; L. L. Lockard, 1899-1901; A. W. Smith, 1901-1903; A. D. Stevens, 1903-1905; A. M. McIntosh, 1905-1907; H. E. Wilcox, 1907, the present pastor.

The Methodist Society continued to worship in their original building until 1891, when after a season of activity and general enthusiasm, a new building was erected as at present located, and dedicated by Bishop Thomas Bowman, D.D.L.L.D., the dedication services continuing four days, viz: March 5, 6, 7, 8, 1891. The building committee of the society were: S. W. Johnson, Jas. Mallicoat. J. R. Graft and W. J. Brainard. The contract for the erection of the building was let to R. S. Williams and a writer at the time in referring to this matter said: "The contract for the building was let to R. S. Williams, one of Wyoming's staunchest and most public-spirited citizens and a member of the Presbyterian church. The committee undoubtedly took the right view of the matter in letting the contract to this Presbyterian brother, knowing that if the foundations were laid in the eternal decrees, they would never be moved." The building was completed at a total cost of eight thousand, one hundred and fifty dollars, and twenty cents. The sum of nine hundred and ten dollars had been paid for the lots on which the church now stands, but this price included a residence building which was sold and moved off. The old church building was later sold to the German Lutheran church, and is now in use by them for worship. The new Methodist church building is a modern building and the largest and most up-to-date church edifice in the town.

The present membership of the church is one hundred and eighty-eight. The business affairs of the organization are in a healthy condition, and everything is prospering among the brethren.

The present organization of the church is as follows:

Pastor, H. E. Wilcox; superannuated preacher, Rev. E. G. Waite; local preacher, Rev. Nathan Shaffer.

Stewards: Harriet Alden, G. W. Bottomstone, Mrs. Ida Pealer, Mrs. W. B. Brown, A. N. Reade (district), A. A. Vaughn, Mrs. A. A. Vaughn, John W. Waite (recording).

Trustees: President, L. W. Butler; J. A. Blakely, W. J. Brainard, C. W. losty, E. E. Myers, A. N. Reade, T. G. Richardson, A. A. Vaughn; secretary and treasurer, John W. Waite.

Class Leaders: Harriet Alden, Geo. W. Bottomstone, T. G. Richardson.

Sabbath School: Superintendent, A. A. Vaughn; assistant superintendent, T. G. Richardson; secretary and librarian, Miss Jessie Guthrie; treasurer, A. A. Vaughn.

Women's Foreign Missionary Society: President, Mrs. H. E. Wilcox; secretary and treasurer, Miss Mary Alden; corresponding secretary, Miss Harriet Alden.

Women's Home Missionary Society: President, Mrs. Ida Pealer: secretary, Miss Harriet Alden.

Aid Society: President, Mrs. A. A. Vaughn; secretary, Miss Edith Alden; treasurer, Mrs. W. O. Shaffer.

Epworth League: President, Miss Edith Alden; first vice-president. Miss Anna Lakar; second vice-president. Miss Harriet Alden; third vice-president, Miss Jessie Guthrie; fourth vice-president, Miss Berdale Shaffer; secretary, Clifford losty; treasurer, Miss Iva Mader.

A Boys' Club has been organized among the young men and boys of the church, the object being the mental and physical improvement and also the moral development of its members.