Jones logo Petitions for Naturalization
(Second Papers)
Filed in
Jones County
Iowa Courthouse

These records were transcribed by Diania Rigby with help from Joanne Wilken. The people in the County Clerk's office are not familiar with these naturalization records. If individuals want copies of the papers, they should write to Diania or Joanne to make them.
– 174AbellJamesGermany Jones Co, IA16 Dec 1873 
– 198AbellWilliamScotland Essex Co, New Jersey18 Sept 1874 
239AggolaCasperSwitzerland Jones Co, IA21 Sep 1882 
3113AhrensenHans CGermany Jones Co, IA09/23/1891 Filed before age 18
3112AhrensenLorenzGermany Jones Co, IA09/23/1891 
278AhrnkenJ HGermany Jones Co, IA25 Sep 1883 
– 249AikenDavidScotland  20 Dec 1876US before age of 21
2228AitkinWilliamScotland Jones Co, IA1 Oct 1887 
3184AlbersHinrickGermany Jones Co, IA05/25/1895 
36AlbertsH R  Jones Co10/04/1888 
– 286AllamandAbrahamSwitzerland Jones Co, IA5 Oct 1878 
– 289AllenWilliam England  Jones Co, IA10 Oct 1878 
– 288AllenWilliam BruceEngland  Jones Co, IA7 Oct 1878 
– 82AlthenJohnPrussia  Jones Co, IA court16 June 1868 
– 9AltonWilliam EnglandSt Louis Co, MOJones Co, IA1 Oct 185817 Aug 1854 (Date of Oath)
21AmbuhlAndrewSwitzerland Jones Co, IA1st Oct 1880 
22AmbuhlGeorgeSwitzerland Jones Co, IA1st Oct 1880 
2117AndersenAugustGermany Jones Co, IA10 Sept 1884 
2230AndersonAndrewSweden Jones Co, IA3 Oct 1887 
– 269AndersonAndrew ESweden Dubuque Co, IA court24 Sept 1878 
3240AndersonBarnardNorway Jones Co, IA09/27/1898 
2175AndresenCorneliusGermany Jones Co, IA17 Sept 1886 
2272AntonsJohnGermany Jones Co, IA25 Sept 1888US before age 18
– 252ArduserAbramSwitzerland Jones Co, IA8 Mar 1877 
2160ArduserCasperSwitzerland Jones Co, IA17 Sept 1885 
216ArduserChristianSwitzerland Jones Co, IA27 Sept 1881 
– 302ArduserJacob Switzerland Jones Co, IA24 Sept 1879 
270ArduserJosiahSwitzerland Jones Co, IA24 Sep 1883 
– 61ArmstrongJohn EnglandHerkimer Co, NYJones Co, IA26 Sept 1868 
382Baden / BaderArnoldSwitzerland Jones Co, IA10/031890 
2227BahaferGerdGermany Jones Co, IA30 Sept 1887 
2300BahlerChristianGermany Jones Co1 Oct 1888 
– 153BaldwinAlFredEngland  Jones Co, IA10 Mar 1873 
233BalsigerChrist Switzerland Jones Co, IA18 Sept 1882US before age 18
3237BalsterHenryGermany Delaware Co, IA05/25/1898 
340BarderSimonSwitzerland Jones Co, IA10/03/1889 
2158BarrNicholasSwitzerland Jones Co, IA17 Sept 1885 
– 28BartzMathas GermanyLeuchess Co, NYJones Co, IA13 June 1860 
– 27BartzPeter GermanyJones Co, IAJones Co, IA13 June 1860 
– 176BauerJohnSwitzerland cir cts, Clair Co, Michigan18 Dec 1873 
2284BaumCasperGermany Jones Co, IA28 Sept 1888 
– 30BavacanoWenzell BohemiaJohnson Co, IAJones Co, IA13 June 1860 
– 53BeacomPatrick IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA8 Oct 1867In US before age 18
– 65BeattyBenjamin Ireland Jones Co, IA17 Oct 1868In US bef age 18; in IA over 1 yr
– 129BeattyJohnIreland Jones Co, IA19 Dec 1871 
– 39BeckWensel AustriaJackson Co, IAJones Co, IA9 Oct 1860 
3109BeckmannFredGermany Jones Co, IA09/23/1891 
3269BehnkenCarl HGermany Jones Co, IA10/21/1899 
3272BehnkenHarmGermany Jones Co, IA10/31/1899 
231BehrendJohn JGermany Jones Co, IA10 May 1882 
2172BehrendsBernhardGermany Jones Co, IA15 Sept 1886 
245BehrendsGerhard JGermany Jones Co, IA27 Sep 1882US before age 18
325BehrendsHenryGermany Jones Co, IA03/07/1889 
3263BehrendsTheodoreGermany Jones Co, IA10/09/1899 
2139BehrensHeye WillmsGermany Jones Co, IA20 Sept 1884 
255BemhardThomasBohemia Jones Co, IA6 Oct 1882 
– 78BemroseGeorge Lincolnshire, England Jones Co, IA court18 June 1867 
2173BendixenThomasGermany Jones Co, IA17 Sept 1886 
2112BenhartFrankBohemia Jones Co, IA9 Sept 1884 
2113BenhartMichaelBohemia Jones Co, IA9 Sept 1884 
2106BenischekJohnAustria Jones Co, IA9 Sept 1884 
– 41BeranickFrancis AustriaJackson Co, IAJones Co, IA22 Oct 1860 
396BergerGeorgeGermany Jones Co, IA03/03/1891 
365BergerMartinGermany Jones Co, IA09/23/1890 
366BergerMichaelGermany Jones Co, IA09/23/1890 
2277BergstromLewisSweden Jones Co, IA26 Sept 1888 
2276BergstromWilliamSweden Jones Co, IA26 Sept 1888 
291BernhartJosephAustria Jones Co, IA3 Oct 1883 
288BersenekFrankBohemia Jones Co, IA3 Oct 1883 
290BersenekJohn Bohemia Jones Co, IA3 Oct 1883 
2282BetzMichaelGermany Jones Co, IA28 Sept 1888 
225BexlerConradSwitzerland Jones Co, IA15 Dec 1881 
355BiereH FGermany (b/4 age 18)12/07/1889 
2220BieseckFrank Bohemia Jones Co, IA23 Sept 1887 
– 273BijaschAndrewSwitzerland US before age 1725 Sept 1878 
– 272BijaschHenrySwitzerland US before age 1725 Sept 1878 
– 274BijaschTobiasSwitzerland US before age 1825 Sept 1878 
387BinggEliJohnSwitzerland Jones Co, IA(b/4 age 18)10/031890 
– 80BlaisdellJosephEngland  Jones Co, IA court25 June 1867 
3239BlassingAugust hGermany Jones Co, IA09/26/1898 
254BlizekMichaelAustria Jones Co, IA6 Oct 1882 
– 320BlizekVitAustria Jones Co, IA5 Mar 1880 
347BodakerHarmGermany Jones Co, IA10/08/1889 
– 124BodekerJohnGermany Jones Co, IA19 June 1871 
– 262BodicherWenselBohemia  Superior ct of Banestable Co, Massachuettes19 Sept 1877 
– 6BoestetkeAlbertPrussiaNew YorkJones Co, IA27 Sept 1858 
– 295BohlkenHenryGermany Jones Co, IA11 Mar 1879 
336BohlkenHenry BouchersGermany Jones Co, IA10/01/1889 
244BohlkenJerke HeinrichGermany Jones Co, IA27 Sep 1882 
337BohlkenJohn GGermany Jones Co, IA10/01/1889 
220BohlkenWilliamGermany Jones Co, IA29 Sept 1881US bef age of 13
383BohrerRudolphSwitzerland Jones Co, IA10/031890 
– 110BolinDennisIreland in US before age of 18 yrs20 June 1870 
334Bolken / BohlkenGerd JansenGermany Jones Co, IA10/01/1889 
228BoresJohnBohemia Jones Co, IA15 Feb 1882 
– 39BorhernJohn Heissi Cassell  Wabark, Indiana23 Dec 1863 
3116BoskyHenryGermany Jones Co, IA09/25/1891 
– 54BowesJohn New BrunswickMassachutes ctsJones Co, IA2 March 1868 
2229BrackhanJohnGermany Jones Co, IA1 Oct 1887 
– 128BradyDanielIreland Jones Co, IA (Jan 16, 1869)5 Sept 1871 
242BreckensBenGermany Jones Co, IA25 Sep 1882 
– 63BrennanJames IrelandWinnebago Co, ILLJones Co, IA12 Oct 1868 
3179BrennemanChrisSwitzerland Jones Co, IA09/24/1894 
– 7Brighaur / BinghamJohn EnglandClinton Co, IAJones Co, IA7 June 1856 
238BrimerAugustGermany Jones Co, IA21 Sep 1882US before age 18
3276BrockAntonLuxumburg Jones Co, IA12/04/1899 
35BrodersonSwan  Jones Co10/04?/1888 
37BrodersonThomas T  Jones Co10/04/1888 
3177BrokensJohn BGermany Jones Co, IA09/21/1894 
– 28BrokopFrancis Bohemia in GermanyJones Co, IAJones Co, IA13 June 1860 
– 209BrownJohnIreland  Jones Co, IA22 May 1875 
– 152BrownJohn FScotland  Jones Co, IA10 Mar 1873 
2187BruceJohnScotland Jones Co, IA21 Sept 1886 
– 175BrueschJacobSwitzerland Jones Co, IA16 Dec 1873 
371BrunnenBenGermany Jones Co, IA09/25/1890 
370BrunnenConrad/CoordGermany Jones Co, IA09/25/1890 
– 208BuchwaldWenzelBohemia  Jones Co, IA8 March 875 
– 45BuckleyTimothy Ireland Jones Co, IA court23 June 1864 
– 253BuolMartin Germany Jones Co, IA10 Mar 1877 
– 240BuolPaul Switzerland cir cts, Jo Davies Co, Ill18 Sept 1876 
– 205BurdaJosephBohemia  Jones Co, IA18 Dec 1874 
– 15BurkeJohn County Tipperay, IreDeloit Co, ILLJones Co, IA26 Sept 1859 
– 47BurnsJamesIreland Jones Co, IA court25 June 1864 
2213BurrackDeidrichGermany Jones Co, IA21 Sept 1887 
2214BurrackEno Germany Jones Co, IA21 Sept 1887 
3166BurrackFredGermany Jones Co, IA10/02/1893 
2219BurrackGeorgeGermany Jones Co, IA21 Sept 1887US before age 18
– 322BurrackJohnPrussia Jones Co, IA27 Sept 1880 
359BuskerAugustGermany Jones Co, IA03/17/1890 
3231BuskerJohnGermany Jones Co, IA12/13/1897 
341BuskerMichaelGermany Jones Co, IA10/04/1889 
2161ButtonWilliam DScotland Jones Co, IA16 Dec 1885 
– 227ByrnePatrick Ireland  US before age of 1723 May 1876 
2202ByrnePeterIreland Jones Co, IA8 Dec 1886 
3163ByurstrumCarl GSweden Jones Co, IA09/29/1893 
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