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Charles M. Brown
Born 26 September 1854
(paraphrased) Charles M. Brown, Sec. 12, Monticello Twp., Jones Co., farm. He was born September 26, 1854, Hendricks Co., Indiana. His father, George W. Brown, was born in Indiana and was the son of Isaac Brown. George lived in Wayne Twp., Jones Co., 1855-1875, before returning to Indiana and remaining there until 1889. He married Maria Conroe, daughter of A. Conroe, and they had 2 children, the firstborn being Charles M. Charles was “deprived of the care of his mother when quite young”. He remained on the home farm until reaching his 17th year. In 1878, Charles married Henrietta Stone, the daughter of his former employer Curtis Stone. They had 4 children—Elsie M., Viola S., George C. and Charlie Burton.

Source: Portrait and Biographical Record of Dubuque, Jones and Clayton Counties, Iowa Chapman Publishing Co, Chicago, 1894.


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