This article is from History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, Volume 1, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, page 573.


The date of May 20, 1884, marks the beginning of the church of the United Brethren in Christ in Olin, Iowa. Olin had long been the center from which the pastor of what was then known as "Big Woods" circuit radiated to serve the St. John, Union, Forest, Antioch, Center and White Oak churches; but not until the above date were steps taken to establish a church in Olin.

At the conference held in Lisbon in October, 1883, L. B. Hix was appointed pastor of Big Woods Circuit. On May 20, 1884, a class was organized in Olin consisting of eleven members from the St. John class, two from Center class and three others making a membership of sixteen charter members. The first trustees were Jonathan Easterly, Andrew Minor and J. M. Rummel.

A subscription was started toward the erection of a church and on January 11, 1885, the building was dedicated to the services of God, at a cost of one thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars. Bishop J. Weaver conducted the dedicatory services. A series of revival meetings were begun at the time of the dedication, and as a result therefrom, the work of the church was greatly strengthened. Over forty were converted and many others renewed their faith and allegiance. Twenty-eight members were added to the church. The Sunday school was organized February 20. 1885, and has always continued in a prosperous condition.

The circuit had owned a parsonage in the east side of town which was sold in the spring of 1890, and the purchase was made of the present site of the parsonage north of the church building. On June 4th, 1901, a meeting was held and the members decided to sell the old parsonage and build a new pastor's home. Following this decision, the present neat and comfortable parsonage was built. Lorenzen, Hans Jurgensen, Fred Scellin, Wilhelm Krueger, Chas. Krueger, Julius Jurgensen.

In the year 1898 improvements consisting of a choir gallery and a lecture room were made on the church building amounting to one thousand dollars.

The work of the church has been under the supervision of eleven pastors. Rev. L. B. Hix was pastor at the time of the organization and erection of the church. He was followed by Rev. W. Cunningham and Rev. E. Fathergill. The church had a very successful period under the labors of Rev. E. Harper, who served two pastorates, eight years in all. He was followed by Rev. A. B. Statton. It was during the pastorate of Rev. A. H. Hooker that the church was remodeled. Rev. W. E. Bovey was pastor when the parsonage was built. The last four pastors have been Revs. E. F. Clark, Crall, E. Ackley and the present pastor, D. C. Violet, a young man of energy and Christian devotion.

The work of the church for the present year, 1909, has been carried on under the supervision of the following officers: Rev. D. C. Violet, pastor; A. A. Cole, superintendent Sunday school; Mrs. S. W. Cole, president W.M.A.; S. W. Cole, class leader; Mrs. Kittie Coppes, pres. L.S.U.; H. R. Barkley and Mrs. Kittie Coppes, class stewards; Miss Effie Starry, clerk of quarterly conference; Mrs. J. L. Cole, presiding elder's steward; parsonage trustees: N. Elliot, O. S. Brown. A. A. Cole. U. G. Easterly, J. L. Cole; church trustees: A. Green, A. A. Cole, Gilbert Blahney, H. R. Barkley, S. W. Cole.

The pastor of the Olin United Brethren church also supplies the Riverside United Brethren church north of town which has been organized and the building dedicated June, 1909. The church is in a flourishing condition and the cause is well maintained.