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Henry M. Carpenter
Born September 11, 1857

For more than three decades Henry M. Carpenter has served as cashier of the Monticello State Bank of Monticello, Iowa. He was born in Connecticut, September 11, 1857, his parents being Millington L. and Harriett (Marvin) Carpenter. They were natives of New York and Connecticut, respectively, but came to Iowa in 1864, settling upon a farm in Castle Grove township, Jones county. On that place the mother died the year after her arrival, at the age of thirty years, and three years later, in 1868, Mr. Carpenter came to Monticello. The following year he engaged in the banking business, to which he devoted the remainder of his life. At first he was in partnership with George Lovell, under the firm name of Carpenter & Lovell, and then, when the business was consolidated with the Monticello National Bank in 1875 he was made president of the concern, a position he held until his death, which occurred in November, 1890, when he was seventy-one years of age. His life had been marked by honorable transactions, and he transmitted to his son a name of which the latter may well be proud.
Henry M. Carpenter was but eight years old when he was deprived of a mother's care and love. He was early initiated into the intricacies of the banking business, for even as a boy he found employment in the bank. At the age of eighteen he was made assistant cashier, and then two years later, having given evidence of his ability and trustworthiness, he was made cashier.
In the thirty-two years during which he has been the incumbent in that responsible position he has distinguished himself by his accuracy, his devotion to duty, and the general efficiency with which he has administered his duties, so that the directors of the bank have had no reason to regret their reposal of trust in him and the people, who have come into almost daily contact with him for so many years, have found him always courteous in his attention to their wants.
In 1883 Mr. Carpenter was united in marriage to Miss Mary F. Farwell, a daughter of Major Farwell. Two children have been born to the couple, Millington F. and Halstead M., both of whom live at home. Politically Mr. Carpenter was a democrat until 1896, nearly always casting his ballot for its candidates. Since 1896 he has been independent in his politics, voting for the candidate of both parties from time to time. Fraternally he enjoys pleasant relations with the Knights of Pythias, being a charter member of Monticello Lodge, No. 87, but has no other lodge affiliations.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 321.


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