Jones logo Petitions for Naturalization
(Second Papers)
Filed in
Jones County
Iowa Courthouse

These records were transcribed by Diania Rigby with help from Joanne Wilken. The people in the County Clerk's office are not familiar with these naturalization records. If individuals want copies of the papers, they should write to Diania or Joanne to make them.
– 200MackelsPeter Belguim in US before age of 18 yrs23 Sept 1874 
– 12MaguinJohn IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA10 May 1859 
– 46MahoneyCornulusIreland Racine, Wisconsin23 June 1864 
2126MahoneyJamesIreland Jones Co, IA16 Sept 1884 
252MalneritschJosephAustria Venango Co, PA6 Oct 1882 
3223ManserJohnSwitzerland Jones Co, IA09/27/1897 
– 306MarahFrankAustria Jones Co, IA1 Oct 1879 
– 186MarechekWaclamBohemia Jones Co, IA13 Mar 1874 
– 296MarekJohnBohemia Jones Co, IA11 Mar 1879 
3121MaroggHenrySwitzerland Jones Co, IA09/29/1891 
3122MaroggJohnSwitzerland Jones Co, IA09/29/1891 
– 282MarshallJosephEngland  Ripley Co, Indiana courts2 Oct 1878 
3101MartensPeterGermany Jones Co, IA05/27/1891 
3208MatakaJosephAustria Jones Co, IA(came to America b/4 18 yrs of age)09/23/1896 
– 34MathensJohn IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA20 Sept 1859 
3281MatthiesWmGermany Jones Co, IA5/21/1900 
– 213MatthiessonHenry Prussia Jones Co, IA14 Dec 1875 
– 76MattmanFrancisBavaria  Common Heas, New York28 Dec 1866 
3206MatzenAugustGermany Jones Co, IA09/21/1896 
271MayerPeterSwitzerland Tippicanoe Co, Indiania24 Sep 1883 
– 305McCabeMichaelIreland  before age of 1830 Sept 1879 
– 15McConePatrick Ireland Dubuque Co, IA court13 Oct 1862 
– 140McDanielMichaelIreland in US before age of 18 yrs12 June 1872 
– 291McGovernTerryIreland  Jones Co, IA13 Dec 1878 
– 255McNallyJohnIreland  Jones Co, IA24 May 1877 
– 197McBeathNicholasBritish America Jones Co, IA16 Sept 1874 
– 226McBeathRoderickBritish America Jones Co, IA16 May 1876 
– 7McCafryPatrick IrelandDave Co, Wis Jones Co, IA28 Sept 1858 25 Sept 1854 (Date of Oath)
– 52McCormickDennis IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA8 Oct 1867 
– 108McCulloughMichaelIreland circuit cts Jones Co; in US before age of 1823 Feb 1870 
– 85McDonaldAndrewScotland Philadelphia Co, PA16 June 1868 
– 104McDonaldDavid SCanada  Jones Co, IA24 Dec 1869 
– 13McDonaldDonald B ScotlandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA6 May 1859 
– 216McDonaldFindlayScotland  Jones Co, IA21 Dec 1875 
– 23McDonaldJames ScotlandDubuque Co, IAJones Co, IA11 June 1860 
– 81McDonaldJohn Scotland  Jones Co, IA court25 June 1867 
– 66McDonaldWilliam Scotland Jones Co, IA23 Oct 1868US Army 3 yrs; honorable discharge 19 Nov 1864; now over age of 21
– 219McElinThomasIreland  St Louis, Missouri courts9 Mar 1876 
– 69McGeeBarnard Ireland Jones Co, IA2 Nov 1868In US before age of 18 & is now over age 21
– 54McGreevyCornelius IrelandMariporser Co, CalifJones Co, IA15 Feb 1868 
– 47McGreevyHugh IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA24 Sept 1867 
2207McGuireThomasIreland Jones Co, IA21 March 1887 
– 225McIntyreDuncanBritish America Jones Co, IA14 Mar 1876 
– 199McKeoneMichaelIreland  Jones Co, IA19 Sept 1874 
– 60McNamaraJohn IrelandLinn Co, IAJones Co, IA16 Sept 1868 
3156McNuttAlexanderIreland Jones Co, IA09/26/1893 
2212McNuttJohnIreland Jones Co, IA19 Sept 1887 
268McPhersonJohnIreland Jones Co, IA21 Sep 1883 
3105Medenhoff / WiedenhoffFrankGermany Cedar Co, IA09/22/1891 
3106Medenhoff / WiedenhoffHenryGermany Jones Co, IA09/22/1891 
3225MeierAlfred JonesSwitzerland Jones Co, IA09/27/1897 
2238MelisiDominickItaly Jones Co, IA5 Oct 1887 
2168MeransEdwardIreland Jones Co, IA18 May 1886 
– 158MesaurJosephBohemia  Jones Co, IA8 Sept 1873 
2200MesseobyJosephSwitzerland Jones Co, IA29 Sept 1886 
384MettlerBenSwitzerland Jones Co, IA10/031890 
3155MeyerChristSwitzerland Jones Co, IA09/23/1893 
3210MeyerLouisGermany Kankankee Co, IL09/24/1896 
3238MeyerPeterGermany Jones Co, IA09/20/1898 
– 283MickoldCharles HenrySaxony circuit court, Jones Co--- US since age of 52 Oct 1878 
2256MiersHenryGermany Jones Co, IA8 March 1888 
2232MillerAdolphSwitzerland Linn Co, IA4 Oct 1887 
– 30MillerAntoine FranceJones Co, IAJones Co, IA13 June 1860 
2225MillerClausGermany Jones Co, IA28 Sept 1887 
363MillerJ FGermany Jones Co, IA05/24/1890 
– 89MillerJohn HHanover, Germany  (Jones Co, IA)20 June 1868 
2141MillsWilliamCanada Jones Co, IA25 Sept 1884honorable discharge from US Army
– 290MillsWm JCanada  Jones Co, IA9 Dec 1878 
– 12MilneJames ScotlandPortage Co, OhioJones Co, IA6 May 1859 
– 117MitihkerJosephBohemia  Circuit cts, Jones Co, IA7 Nov 1870 
2289MollenJohnSweden Linn Co, IA29 Sept 1888 
2231MollhoffWilliam HenryGermany Jones Co, IA4 Oct 1887 
– 74MoncriefJames Ireland Jones Co, IA court6 July 1866 
– 23MoncriefThomas Ireland Jones Co, IA court15 June 1863 
– 20MoncrieffWilliamIreland in US before age of 18 yrs15 June 1863 
2248MonoghanJohnIreland Jones Co, IA28 Feb 1888 
– 29MooreJosephIreland Banger, Maine19 June 1863 
– 142MooreMiliganSwitzerland Jones Co, IA12 June 1872 
– 16MoranJames IrelandOnondago Co, NYJones Co, IA27 Sept 1859 
– 257MordmanHenry Germany Jones Co, IA22 May 1877 
2157MousicerPierri JFrance Detroit, Mich16 Sept 1885 
– 298MowachekBirtBohemia Jones Co, IA27 May 1879 
– 2MurphyDaniel IrelandCook Co, ILLJones Co, IA20 April 1841 
284MurphyGeorgeEngland Jones Co, IA10 Oct 1883US before age 18
– 245MurphyJohn PIreland  Jones Co, IA21 Sept 1876 
321MurphyM S (Rev)Ireland Holmes Co, OH12/27/1888 
285MurphyMichaelEngland Jones Co, IA10 Oct 1883US before age 18
– 270MurphyPatrick Ireland  Jones Co, IA14 Sept 1878 
– 32MurphyPatrick IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA16 June 1860 
368MutzenbergUlrichSwitzerland Jones Co, IA09/24/1890 
– 33NachtripJohn WurtemburgLaport Co, IndJones Co, IA?? 
– 67NaendellCharles PrussiaClinton Co, IAJones Co, IA26 Oct 1868 
– 79Nash JamesIreland  Monroe Co, New York20 June 1867 
– 237NashperJohnAustria Jones Co, IA12 Sept 1876 
– 133NeilWilliamEngland  Jones Co, IA20 Dec 1871 
3127NelsonCharlesSweden Jones Co, IA10/01/1890 
2257NeunabonHayoGermany Jones Co, IA13 March 1888 
2258NeunabonHinrichGermany Jones Co, IA13 March 1888 
2131NevilleJohnIreland New York18 Sept 1884 
– 49NevilleMichael IrelandMassachutes ctsJones Co, IA5 Oct 1867 
– 25NewbergerHerman f GermanyLewis Co, VAJones Co, IA12 June 1860 
2149NewtonJosephBohemia Jones Co, IA27 Feb 1885 
– 21NibloRobertIreland res of US before age 1815 June 1863 
– 24NiblockThomas Ireland Jones Co, IA court15 June 1863 
– 29NichollsE A Canada WestJones Co, IAJones Co, IA13 June 1860 
– 38NickolsMartinCanada  Jones Co, IA court23 Dec 1863 
– 65NicolFredeirick wilhelmGermany Johnson Co, IA25 June 1866 
– 60NicolFrederick WilliamGermany  in US before age of 18 yrs26 Dec 1865 
2183NicoloysenJensGermany Ottawa Co, Ohio17 Sept 1886 
2153NiederhausernWernerSwitzerland Philadelphia, Pa10 Sept 1885 
2120NielsenNicholas EGermany Jones Co, IA10 Sept 1884 
3180NilsonMartinSweden Jones Co, IA09/24/1894 
3114NissenJensGermany Jones Co, IA09/23/1891 
2291NitschJohnGermany Jones Co, IA29 Sept 1888 
3141NordmanGeorgeGermany Jones Co, IA09/24/1892 
3138NormanMatthiasSweden Jones Co, IA09/24/1892 
– 11NorrisNathaniel IrelandJones Co, IAJones Co, IA5 May 1859 
– 62NowachekFrank Bohemia Jones Co, IA5 Oct 1868In US bef age 18 & over 5 yrs; IA over 1 yr
– 95NullJohnHanover, Germany  Jones Co, IA court23 June 1868 
– 61Num?Robert England Jones Co, IA26 Sept 1868In US 14 yrs, IA 2 yrs; military service 4 yrs
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