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John Bodenhoffer
Born 11 April 1872

JOHN BODENHOFER is not lacking in a full measure of popular confidence and esteem in his native city and county, as is evidenced by the fact that he served two terms as a member of the county board of supervisors and was then, in 1921, appointed county sheriff, in which office by successive reelections, he has been retained to the present time. He is thus an efficient and popular member of the governmental official family of Jones County and has his executive headquarters in teh courthouse at Anamosa, the county seat, in which city his birth occurred April 11, 1872.
Sheriff Bodenhofer is a son of the late Jacob and Rebecca (Soisbe)* Bodenhofer, with whose names is associated a distinct measure of pioneer prestige in the Hawkeye State. Jacob Bodenhofer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1832, was reared and educated in the old Buckeye State and was about seventeen years of age when, in 1848, he severed the home ties and came to Iowa, where he found employment on a pioneer farm. He later studied law and gained admission to the Iowa bar, he having thereafter been engaged in the active practice of his profession at Anamosa for many yeas and having been one of the venerable and honored pioneer citizens of Iowa at the time of his death, which occurred in the year 1906, his wife having died in 1897, and having been a sister of Samuel Soisbe,* who served as a representative in the Twenty-eighth Iowa Legislature. Rev. George Bodenhofer, grandfather of the present sheriff of Jones County, was a clergyman of the Christian Church and after coming to Iowa was here associated in the establishing of Cornell College, which is now one of the important and well ordered educational institutions of the state.
In the Anamosa public schools John Bodenhofer continued his studies until he was graduated in the high school and thereafter he was actively engaged in farm enterprise in his native county for a period of thirty years, he being at the present time the owner of two well improved farms in Jones County and this landed estate having an aggregate area of 300 acres. While still residing on his farm Mr. Bodenhofer served two terms as representative of his township on the county board of supervisors, and this office he resigned at the time of his appointment to that of county sheriff, in 1921. As sheriff he has given a signally loyal, circumspect and effective administration, and the popular estimate placed upon the same is shown in his continued retention of the office since the year mentioned.
The political allegiance of Mr. Bodenhofer is given to the Republican party, he and his wife have membership in the Methodist Episcopal Church, he is affiliated with the Masonic fraternity and the Knights of Pythias, and the Wapsipinicon Country Club claims him as one of its appreciative and popular members.
October 26, 1893, marked the marriage of Mr. Bodenhofer to Miss Emma L. Manley, daughter of the late Thomas and Alice (Hannum) Manley, who were honored citizens of Jones County at the time of their death, Mr. Manley having been here the owner of a fine farm estate of 720 acres. Mr. and Mrs. Bodenhofer have three children: Helen is the wife of Roy Simpson, of Cedar Rapids, this state; Hazel is the wife of Philip Hammond, of Lisbon, Linn County; and Hylah is the wife of Ernest Towne*, their residence being maintained on the old home farm of Sheriff Bodenhofer, near Mechanicsville, and Mr. Towne being in active charge of the place.

Source: A Narrative History of The People of Iowa, Volume IV, Edgar Rubey Harlan, The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York, 1931.
Submitted by: Debbie Clough Gerischer.
Note: * Rebecca "Soisbe" and Samuel "Soisbe" should both be "Soesbe." Ernest "Towne" should be "Tonne." (RH)


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