FromHistory of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, Volume 1, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, pages 736-737.

The history of the movement that resulted in the organization of this church is so closely related to that of the Bethel church in Clay township, that the reader is referred to that history for additional information.

In November, 1871, a committee appointed by the Presbytery of Cedar Rapids met with the people of the community at the home of John Paul, one and one-half miles southeast of Onslow, and finding the way clear, proceeded to organize the Presbyterian church of Onslow. The committee from Presbytery who assisted in the organization consisted of Rev. J. G. Cowden, and Mr. Fitzgerald, a ruling elder of the Presbyterian church of Andrew, Jackson county.

The following persons entered into this organization and were the charter members of the church: John Paul, Mrs. Margaret Paul, Mrs. Sarah Woodyard, Mrs. Frances Paul, Mrs. Grace Tasker, Mrs. Sarah Franks, John Sim, Mrs. Rachel Sim. Robert W. McCready, Mrs. Ellen McCready, Mrs. Isabel Smith, Mrs. Mary J. Tasker. All of these members were received by certificate from other churches. Robert W. McCready was elected ruling elder. Of these charter members, all have gone to their reward except John Paul and his daughter Mrs. Sarah Woodyard, yet living in Onslow.

For a time they continued to worship in the residence of Mr. Paul, the kindness, generosity and hospitality of "Uncle John" and "Aunt Margaret" being of the genuine and whole hearted kind. Rev. J. L. Wilson was the first minister, being at the same time located on the Scotch Grove and Bethel charge. In 1872, the church secured the services of Rev. A. K. Baird of Wyoming, a kindly man of Orthodox views and Scotch accents, and the place of worship was changed to the depot in the new village of Onslow. In that year, the present building was erected at a cost of two thousand, two hundred dollars, and dedicated in November, 1872.

For a number of years the church was connected in the same pastoral charge with Wyoming, but in the incumbency of Rev. Henry Cullen, about the year 1883. the connections were changed so that Onslow and Bethel were made one charge, and this arrangement has remained satisfactorily to the present time.

The following ministers have served in the pastoral work of the church: Revs. J. L. Wilson, A. K. Baird, John Rice, Chas. W. Treadwell, A. B. DeLong, Geo. M. Lodge, A. B. Goodale, Henry Cullen, Alexander Scott, John A. Hahn, Philip Palmer, Jas. R. McQuown, P. A. Tinkham, S. B. McClelland.

The following have served the church as ruling elders: R. W. McCready. David Sim, W. T. Cameron, Alexander McKean, John G. Krouse, Samuel G. Hutton, Preston J. Coburn, Samuel Graham, Alexander Campbell, William J. McCready, Henry F. Paul, Thomas J. Corbit. Of these, Mr. McCready, Mr. Sim, Mr. McKean and Mr. Campbell, have been called to their home to receive the welcome plaudit "well done."

Three hundred and twenty-seven persons in all have enjoyed the full membership of the church in these years and been helped on their earthly journey to the better land. The church has been greatly prospered and in the various departments of the Ladies' Missionary Society, the Ladies' Guild, the Sabbath-school, the Christian Endeavor Society, has been, and continues to be, a busy factor in the community.

The organization of the church at the present time is as follows: Pastor, Rev. S. B. McClelland; trustees, W. J. Corbit, O. McDaniel, James Forsythe, W. C. Paul; treasurer, R. C. Walters; session: moderator, S. B. McClelland; clerks, S. G. Hutton, W. T. Cameron and T. J. Corbit.

Sabbath-school: Superintendent, Miss Jessie Brown; secretary, Miss Jennie Streeper; organist, Miss Amy Streeper; assistant organist, Mrs. S. B. McClelland ; teachers: Charlotte Chase, T. J. Corbit, S. B. McClelland, Jessie Brown, Amy Streeper, Mrs. S. B. McClelland, Mrs. Jeanette Sim, Mrs. T. T. Corbit.

Women's Missionary Society: President, Mrs. S. B. McClelland; vicepresident, Mrs. Lydia V. Lyon; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Flora M. Franks; secretary of literature, Miss Jessie Brown.

Ladies' Guild: President, Mrs. W. C. Paul; vice-president, Mrs. Hattie Lamey; secretary, Mrs. Beth Knittle; treasurer, Miss Cora French.

Y. P. S. C. E.: President, Miss Jessie Brown; vice-president, Mrs. May Fostler; secretary, Miss Cora French; treasurer, Miss Grace Maple; organist. Miss Amy Streeper; assistant organist, Miss Lura Johnston.