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Fred Frey
Born April 13, 1849
Fred Frey, one of the successful farmers of Greenfield township, was born in Wurtemberg, Germany, April 13, 1849, and is a son of Jacob and Anna (Stab) Frey, both of German nativity. In 1882 Mr. Frey's parents emigrated to the United States, and after landing in New York went to the vicinity of Ann Arbor, Michigan, where they passed the remainder of their days and died. In that vicinity Mr. Frey's two brothers, and his four sisters still reside, being farming people.
Fred Frey was seventeen years of age when he came to this country and went to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where be followed the trade of a cabinet-maker, which he had learned in the land of his birth. In 1872 he came to Jones county, Iowa, and in Greenfield township began his life as a farmer. In 1878 he purchased eighty-five acres and as success rewarded his efforts he added forty-two acres more and then in a few years bought eighty acres in Rome township. This two hundred and seven acres of some of the best land in the county represents his own endeavors aided by the thrift and economy of his wife. The land in Greenfield township is situated on sections 25 and 36, while that in Rome township lies on section 31. He follows general farming and maintains a high grade of work. He has built a very modern residence and erected outbuildings and made other improvements that show him to be a man who is not unaware of the best means of preserving the value of his possessions.
On the 5th of December, 1878, Mr. Frey married Miss Minnie Siever, a daughter of Louis and Frederika (Rekemeyer) Siever, both natives of Hanover, Germany, and both now deceased. Mrs. Frey's parents came to this country and settled in Cedar county, Iowa. On the home place their son, Henry, and daughter, Mary, now live. Another daughter, a widow, Mrs. Shrope, also lives in Cedar county, while the other daughter, Mrs. Caroline Kettering, lives near Lisbon, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Frey have four children: Carrie B., born January 23, 1880; John E., born April 19, 1882; Emma Edith, born February 1, 1893; and Almeda, born September 23, 1894. The eldest has taken up the profession of teaching, in which she has been successful, and John is at home interested with his father in the work on the farm, while the two younger children are attending the high school at Mechanicsville, from which they hope to graduate in 1911.
Mr. Frey gives devoted allegiance to the Lutheran faith; while Mrs. Frey, although her parents were members of the church of that denomination in Lisbon, has joined the Presbyterian congregation in Mechanicsville. Miss Carrie Frey is also a member of this latter church and takes part in all its work. Politically Mr. Frey is a republican, though he takes little interest in party affairs and has never sought public office.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 407.


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