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Rudolph Bohren
Born 15 January 1863

Rudolph Bohren, who is one of the substantial and influential men of Lovell township, was born in Switzerland, January 15, 1863, His parents were John and Anna (Gertch) Bohren, also natives of the land of the Alps which remained their home until their deaths. Rudolph Bohren remained at home during the years of his youth, obtaining a good education in the public schools of his canton and learning those practical lessons for the conduct of life which have stood him in such good stead since he has become a citizen of this republic. When he attained his twenty-first year he decided to try his fortunes in the United States and in April, 1884, embarked on the long ocean journey. After landing upon our shores he came to Jones county, Iowa, locating in Monticello, where he found employment among the bands of men who were working for the railroad that was then being constructed in the northwest section of Iowa. The following year he engaged in cheese-making, but after one season, experience he forsook that business to work in a creamery. During these three winters, however, he also attended school that he might acquire some familiarity with the English language in a more orderly manner than through picking it up in his intercourse with his companions. In 1888, Mr. Bohren began farming as a renter and ten years later bought two hundred and forty acres of his present farm, which he had cultivated as a tenant for the six years preceding his purchase. Since he has made it his residence lie has added one hundred and twenty acres to it, so that he now has a tract of three hundred and sixty acres in Lovell township. He has engaged extensively in the dairy business, keeping fifty cows upon the place, and has also devoted a great deal of his time and energies to the breeding of hogs, making a specialty of these two branches of farming. In the winter of 1905, he delivered one hundred and five hogs at the Monticello stockyards, selling them there for twenty-four hundred dollars. They were less than ten months old and all had been raised by himself. This year he has about one hundred and seventy-six shoats, which will be ready for the market in the fall and from which he hopes to gain an even greater interest upon his investment of labor. Industry is one of his salient characteristics and has been the means of his success in the past and indicates what the future may bring to him.
On the 22d of October, 1894, Mr. Bohren wedded Miss Elizabeth Friedli, of Lovell township, and to them have been born four children: Frieda, Olga, Lena and Fritz. Since he has been admitted to citizenship in this republic Mr. Bohren has affiliated with the republican party, and his election to membership upon the school board shows the confidence the people place in his judgment. Indeed he is a man whose influence is felt, and for the good of his fellows, in whatever body he may happen to belong, whether it be that for the government of the schools, that of the directors of the Klondike Creamery Company, of which he is secretary, or the congregation of the German Reformed church, of which he is trustee.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 319.


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