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S. A. Brownell
Born 10 January 1836
Representative of the best agricultural interests of Madison township, which has been his home for more than two score years, S. A. Brownell is one of the well known men of his section, for not only is he one of the early settlers of the township but he is also one of those whose success has set a standard for others to strive to reach. He was born in Chautauqua county, New York, January 10, 1836, his parents being Stephen and Thurza (Day) Brownell. They were both of New England birth, but as young boy and girl with their parents went to Chautauqua county where they grew to maturity, married and lived throughout the remainder of their lives.
S. A. Brownell was reared at home, acquiring his education in the common schools of his locality. In 1857 or 1858 he made a trip to Jones county, Iowa, spending here the months from January to June. Then he returned to his native state and in 1860 commenced railroading, following that business for some two years after the conclusion of the Civil war. In the spring of 1868 he came again to Jones county, this time to stay, for he purchased eighty acres of the farm he occupies at present. On it he erected his house and devoted himself assiduously to the cultivation of the soil. Later he was able to buy eighty acres adjoining, so that the area of the place is twice that of the original tract. As success rewarded his endeavors and large harvests increased his means, he bought two hundred acres in Madison township, although he has now disposed of that land. He has followed general farming, for which his soil is well suited, but while his methods have been those most approved by the best authorities and while he has spared no efforts to produce the finest quality of cereals possible, his advancement in his vocation is due as largely to the careful husbanding of his resources as to his untiring industry. The union of these capacities for work and good management have been and still are the means of his success.
It was in 1883 that Mr. Brownell was united in marriage to Miss Mary Winslow. She was reared in Chautauqua county, New York, but her birthplace was in Connecticut. Six children have been born to the couple: Lilly B., who is the wife of H. H. Peck, of Wayne township, Jones county; May O., who was graduated from the Wyoming high school with the class of 1906 and is at home; George, who is deceased; Irene A., who graduated from the Wyoming high school in the class of 1909; and Aurrell L. and Nelson F., who are pupils in the high school.
Mr. Brownell has been a strong adherent of the republican party and never fails to cast his vote on the occasion of an election, but while he has served as treasurer of the school board, he has steadily refused to accept any public office, although his fellow citizens, having regard for the strong character and integrity of the man have eagerly besought him to accept some evidence of their respect for him. Fraternally he is a Mason, having been a member of the Wyoming lodge for a number of years.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 347.


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