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Michael Bernard Flanigan
Born April 1, 1855

In the death of Michael Bernard Flanigan the citizens of Cascade not only lost a mayor who through three terms had guided the fortunes of the municipality along safe channels, but a man of fine character, many attainments, and of large success as the world counts the accumulation of acres and dollars. He was born in Washington township, Jones county, April 1, 1855, a son of Michael and Mary (Farrell) Flanigan, both natives of the Emerald isle. He grew to manhood upon the large farm the father had entered from the government before the close of the first half of the last century and for many years devoted himself to agricultural pursuits, for he and his brother, James Edward Flanigan, operated the old homestead in conjunction, until 1893, when he believed that larger opportunities awaited him elsewhere.
Accordingly, in that year he sold his interest to his brother and removed to Cascade, where he opened a butcher shop. This he conducted for some time, but he also became interested in land speculation. Years proved that he was possessed of unusual keenness in forecasting the rise in value of different tracts, for at his death he owned six hundred and forty acres in western land, mostly in Nebraska, which if placed upon the market would command a high figure. His operations also enabled him to secure considerable stock in the Cascade State Bank, of which lie was a director and vice president. Having witnessed his success through a number of years and being convinced that his principles were of the highest order and that a progressive spirit inspired his actions, the citizens of Cascade became assured that they could confer no greater honor upon him in recognition of his achievements and at the same time place their destiny as a municipality in more able hands than by electing him mayor.
He assumed the duties of his new office in 1906 and was serving his third term when he was so rudely summoned by death. During that time he was a leader in fact as well as in name, his influence was ever given in support of the best interests of those who had placed reliance upon his judgment; no question was too troublesome to receive his best thought; and no worthy undertaking failed of receiving his support and advocacy. The sound business methods which had marked his private life, were conspicuous in his administration of public duties, so that it may truthfully be said that the community was better for his short residence in it and that it lost a valuable citizen when he was taken away. He had also served as councilman for several years.
On the 26th of May, 1896, Mr. Flanigan wedded Miss Julia Supple, who was born November 22, 1867. Two of the sons born to them, Clement and Lester, died within eleven days of each other as the result of a severe attack of scarlet fever. The child who survives, Carl Joseph, was born January 20, 1905.
Mr. Flanigan affiliated politically with the democratic party, while his religious adherence was given to the Catholic faith. He was a devout member of St. Martin's church, being one of the prominent members of its congregation, for he was among the first to assist in the erection of the edifice and was always liberal in donations to its support.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 441.


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