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Eccles W. Gawley
Born 1850
E. W. GAWLEY, physician and surgeon, Anamosa; is a native of Ireland; he grew up and received his education there and commenced the study of medicine; he came to this country and completed his medical education, and graduated in 1875; he practiced medicine in Detroit until he came to Iowa and located in Anamosa, and since then he has practiced his profession here.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Western Historical Company, Chicago, 1879, page 557

ECCLES W. GAWLEY, M. D. The calling of a physician is not only one of the most arduous but one of the most responsible pursuits in which a man can engage, and he who attains a high reputation in this calling must necessarily be endowed with physical endurance, keen intelligence and excellent judgment. The subject of this sketch is one whose extensive practice and high standing in the profession prove conclusively his mental endowments. He was born in Ireland in 1850, and is descended from a long line of prominent physicians.
Our subject attended the schools of his native place, which were noted for their high standard, until reaching his twenty-first year, when he determined to seek his fortune in another country. He consequently emigrated to Canada and after spending a few months there crossed into the States. It was his desire to fit himself for a professional career. Entering the Medical Department of the University of Michigan, he spent two years, after which he went to Detroit and became a student in the Detroit Medical College, from which institution he was graduated in 1875. Dr. Gawley then remained in the City of Straits engaged in practice for two years, and at the end of that time came to Iowa, locating at once in Anamosa.
Since coming hither Dr. Gawley has built up an extensive and growing practice and is often called upon to visit patients in adjoining states. He also conducts a sanitarium for the accommodation of those placed under his care. He is rarely adapted to his profession by nature and temperament, possessing, as he does, fine, sympathetic feelings, a high sense of honor, a clear brain, steady nerve and the other essentials of a true physician. The Doctor has a fine library of medical works and a well equipped office.
In 1879 our subject was married to Miss Mamie C. Coats, of Dubuque. The Doctor, socially, is a member of the Iowa Union Medical Society and in 1885 was appointed, during Cleveland's administration, Secretary of the Pension Board of Examiners, which position he holds at the present time. He is a man of practical business talent and financial ability, and by judicious investment of his money has become well-to-do.

Source: Dubuque, Jones, and Clayton Counties History, 1894, pgs. 255-256.
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