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Dennis Bittner
Born 10 July 1853

Dennis Bittner, who as postmaster has handled the mail of the village of Olin for the past twelve years, was born in Somerset county, Pennsylvania, July 10, 1853. His parents, Herman and Rachel (Vought) Bittner, were also natives of that county, where they were reared and married. Shortly after the inauguration of the Civil war, Herman Bittner enlisted in the Pennsylvania Infantry and had the misfortune to be captured by the rebels and was confined in Libby prison. There his death subsequently occurred, which left his wife with five children to rear and care for. Four of these are still living useful lives and Mrs. Bittner also survives although she has reached the advanced age of eighty years. She has never left Somerset County.
Although so early deprived of a father's love and guidance, Dennis Bittner learned well the fundamental lessons of life at home and at school, so that he has progressed far along the road to success. Until he attained his majority he remained at home, assisting his mother in all that lay in his power and then engaged in teaching. To this profession he devoted, all told, eleven winters, one in his, native state and ten in Jones County, to which he came in 1875. After forsaking that line of work he engaged in farming, but this did not prove sufficiently to his liking to hold him more than four years, when he sold his land, removed to Olin and embarked in mercantile business. His operations were bringing him large returns for his investments, so that he had every reason to be satisfied with his venture, when on the 22d of June, 1892, his stock was totally destroyed by fire. He was not discouraged by this misfortune, however, but starting again with a new line of goods he opened a store in which he has since carried on business. In 1897 he was appointed postmaster and has discharged the duties of this office ever since, but he has also conducted his general store in conjunction. The qualities which have made him a good business man, which have won for him a representative trade from the people of the village and its environs have also contributed to his popularity as a public servant, for he is unremitting in his efforts to secure the satisfaction of those who rely upon him, sparing neither himself nor those in his employ to obtain quick and efficient distribution of the mails, and ready and willing attention to the demands of others.
After coming to this state Mr. Bittner wedded Miss Clara C. Everhart. a native of Taylor county and a daughter of N. M. and Susan Everhart, who are now residents of Olin. She is one of a family of ten children. Mr. Bittner has always supported, the republican party, taking a vital interest in local affairs and in politics generally.

Source: From History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 553.


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