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Dr. Thomas C. Gorman
Born August 4, 1874

Prominent among the representatives of professional interests in Jones county is Dr. Thomas C. Gorman, successfully practicing as a physician and surgeon in Anamosa. He holds to high ideals in his chosen life work and his careful preparation has made him well qualified for the onerous duties which devolve upon him in professional connections. He was born in Hale, Jones county, on the 4th of August, 1874, and is a son of John and Mary (Rooney) Gorman, both of whom were natives of Ireland. The year 1847 witnessed their arrival in America and in Troy, New York, their marriage was celebrated. Soon afterward they removed to Chicago, Illinois, where they remained for about five years and later came to this state.
Dr. Gorman has spent his entire life in Iowa, pursuing his education in his youthful days in the schools of Dubuque. Later he determined upon the practice of medicine as his life work and to this end was matriculated in the Rush Medical College of Chicago in 1893. He pursued the regular four years course and was graduated in 1897. He spent the succeeding year and a half at St. Elizabeth Hospital, thus putting to the practical test his theoretical training and qualifying for the onerous duties of a private practice in the broad and varied experience for hospital work. On leaving that institution he came to Anamosa in 1908, opened his office here and has since successfully practiced, being regarded as one of the leading physicians and surgeons in this part of the state. He is also acting as surgeon for the Chicago & Northwestern Railway at this point. He is very careful in the diagnosis of his cases and his judgment seldom if ever is at fault in determining the outcome of disease. He performs all professional duties with a sense of conscientious obligation that has won him the confidence and support of the general public and the regard of his professional brethren.
In addition to his practice he owns a city dwelling, three farms, two farms of three hundred and forty acres in Fairview township and another tract of four hundred and eighty acres of land in Texas. He is a stockholder and director in the Niles & Waters Bank, a director of the public library and also a director in the Anamosa Fair Association, and in the control and management of these interests he displays the qualities of an enterprising and progressive business man as well as the salient features of a successful medical practitioner.
On the 15th of October, 1902, Dr. Gorman was married to Miss Nellie E. Gavin, a daughter of Malachi and Mary Ellen Gavin, both of whom were natives of Ireland. Dr. and Mrs. Gorman now have two sons, Thomas Gavin and Edward Carroll.
In his fraternal relations Dr. Gorman is connected with Mount Carmel lodge of the Knights of Columbus at Cedar Rapids and with the Modern Woodmen Camp, No. 167, at Anamosa. He is also a member of the Catholic church and his political allegiance is given to the democracy. He is a man fearless in the defense of whatever he believes to be right and his position is never an equivocal one. In matters of public concern he manifests discriminating and intelligent citizenship, laboring earnestly and effectively for the welfare of the community, while in social life his genial qualities have won for him warm friendships and kindly regard.

Source: History of Jones County, Iowa, Past and Present, R. M. Corbitt, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago, 1910, p. 128.


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