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John H. Eden
Born February 7, 1853

John H. Eden, one of the substantial farmers and dairymen of Lovell township, was born in Hanover, Germany, February 7, 1853, and is a son of John H. and Margaret (Bachenhauser) Eden. The parents were also natives of Germany and never left the fatherland in which all their life was spent. They have now passed away as have six of the eight children born to them, Margaret, now Mrs. Dix, of Monticello, Iowa, and John H. being the only ones surviving.
John H. Eden was a man grown, who had already had some experience in life, when in 1877 he came to the United States. Almost immediately after his arrival in this land he located in Jones county, where he secured work as a farm hand. For four years he toiled in that capacity and then, having acquired some familiarity with the language and customs of the country of his adoption, he rented a tract of land, which he tilled for two years. Then he went to Le Mars, Iowa, where he purchased a farm and lived for four years. At the end of that period he returned to Jones county, married and rented the place which belonged to his father-in-law, it being his home at present. It is a tract of two hundred and thirty-three acres, situated on sections 35 and 36, Lovell township, and is now in the possession of Mr. Eden. In addition to this he owns ten acres near Monticello, twenty acres in Richland township, one hundred and eighty acres in Castle Grove township and eighty acres in Wayne township, all of which indicate the success with which he has followed his chosen vocation. In connection with the cultivation of cereals he has engaged in the dairy business, obtaining a profit from this field of operations that is equally as gratifying as that derived from his purely agricultural interests. His industry has ever been one of the important elements in his character, and this united with his economy has been the source of the good fortune that places him in the foremost rank of the farmers of Lovell township.
Mr. Eden was married March 8, 1887 to Miss T. Margaret Hanken, a native of this county and a daughter of Wesley B, Hanken, a sketch of whose life appears elsewhere in this volume. Five children have been born to them: John H., Jr., Wesley B., Nannie, Eddie G. and Anna M. Nannie has passed away, but the others are living at home.
Mr. and Mrs. Eden are members of the German Lutheran church at Sandhill and are rearing their family in accordance with its teachings. Politically Mr. Eden is a republicans that being the party to which he looked for guidance when he was admitted to citizenship in this republic. Having received a good education in the land of his birth, where educational institutions are of the very highest kind, he has always evinced a. keen interest in the welfare of the school here and now enjoys the satisfaction of seeing his public spirit in this matter recognized by his fellow citizens who elected him president of the school board. In this capacity he has been able to exercise considerable influence for the improvement of popular instruction.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 103.


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