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Hugh Corbitt
Born May 4, 1847

Energy and perseverance are the qualities which have placed Hugh Corbitt among the successful and representative farmers of Clay township. A native of Ireland, he came to this country a poor boy but has now accumulated a substance which may compare favorably with those acquired by men whose handicap in the battle of life was not so great. His mother, who bore the maiden name of Betsey McMaster, came to America with her son Hugh, after the death of the father, but lived only six years after her arrival, for her death occurred in 1870, and she is buried at the cemetery in Wehawken, New Jersey. A sister of our subject, Nancy Corbitt, has also come to this country. The father, John Corbitt, lived and died in Ireland.
It was on May 4, 1847, that Hugh Corbitt was born. He received his education in the schools of his native land, and in 1864, when about seventeen years of age, came to the United States. He landed at New York city, where he secured employment as spinner in a carpet factory, remaining there for about nine years. At the expiration of that period he came to Jones County. Iowa, buying a tract of eighty acres of land in Clay township, on which he immediately began to pursue the calling of a farmer. In the course of years, as a well deserved success crowned his efforts, he was able to purchase two hundred and twenty acres more, so that he now has a fine farm of three hundred acres. In addition to the cultivation of cereals he has engaged in the stock business, raising a large quantity of hogs and cattle for the market. Industry, energy and perseverance have ever been strong characteristics of his and they have been the means of the success which has marked his career. His farm is well improved in accordance with the most advanced ideas, his buildings are substantial, commodious and adequately adapted to the uses to which they are applied, while the careful cultivation of his fields tells its own story of his skill in his chosen vocation.
After he became well established in life, Mr. Corbitt married Miss Agnes Litch, who was born near Belfast in County Antrim, Ireland, August 6, 1860. She was a daughter of Samuel and Lavinia (Campbell) Litch, both natives of Ireland. The latter was born in 1830, and despite her years, came to America in 1903, taking up her residence with Mr. Corbitt and his family. Besides Mrs. Corbitt three of her daughters and one son have come to this country and established themselves in useful and profitable lives here. Mrs. Corbitt spent the early years of her life in the city of Belfast, receiving her education in its schools. In 1889 she embarked upon her journey to the new world, and, shortly after her arrival, on January 1, 1890, was united in marriage to Mr. Corbitt. Six children have been granted to the couple: John Cecil, born April 18, 1891; Elizabeth McMaster, born March 5, 1993; Lavinia C., born December 16, 1895; Anna N., born April 18, 1897; Agnes E., born August 29, 1902; and James M., whose birth occurred May 6, 1904.
In the years that he has exercised his right of franchise, Mr. Corbitt has given unqualified support to the candidate of the republican party, for he has felt convinced of the value of its principles, while he has, since coming to Jones county, fulfilled the duties of school director with care and efficiency. He is a member of the Presbyterian church and has been closely identified with its work. A diligent farmer and a good citizen, in the enjoyment of a large income, Mr. Corbitt holds the respect and good will of his fellows, though his popularity is not determined by his success but by the strong traits of honesty and integrity of purpose which have ever characterized his intercourse with others.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 390.


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