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Henry Eichhorn
Born March 14, 1858
Henry Eichhorn is one of the German farmers of Wyoming township, the extent of whose fields affords another indication of what can be accomplished through industry and economy, for when he came to this country he did not have as much as five dollars in his pockets. He was born in Germany, March 14, 1858, and is a son of Christ and Christina Eichhorn, who died in the fatherland which had been their home since their birth.
Under their guidance Henry Eichhorn had learned those invaluable lessons of industry and frugality which have brought him such large returns since he came to this country, and he obtained his education in the public schools of his birthplace. In 1879, when he had reached man's estate, he embarked on his journey to the United States, and upon landing made his way to Jones county, Iowa, where he secured work as a farm hand. In three years he felt he had saved enough and had become sufficiently familiar with our language and customs to warrant his engaging in farming on his own account, so he rented land, which he operated for ten years. At the end of that period he was able to buy one hundred and eighty acres, a part of the farm on which he is living today. As his undertakings prospered he added one hundred and twenty acres to this tract and then one hundred and sixty more, until now he owns in the aggregate four hundred and sixty acres of good land in Wyoming township. While a part of this is cultivated more is used as pasture land for the large herds of cattle and the hogs he raises in such number that he sends annually four and five carloads to market. Such has been the profit of the thirty years he has spent in this section of the state.
In 1883 Mr. Eichhorn married Miss Anna Broaderson, who was born in Germany and had come to the United States and to Jones county a year before her marriage. To their union nine children have been born: Christina; Peter; Hattie; Christ; Laura; one who died in infancy; Henry; another who died in infancy; and Thomas. The children are living at home with the exception of Latira, who, having graduated from the Wyoming high school, is now engaged in teaching.
Mr. and Mrs. Eichhorn were reared in the faith of the Lutheran church and continue to give to it their religious adherence. When he was admitted to citizenship in this republic Mr. Eichhorn turned to the democratic party for his guidance in political matters and has since been staunch in his support of its principles, believing that they embody some of the best ideas for the government of a nation. He has taken no part in local affairs, except during a period of sixteen years when he was a member of the school board, and yet his record and the success he has won for himself in the difficult line of agriculture naturally brings his name before the minds of his fellow citizens as a man who could ably guide their fortunes along a straight and prosperous road.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 572.


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